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Part Number: 3203398
Availability: Factory Backorder
Price: $115.09
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Westinghouse
Product Number: 3203398
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CG301SP2D03 Frg(V4) / Gas Range
CGC1M1WXD Gib(V1) / Gas Range
30-1049-23-03 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
30-1049-23-01 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
30-1049-23-02 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WY01 Gib(V9) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WH01 Frg(V3) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Gas Range
CG301SP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Gas Range
CG301SP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Gas Range
G30PNW7 Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF300ND8 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
G31BPNW6 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF420RXW1 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
FPF312DSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF312DSB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF300ND3 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
GF300NW1 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
G30LPNW1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNL2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNW2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30LPNW3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNL1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNW6 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FPF311PHTB Freestanding, Gas Range
FSF303PJDB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
G30PNL7 Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF300NW6 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
GF300ND6 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
GF300NW7 Wwh(V3) / Gas Range
GF300ND7 Wwh(V4) / Gas Range
GF300NW8 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
G31BPNL6 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF420RXW3 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
GF420RXD3 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
GF420RXD2 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
FPF303CWC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF420RXW2 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
G31BPNW5 Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
G31BPNL5 Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303CWF Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF420RXD1 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
FPF303CWE Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303CWB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF312BSC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FSF303PJWB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF312BSD Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303CWD Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FSF303PJDA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF300NW3 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
GF300NW2 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
G30PNL3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNW3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF300ND2 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
FPF311PHDB Freestanding, Gas Range
FPF311PHSB Freestanding, Gas Range
FPF311PHTC Freestanding, Gas Range
G30LPNL1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30LPNW2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNW1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30LPNL3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNW4 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF300ND1 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
GF300NW5 Wwh(V3) / Gas Range
G30PNL4 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FSF311PHWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
G30LPNL2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF300ND4 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
GF300ND5 Wwh(V4) / Gas Range
GF300NW4 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
GF320NW1 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
FSF303PJWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF312ASA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF320ND1 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
FPF311PHWC Freestanding, Gas Range
G30PNL6 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FPF312BSB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF311PHSC Freestanding, Gas Range
FPF311PHTA Freestanding, Gas Range
FPF311PHSA Freestanding, Gas Range
G31BPNW4 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G31BPNL4 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G31BPNL1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G31BPNL3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G31BPNL2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G31BPNW3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FSF312ASA Freestanding, Gas Range
G31BPNW1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G31BPNW2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FPF303BWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF311PHWB Freestanding, Gas Range
FPF303CWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF312BSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
MPF300PBWA Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF300PBDF Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF300PBDB Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
MPF300PBDC Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF303PGWG Universal/Gas Range
MPF311SBDA Frg(V3) / Gas Range
MPF300PXWA Frg(V0) / Gas Range
MPF300PXWH Universal/Gas Range
MPF300PBWE Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF303PGDD Frg(V5) / Gas Range
MLF303PGDD Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
MPF311PGWE Universal/Gas Range
MLF303PGWA Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF311PCWC Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF311SBWB Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF311SBWC Frg(V3) / Gas Range
MPF311PCWB Frg(V0) / Gas Range
MPF303PGDA Frg(V3) / Gas Range
MPF311SBWD Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF303PGDH Universal/Gas Range
MPF311PGWD Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
MPF311PGWA Frg(V3) / Gas Range
MPF303PGWH Universal/Gas Range
MPF311PGWC Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
MPF311SGDE Universal/Gas Range
MLF311SGDC Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
MPF311SGWE Universal/Gas Range
MLF311SGWC Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
MPF311SGDA Frg(V4) / Gas Range
MPF311SGWA Frg(V5) / Gas Range
MLF311SGDA Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MSF312BFWB Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MSF312BFWE Frg(V3) / Gas Range
MPF300PBDA Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF303PGDG Universal/Gas Range
MPF303PGWF Universal/Gas Range
MPF300PBWF Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF300PBWD Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF300PBDD Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF300PBWC Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF311SBWA Frg(V4) / Gas Range
MPF300PBDE Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF300PXWB Frg(V3) / Gas Range
MPF300PXWJ Universal/Gas Range
MPF303PGDF Universal/Gas Range
MPF300PXWC Frg(V0) / Gas Range
MLF303PGWD Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
MPF303PGWD Frg(V7) / Gas Range
MPF311PCDA Tap(V1) / Gas Range
MLF303PGDC Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
MLF303PGDA Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF303PGWA Frg(V4) / Gas Range
MPF311SBDC Frg(V2) / Gas Range
MPF311SBDB Frg(V1) / Gas Range
MPF311PCWD Frg(V0) / Gas Range
MPF311SGDD Freestanding, Gas Frigidaire/Gas Range
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  • • Range
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Westinghouse
Product Number: 3203398
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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