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Posted by on December 5, 2012    |    78 Comments   

How many of you have been pining after a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for ages? Wouldn’t it be the perfect tool for your holiday cooking this season? Well, we have some great news. We’re launching a contest for all you Do-It-Yourself-ers out there, and the winner will receive a KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in the color of their choosing!
Entering is simple – write a post on your blog telling us about a DIY project you’ve done. People can vote for your entry once a day by clicking the “Vote for Me!” HTML button that you’ll take from this page and insert into your blog post. Then, the most popular tutorial wins the mixer. This contest will end on Wednesday, December 19th at 5pm EST.
Isn’t it beautiful? Customize it to fit your kitchen.

Once your blog post is written and ready to be entered, return to this page and click the “Enter Now” button. Email us the URL of your blog post and your name, and we’ll add you to the poll so that you can start to gain votes! You can promote your post however you like – social media, word of mouth – whatever!

In order for your blog post to qualify, it must have the following details:

  • Materials Needed
  • Price
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • HTML “Vote for Me” button



Here to vote? Click on your favorite blogger below. Remember that you can vote once a day, so come back soon!

On your mark… get set… GO!!!

78 Reader Comments To Win a KitchenAid Mixer!

  1. My Repureposed Life , I love your clever work!!! U rock

  2. Love Gail’s fireplace makeover. Looks like a project that will soon be done in my house.

  3. Just one of many examples of Gail’s excellent work – love your website, ideas, creativity +++

  4. Gail’s fireplace makeover is just totally awesome!

  5. Great job Gail

  6. Audra…you are aswsome

  7. I love this project…think I will try.

  8. Love it Tairalyn

  9. Love budget savvy diva – so much money has been saved following her! Thank you thank you!!

  10. Thank you, Budget Savvy Diva – love your advice!

  11. Budget Savvy Diva…you keep it real…

  12. I love Budget Savvy Diva!!! I get online everyday just to see what she has posted whether it is to save me some money, a free sample or her little tips on doing things!!! She’s Fantastic!!

  13. Budget Savvy Diva is the BEST!!!!!!

  14. Budget Savvy Diva is fantastic!

  15. Budget Savvy Diva is the best! She has saved me tons of money!

  16. I love Budget Savvy Diva and Watson too

  17. I love The Kurtz Corner!! She always has great recipes and deserves a new mixer…she’s still using a hand mixer!

  18. budget savvy diva!!!!

  19. Good Luck BusgetSavyDiva….YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. BudgetSavyDiva…Good Luck YOU ROCK !!!!!!!

  21. Budget Savvy Diva, has my vote. her recipes ROCK!!!

  22. Thank you BudgetSavyDiva for all your hard work. You have helped my family of five save money in so many ways from your couponing post, DIY craft ideas, freebies, tips and eady DIY recipes for meals AND make ur own household items like dryer sheets ( that my fav) , tarts, hand soap, cleaning supp. I could just go on and on…. My large family on a small income thanks you a million!!

  23. BudgetSavyDiva has posted some great things. She tries to save us money!

  24. I love love love Budget Savy Diva and Watson too!!!! :)

  25. Oh I just love Another Cent Saved!!

  26. Another Cent Saved!!

  27. I love the Kurtz corner…a little bit of everything…talented

  28. Another Cent Saved yeah!

  29. Jamie! You go, girl!

  30. Budget savings diva steals ideas. Anyone but her!

  31. Go Jamie!

  32. Anyone but Budget Savvy Diva… She steals all of her content from Pinterest and NEVER credits who she got the idea from

  33. GO JAMIE!!!!

  34. Go jamie

  35. Pretty sure I saw budget savvy diva deleting comments when confronted about stealing the ideas from OTHER bloggers! I hope she loses and gets sued!!

  36. Lisa Paone voted for Jamie!

  37. great job Jamie

  38. Budget Savvy Diva Rocks! Ty for all that you do!

  39. I snagged your deal for $2.99 parka including shipping. You ROCK!!!

  40. I really love Budget Savvy Diva. She is on top of the stuff and the minute she knows the deal is done she lets us know. She is the best.

  41. I love budget savvy diva she rawks

  42. Budget Savvy Diva rocks!! she has the best info!!

  43. Hey everyone! There has been some negativity here on the comments towards other bloggers. I will no longer be approving negative comments – let’s keep it positive!

    Thanks for your understanding and interest in the contest!

  44. Let’s go Jamie, same name as me :)

  45. Let’s go Jamie!

  46. Budget Savvy Diva!

  47. Budget Savvy Diva

  48. Budget saavy Siva rocks

  49. Budget Savvy Diva rocks!!!

  50. Lots of great ideas from Budget Savy Diva – sometimes all you need is a lil bit of inspiration to come up with a totally new idea ! Thanks !

  51. Budget savvy Diva and watson!

  52. Budget savy Siva is a great resource! Love her and look to her tips, ideas, etc not only daily but throughout every day! It isn’t Once a day but all through each and every ay

  53. Budget Saavy Diva!!! She saves me time and money time and time again!!!

  54. Budget Savvy Diva has helped my wallet so much! I am addicted to getting free samples too now!!!

  55. Go Jamie go!

  56. Jamie! You got this girl!

  57. GOOOOO Jamie! WOOT WOOT!

  58. BSD is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Budget Savvy Diva!!!! Good luck!!!!

  60. We love you Jamie!

  61. Jamie hands down… I prefer people who use their own content. That is not a negative comment, it is an honest truth.

  62. I want Jamie to win…Go Jamie..

  63. Budget Savvy Diva gets my vote. And she does give credit where credit is due! just sayin’

  64. Keep it up Jamie, You can do it!

  65. I didn’t see Budget Savvy Diva on the list when I voted today…what’s up?

  66. Congrats to Jamie for winning!


  67. yay jamie!!!!

  68. go jamie you can do it now

  69. Voting for Jamie

  70. I vote for Jamie :o)

  71. Go Jamie!!!

  72. Hope you win, Good Luck

  73. Go Jamie :)

  74. Good luck!

  75. Great idea , thanks.

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