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Posted by on December 9, 2013    |    Leave a reply   

Every year, more and more Americans are choosing to ditch the expensive repair shops in favor of repairing their products at home.

The reason is simple: You’ll save a lot of money.

Most people would agree that we’re currently living in a “throwaway-society” where it’s easier to throw away a broken product rather than fix it. We’re aiming to change that narrative by highlighting how inexpensive (and easy) it is to fix up your own power tools, appliances, vacuums and lawn equipment, yourself. Our newest graphic highlights the drastic price differences between taking your product to a repair shop and fixing it yourself at home.


We want to know how you handle a broken product in your home; do you just chuck it in the trash can? Take it to a repair shop? Or do you fix it at home? Let us know in the poll below!


DIY Repair vs. Repair Shop
How do you handle the situation of a broken appliance, tool, or lawn equipment?

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