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Posted by on August 30, 2013    |    1 Comment   

We all know who they are. Heck, we’re betting that you’re in the same room with more than one General Electric product right now; aviation products, consumer electronics, household appliances, industrial power products, healthcare products, transportation, they pretty much do it all. And when you’ve been around as long as they have, it’s no wonder they’ve produced some of most innovative, revolutionary and just plain amazing products in the past generation.

To put it simply, GE has a wonderful story to tell — so we put together an infographic to help expose you to the wonderful world of General Electric. Check it out below and let us know how this iconic brand has made an impact in your life.


1 Reader Comment To General Electric

  1. This infographic really shows how amazing GE is. I think about the 3,000 lives that are saved every day through GE medical technology, and I am so thankful for these innovations. Our son was in the PICU, on a respirator for a number of months, when he was a baby. GE medical equipment helped the doctors provide the care our baby needed to save his life. Thank you, GE.

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