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Tie Wire

Part Number: WPM0322202
RoperMaytagInternationalAmanaJenn-AirCrosleyMagic Chef
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Price: $0.56
Date Available: Unknown

*This part replaces obsolete part #: and M0322202.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Roper, Maytag, International, Amana, Jenn-Air, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WPM0322202
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

DQ22HSI2 (P1331404M) Mfg Number P1332805m, Commercial Microwaves
DQ22HSI (P1326304M) Mfg Number P1329611m, Commercial Microwaves
ASE9000 (P1326309M) Mfg Number P1330116m, Commercial Microwaves
AMH202 (P1331101M) Commercial Microwaves
AMH20 (P1330801M) Commercial Microwaves
ASE7000 (P1326308M) Mfg Number P1329602m, Commercial Microwaves
RC520T2 (P1331423M) Commercial Microwaves
RC520T (P1327616M) Commercial Microwaves
WDYRC26J2 (P1331409M) Mfg Number P1331409m, Commercial Microwaves
KFC2SA2 (P1331411M) Mfg Number P1331411m, Commercial Microwaves
WDYRC25J (P1330119M) Mfg Number P1330119m, Commercial Microwaves
WDYRC25J2 (P1331408M) Mfg Number P1331408m, Commercial Microwaves
WDYRC26J (P1330120M) Mfg Number P1330120m, Commercial Microwaves
RC5MDTM (P1327615M) Commercial Microwaves
RC22S2 (P1331403M) 2200 Watt Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave
RC17S2 (P1331401M) Mfg Number P1332801m, Commercial Microwaves
WDYRC22 (P1331407M) Mfg Number P1332808m, Commercial Microwaves
RC17SD2OSI (P1331429M) Mfg Number P1332803m, Amana Commercial Microwave (Commercial Microwaves)
RC17SX (P1331431M) Mfg Number P1332802m, Commercial Microwaves
RC5MCSP (P1327608M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5MCSS (P1327609M) Commercial Microwaves
MC23MPW2 (P1331405M) 2000 Watt Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave
MC23MPTW (P1330123M) Mfg Number P1330123m, Commercial Microwaves
RC17SD22 (P1331402M) Mfg Number P1331402m, Commercial Microwaves
MC23MPW (P1330122M) Mfg Number P1330122m, Commercial Microwaves
KFC2W (P1330121M) Mfg Number P1330121m, Commercial Microwaves
KFC2W2 (P1331410M) Mfg Number P1331410m, Commercial Microwaves
MC23MPTW2 (P1331406M) Mfg Number P1332807m, Commercial Microwaves
KFC2 (P1326306M) Mfg Number P1329601m, Commercial Microwaves
MC24MP (P1329116M) Commercial Microwaves
MC24MPT (P1329117M) Commercial Microwaves
RC25S (P1326311M) Mfg Number P1329105m, Commercial Microwaves
RC5KFT2 (P1331424M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5PHB2 (P1331422M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5MDTS (P1327612M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5PHB (P1327607M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5MCTS (P1327610M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5MCTP (P1327603M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5KFT (P1327611M) Commercial Microwaves
RC5PHBU (P1327606M) Commercial Microwaves
KFC2SA (P1329616M) Mfg Number P1330114m, Commercial Microwaves
RC30S (P1326307M) Mfg Number P1330118m, Commercial Microwaves
RC27S (P1326312M) Mfg Number P1330117m, Commercial Microwaves
RC22S3 (P1326310M) Mfg Number P1329104m, Commercial Microwaves
WDYRC2 (P1326305M) Mfg Number P1330112m, Commercial Microwaves
JBH202 (P1331102M) Commercial Microwaves
RCS10DC (P1327714M) Mfg Number P1327714m, Commercial Microwaves
RC17SED (P1326313M) Mfg Number P1329119m, Commercial Microwaves
RC17S (P1326302M) Mfg Number P1330101m, Commercial Microwaves
RC17SD2 (P1326301M) Mfg Number P1329609m, Commercial Microwaves
RC520SC2 (P1332827M) Mfg Number P1332827m, Commercial Microwaves
MC23MP (P1326401M) Mfg Number P1329604m, Commercial Microwaves
MC23MPT2 (P1326403M) Mfg Number P1329115m, Commercial Microwaves
MC23MPT (P1326402M) Mfg Number P1330110m, Commercial Microwaves
36088 (P1108702W) Mfg Number P1115902w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36071 (P1108705W) Mfg Number P1115801w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36078 (P1108706W) Mfg Number P1115802w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36098 (P1108704W) Mfg Number P1115904w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36081 (P1108701W) Mfg Number P1115901w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36091 (P1108703W) Mfg Number P1115903w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
1999CIWW (P1121502W W) Mfg Number P1121502w W, Ref - Sxs/I&w
1999CIWA (P1121502W L) Mfg Number P1121502w L, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36048 (P1122102W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36041 (P1122101W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
2599CIWA (P1121501W L) Mfg Number P1121501w L, Ref - Sxs/I&w
2599CIWW (P1121501W W) Mfg Number P1121501w W, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36568 (P1108503W) Mfg Number P1108504w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36571 (P1108505W) Mfg Number P1108506w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36561 (P1108501W) Mfg Number P1108502w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36578 (P1108507W) Mfg Number P1108508w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36261 (P1108601W) Mfg Number P1108602w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36268 (P1108603W) Mfg Number P1108604w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36588 (P1108402W) Mfg Number P1115602w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36591 (P1108403W) Mfg Number P1115603w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36598 (P1108404W) Mfg Number P1115604w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36581 (P1108401W) Mfg Number P1115601w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
1999CIWEW (P1171101W W) Mfg Number P1171101w W, Ref - Sxs/I&w
1999CIWEA (P1171101W L) Mfg Number P1171101w L, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36558 (P1108803W) Mfg Number P1115404w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36551 (P1108801W) Mfg Number P1115402w, Ref - Sxs/I&w
36271W (P1121801W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36501 (P1121706W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36501W (P1121705W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36508 (P1121708W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36278 (P1121804W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36278L (P1121803W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36508L (P1121707W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
1999W (P1193906W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
1999A (P1193906W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
2599CIWEW (P1170601W W) Mfg Number P1170601w W, Ref - Sxs/I&w
2599CIWEA (P1170601W L) Mfg Number P1170601w L, Ref - Sxs/I&w
2599W (P1190419W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
2599A (P1190419W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36538 (P1121904W L) Ref - Sxs
36531W (P1121901W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
35531 (P1121905W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36538L (P1121903W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
35538 (P1121906W L) Ref - Sxs/I&w
36531 (P1121902W W) Ref - Sxs/I&w
ARS266ZBW (PARS266ZBW0) Ref - Sxs/I&w
ARS2661BW (PARS2661BW0) Ref - Sxs/I&w
ARS266ZBS (PARS266ZBS0) Ref - Sxs/I&w
ARS2661BC (PARS2661BC0) Ref - Sxs/I&w
ARS266ZBC (PARS266ZBC0) Ref - Sxs/I&w
ARS266ZBB (PARS266ZBB0) Ref - Sxs/I&w

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
  • • Microwave
  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Roper, Maytag, International, Amana, Jenn-Air, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WPM0322202
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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