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Posted by on October 9, 2012    |    5 Comments   

Here at, we follow a lot of blogs. I mean A LOT; I have compiled a long list of some of our most beloved bloggers because it’s about time we give those top-notch bloggers some praise! My name is Rachel, and this is the first edition of the eReplacementParts Top Blogger Awards! I will periodically feature some of my favorite bloggers in different categories; I hope you find some great new blogs to follow.

Today we are honoring our favorite DIY Bloggers. I dabble in the art of DIY, but these people are truly inspiring–they have new projects all the time. Not only are their creations beautiful, but they save a fortune by creating as opposed to buying. These people are my heroes; I frequently turn to these sites for inspiration in my own projects, and I hope you will find them equally fabulous.

To the honorary award winners: Thank you. Thank you for your mind-blowing, stupendous, astounding blogs. I am so in love with your creations, and the people of eReplacementParts are all very impressed with your contribution to the DIY community. Feel free to snag the button at the bottom of the page to show off your majestic award.

Without further ado, here are our winners:

  1. Young House Love: Young House Love is the most charming do-it-yourself blog.  In fact, it is much more than just a DIY blog, it is a lifestyle blog about the Petersik family, and they are so much fun.  They discuss a wide range of homeowner-related topics, including managing money and making a play kitchen for their child. They have projects for all skill levels in this blog that everyone can enjoy.
  2. Pretty Handy Girl: Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl is exactly what she says, a pretty handy girl. She is a go-getter and knows her way around tools! She taught me how to reseed my lawn, and how to solder using a soldering iron. She has projects for every area of the home, and she is a thrifting extraordinaire. She is a DIY warrior!
  3. Centsational Girl: Looking for a blogger with “centsational” style? Kate from Centsational Girl has impeccable taste and knows how to design on a budget. Kate also writes for Better Homes and Gardens! My dream. Anyone who is looking to do some seriously stylish work for their home on the cheap must check this blog out.  
  4. Perfectly Imperfect: The Perfectly Imperfect Blog by Shaunna makes me sick. Really, it does.  Okay, no it doesn’t. But how can one person have such a gorgeous home?! Her holiday décor is really what gets me. Her tutorials are put so simply, anyone with a little determination could do them.  If you go to this blog, I promise you will never leave it.
  5. The Art of Doing Stuff: This blog is fantastic. Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff is a Canadian DIY enthusiast with some serious sass. You get much more than tutorials and tips from her. You get her blunt, uncensored thoughts and feelings – I love it! I love finding bloggers who are their own person and who aren’t afraid to show it. Hop over to her blog to have a good laugh and pick up some great tips for your own home.
  6. My Repurposed Life: If you are looking for advice on making old, junky furniture look brand new, I have a blog for you. Gail from My Repurposed Life is a master of rescuing unloved furniture, as well as thrifting and scoring vintage items. She has something for everyone!
  7. Remodelaholic: Cassity at Remodelaholic is a machine. If I am looking for projects I can do TODAY, I go to her blog for inspiration. She has new posts all the time and features lots of guest posters who all have great projects. She is especially talented at getting lots of bang for her buck when it comes to fixing up areas of her home. I think everyone can appreciate that! People of all skill levels–become a Remodelaholic!
  8. Lady Goats: Oh, Lady Goats. How I adore you. Gina from Lady Goats has some of the most unique DIY projects I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s a woodworking project or just tips on home organization, she does it all. Gina doesn’t sugarcoat things: she tells it like it is. Great blog for DIY projects with big style.
  9. Potholes and Pantyhose: Potholes and Pantyhose… where do I even begin? This blog is so much fun. Rebekah is spunky and self-reliant–something I admire. Her blog is great for everyone, especially if you are interested in not only big projects, but small ones as well. Her organic products are a must try. Check this rockin’ chick out!
  10. Pink Toes and Power Tools: Kristen at Pink Toes and Power Tools has some amazing projects.  Her style is exquisite, I lust after her creations. Her blog is great for people making big pieces of furniture because her tutorials are very in-depth, however she has smaller projects as well. Her house makes me drool!


I hope you all find a new blog that tickles your fancy. If you have a nominee you would like to suggest for future Top Blogger Awards, please leave a comment and I will check them out!

5 Reader Comments To eReplacementParts Top Blogger Award

  1. Oh, Rachel, you’re too sweet! I definitely don’t deserve a place among all those amazing bloggers, but I really thank you for thinking of me :-)

  2. Rachel you are too kind, I’m honored to be among such an incredible lineup of superstars! xo Kate

  3. How fun to be included with these awesome blogs!


    • rachel.barney ON OCTOBER 31, 2012 - 2:18 PM

      Ha I thought this might come up! These bloggers are all DIY blogs, and those blogs, in general, are largely women. Stay tuned for the future blog awards. There are many other categories such as woodworking blogs and home improvement blogs that are likely to have more gender diversity!

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