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Wire,​ Brown 14 Ga 200C

Part Number: 8316784
WhirlpoolKitchenAidRoperEstateInglisMaytagAmanaJenn-AirCrosleyMagic Chef
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 242830.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: 8316784
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CEX375VB0 Range
GJC3034HB3 Range
GJC3034HQ3 Range
GJC3034HP3 Range
RF366PXGW0 Range
GR563LXSQ1 (White) Cooktop
GR563LXSB1 (Black) Cooktop
GR563LXST1 (Biscuit) Cooktop
GR563LXSS1 (Black Stainless) Cooktop
RC8200XYW2 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XAB0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XAQ1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XYW0 Electric Cooktop
RC8200XVW1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XAN0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XKW1 Electric Cooktop
RC8200XBW0 Built-in Electric Cooktop
RC8400XBN0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8600XBQ0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8200XBH0 Built-in Electric Cooktop
RC8200XKS0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XBQ0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8600XXQ3 Electric Cooktop
RC8640XBB1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8600XXB1 Electric Cooktop
GJD3044RP01 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RB01 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RB00 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RC00 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RB02 Electric Built-in Downdraft Cooktop
GJD3044RP02 Electric Built-in Downdraft Cooktop
RC8200XYW1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XAN1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJD3044LC00 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RC02 Electric Built-in Downdraft Cooktop
GJD3044LB00 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3644LC02 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3644LB01 Electric Counter Unit
RC8900XAQ1 Electric Cooktop
GJD3044LP01 Electric Counter Unit
RC8600XBQ1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJD3044LC01 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RC01 Electric Counter Unit
RC8600XS0 Electric Cooktop
GJD3044LB01 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3644LC01 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2002RS04 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3644LC00 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3644LP00 Electric Counter Unit
RC8600XV1 Electric Cooktop
RCS2002RS00 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2002RS01 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3644LB00 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RB03 Electric Built-in Downdraft Cooktop
GJD3644LB02 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2002RS03 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2002GS0 20" Built-in Electric Cooktop
RCS2012LS02 Electric Counter Unit
RCC3024LB01 Electric Counter Unit
GJD3044RP00 Electric Counter Unit
RC8200XBZ1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RCS2002GS1 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2002GW1 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2002RS02 Electric Counter Unit
SC8900EXB1 36" Gas Downdraft Cooktop
GJC3034HT3 Electric Counter Unit
RC8200XBW2 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8400XYQ0 Electric Cooktop
RC8600XV0 Electric Cooktop
RCS2002LS0 Electric Counter Unit
RC8200XBN1 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024KT0 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024RT01 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2012RS02 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3034HQ4 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3634GQ0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJC3634HB0 Electric Cooktop
RC8200XBW1 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024GQ0 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024LT01 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3634HQ3 Electric Cooktop
RC8400XVW1 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024RB00 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024RB03 Electric Counter Unit
RCC3024RQ01 Electric Counter Unit
RCC3024RT03 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2002GW0 20" Built-in Electric Cooktop
GJC3034HB0 Electric Cooktop
GJC3034HQ0 Electric Cooktop
GJC3034HT1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJC3634HB4 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634HQ0 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634HQ4 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634HT0 Electric Cooktop
ICR416RB00 36" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
RC8200XYW0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RCC3024GQ3 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024GZ0 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024RB02 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2012GS1 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2012RS00 20" Built-in Electric Cooktop
WBC31002 Electric Cooktop
GJC3034HB2 Electric Cooktop
GJC3034HB4 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3034LQ01 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3634HB2 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634HP4 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634HT2 Electric Cooktop
KECC566RBL00 36" Electric Ceran Cooktop
RC8600XP0 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024GB2 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024LT02 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3034GB0 Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJC3034HQ1 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJC3634HQ2 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634LC01 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3634LQ0 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3634LT0 Electric Counter Unit
ICR410RB02 30" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
RCC3024GB0 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024GT2 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024GT3 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024GZ2 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024RT00 Electric Cooktop
RCS2012GW0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJC3034GS0 Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJC3034HB3 Range
GJC3634HP3 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634LQ01 Electric Counter Unit
ICR410RB00 30" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
ICR410RB01 30" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
ICR410RP02 30" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
ICR416RB01 36" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
RC8200XKW0 30" Electric Built-in Cooktop
RC8600XXW0 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024GB1 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024KQ0 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024RB01 Electric Counter Unit
RCS2012RS01 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3034GZ0 Electric Built-in Cooktop
GJC3634LC0 Electric Counter Unit
ICR410RB03 30" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
ICR410RP03 30" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
ICR416RP00 36" Electric Built-in Ceran Cooktop
KECC566RWH00 36" Electric Ceran Cooktop
RCC3024GQ2 Electric Cooktop
RCC3024LB02 Electric Counter Unit
GJC3034HQ3 Range
GJC3634HB1 Electric Cooktop
GJC3634HB3 Electric Cooktop
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This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Range
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Maytag, Amana, Jenn-Air, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: 8316784
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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Midvale, UT 84047
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