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How do I Find My Bialetti Model Number?

Like most other appliances, you’ll find the model number of your Bialetti on the bottom or back of the unit. It should be stamped or engraved directly into the metal. The model number will typically be right below the Bialetti logo, and comprises several numbers. So if you see a number like 06799, 07009, or even 07008, you’ve found your model number.

Did this help? If not, please give us a call and we’d be happy to help you identify your Bialetti.

Let us Help with Your Bialetti Repair

We’re happy to be your parts resource for anything Bialetti. This includes their coffee makers and their hot chocolate makers. Even though Bialetti models can last for ages, you still may need to replace a gasket or filter to keep it working like new.

In addition selling replacement parts, we also have some repair resources that are worth checking out should you need help. These resources are made up of our Repair Center and our forum. The repair center has step-by-step guides in video and article form. And our forum is a giant community of DIYers, customers and experts that are always happy to have a conversation or help answer your questions. Take a look at them today to see if they can make your life easier.
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Customer Experiences
Thank you so much for the great customer service. I appreciate you guys working with me.
Dennis S.
Florida, USA
Italian Elegance
Just looking at a Bialetti coffee maker, it’s evident that they’ve produced a timeless appliance. So much so that in Italy, you’ll find a Bialetti product in 9 out of 10 households. And for people who know their coffee, they can’t be wrong.

Not only are their products easy to use, they’re also extremely durable and efficient. So as technology continues to grow in the appliance field, Bialetti continues to stick with the basics. And if you own of their products, you’ll understand why.