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Air Purge Bulb

Part Number: 01183
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Leaves our warehouse within 8 - 14 business days.
Price: $7.87


*This part replaces obsolete part #: 300780001, PS06164, 300780002, 308088001 and UP04033.

This is an OEM replacement part,it is sold individually.
The purpose of the Air Purge Bulb is to purge all of the air from the carburetor.
It then brings fuel up through the fuel line in the tank into the carburetor.
Once the carburetor is full of fuel the Bulb will force the excess fuel back into the tank through the fuel return line.

Over time the bulb will loose it elasticity or begin to crack, it will need to be replaced at this time.


This part is compatible with the following machines:

HBC38 (UT-15077) String Trimmer
HBC40 (UT-15069) String Trimmer
UT08514 Yard Broom
UT-08542 Vac Attack II Blower
UT-08542-A Vac Attack II Blower
UT-08542-B Vac Attack II Blower
UT10540 14 In. 35cc Chainsaw
UT-08544 Vac Attack II
UT-10848 Chainsaw
UT10517 Chainsaw
UT10518 Chainsaw
UT10520 Chainsaw
UT10560 16" Gas Chainsaw
UT10580 18" Gas Chainsaw
UT10514 33cc Chainsaw
UT10516 33cc Chainsaw
UT10947A Chainsaw
UT-08072 Backpacker II Blower
UT-08072A Backpacker II Blower
D3300 (UT10855) Chainsaw
UT-10803 Chainsaw
UT10519 46cc Chain Saw
UT10522 46CC Chain Saw
UT10526 46CC Chain Saw
UT08012 Yard Broom II Blower
UT08512 Yard Broom II Blower
UT08512A Yard Broom II Blower
UT08512B Yard Broom II Blower
51952 (260000001 and Up) Curved Shaft String Trimmer
UT10946D 45cc 20 In. Chainsaw
UT10927D 38cc 16 In. Chainsaw
UT10942D 45cc 18 In. Chainsaw
UT10549 14 In. 35cc Chainsaw
UT10569 16 In. 38cc Chainsaw
UT10589 18 In. 42cc Chainsaw
UT08042 Vac Attack II Blowers
UT08572 Backpacker II Blower
UT08572A Backpacker II Blower
UT08947 Vac Attack II
UT10542 14 in. 35cc Chain Saw
UT10562 16 in. 38cc Chain Saw
UT10582 18 in. 42cc Chain Saw
UT10550 45cc 18 Inch Chain Saw
UT10552 18 Inch 46cc Chain Saw
UT10640 14 Inch 42cc Chain Saw
UT10660 16 Inch 42cc Chain Saw
UT10680 18 Inch 42cc Chain Saw
UT10781 Z3800 Chain Saw
UT10785 Z3800c Chain Saw
UT10868 (I3350B) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10878 (BCS35) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10861 (D3850B) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10886 (D3850B) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10865 (D3850BC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10866 (D3850BC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10887 (D3850BC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10846 (23AV) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10884 (23AV) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10856 (23AVW/CC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10858 (23AVW/CC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10885 (23AVW/CC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10888 (23AVW/CC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10869 (I3850B) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10867 (I4150B) 45cc Chainsaw
UT10860 (D4550B) 45cc Chainsaw
UT10864 (D4550BC) 45cc Chainsaw
UT10862 (I4550B) 45cc Chainsaw
UT10859 (27AV) 45cc Chainsaw
UT10863 (27AVW/CC) 45cc Chainsaw
UT10874 (27AVW/CC) 45cc Chainsaw
UT10847 (20) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10941 (B2216CC) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10881 (20) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10853 (20w/CC) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10883 (20w/CC) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10870 (23w/CC) 38cc Chainsaw
UT10901 33cc Chainsaw
UT10880 (D3300) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10857 (D3300C) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10882 (D3300C) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10854 (PS33) 33cc Chainsaw
UT10901B 33cc 14" Chainsaw
UT10927 38cc 16" Chainsaw
UT10927A 38cc 16" Chainsaw
UT10946 45cc 18" Chainsaw
UT10946A 45cc 18" Chainsaw
UT10942A 45cc 20" Chainsaw
UT10947 33cc 16" Chainsaw
UT10947D 33cc 16" Chainsaw
UT10947E 33cc 16" Chainsaw
UT74121B 33cc 14 Inch Chain Saw
UT74121D 33cc 14 Inch Chain Saw
UT74123B 38cc 16 Inch Chain Saw
UT74125B 45cc 18 Inch Chain Saw
UT74123D 38cc 16 Inch Chain Saw
UT74125D 45cc 18 Inch Chain Saw
UT74127D 45cc 20 Inch Chain Saw
UT10901A 33cc-14" Chainsaw
UT10926 (Ranger) 33cc-16" Chainsaw
UT10910 (Timberman) 45cc-18" Chainsaw
UT-10817 Chain Saw
UT10530A 33cc - 16 Inch Chainsaw
UT22089 Tiller
UT10918 18 Inch 42cc Chainsaw
UT-08546 Vac Attack II
UT10786 Z3300c Chain Saw
UT-10711-C CS50 Chainsaw
UT-10687 300 Chainsaw
UT-10687-B 300 Chainsaw
UT-10687-C 300 Chainsaw
UT-10687-D 300 Chainsaw
UT-10687-E 300 Chainsaw
UT-10829 Chainsaw

Discussion for Air Purge Bulb - ( 01183 )
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Question: Homelite Blower Vac


There are 2 small hoses that go from the primer button to the gas tank. Are they availalble?
Reply: Homelite Blower Vac


Hello 1469837,

Could you post the model number of your Homelite Blower Vac? That would help us answer your question.

Question: Primer Bulb


Doesn't someone make a replacement Primer Bulb for this thing?
The part is removeable but there is no way I'm buying a new carb.
Reply: Primer Bulb


Hello 1144663,

Try ordering part number, 01183 air purge bulb. Item number 28 on the parts diagram.

Reply: Primer Bulb


Item #28 on the diagram is a screw?
Reply: Primer Bulb


Hello pepq105,

I apologize, the part number 01183 is on page 2, item number 28 on the parts diagram for the model number Ryobi SS30 (RY30043) and on Ryobi SS30 (RY30040) . For the rest of the models if you look at part number 561635001 primer. It should work for those carburetors

Reply: Primer Bulb


YES!!!! Home Depot has a Ryobi replacement fuel line kit which also has the primer bulb within. I purchased on this morning for $6 and change.

QUOTE=pepq105;75978>Doesn't someone make a replacement Primer Bulb for this thing?
The part is removeable but there is no way I'm buying a new carb."
Question: Videos


Your videos are great. I was told by a repair shop that my chainsaw needed a new carborator. Thanks to your carborator video, I disassembled ang checked my chainsaw carborator. There is nothing wrong with it. The air purge bulb is leaking. I placed an order with ereplacement parts for a new one. Thanks
Product Information
Manufacturer: Homelite, Ryobi, Ryobi, Toro
Category Number: 01183
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide world wide shipping icon
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