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Part Number: H-12227
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $2.99
Leaves our warehouse within
6 - 10 business days

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 12227, 012227-, 012227-- and 012227.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Hoover
Product Number: H-12227
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

S5682 Central Vacuum System
S5684 Central Vacuum System
C1820 Conquest
C1433 Guardsman
C2089 Commercial Shoulder Vac
C2094 Portapower
CH30000 Portapower
FH50015 SteamVac
F5914-900 SteamVac With Clean Surge
F5915-900 SteamVac Spin Scrub
F5917-900 SteamVac
F5918-900 SteamVac SpinScrub Pet
FH50045 SteamVac
S3639 WindTunnel Plus
S1156 Sidewinder Hand Vac
F4300 FloorMax Supreme Hard Floor Cleaner
F5835-900 Steam Vacuum
F5915-100 Spin Scrub Steam Vacuum
FH50046 Spin Scrub Steam Vacuum
FH50044 Steam Vac Carpet Cleaner
FH50047 Spin Scrub Steam Vac
S3509 Futura Canister Vacuum
F5843900 Carpet Cleaner
s1329 Central Vacuum
F5909900 Steam Vac Deluxe
U3315-070 Upright Vacuum
F5900900 SteamVac Deluxe
S3585 Vacuum
F5858-910 Upright Vacuum
U3105 Upright Vaccum
F5853-900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner
U4205 Upright Vacuum
F5860900 Steam Vacuum
F5809 Extractor Upright Vacuum
U4363042 Vacuum Cleaner
F5906900 Vac
F4255 Poilsher
F4255040 Poilsher
F5912900 Steam Vacuum
FH50042 SteamVac Pet Carpet Washer
U4373 Vacuum Cleaner
U4373-9 Vacuum Cleaner
U4373048 Vacuum Cleaner
5498 Shampoo Vac
S3269 Vacuum
F5808 Steam Vac
U6450900 Nla Hoover Wtsp Upright
F5822 SteamVac Supreme
FH50043 SteamVac
FH50041 SteamVac Spinscrub
FH50048CA Carpet Cleaner
1170 Dial-A-Matic
1176 Dial-A-Matic
1178 Dial-A-Matic
U6003 Dial-A-Matic
U6003-001 Dial-A-Matic
U6007 Dial-A-Matic
U6039 Dial-A-Matic
U6039-030 Dial-A-Matic
U6041 Dial-A-Matic
U6049 Dial-A-Matic
2900 Quik Broom
2901 Quik Broom
2904 Quik Broom
2910 Quik Broom
2911 Quik Broom
2941 Quik Broom
2950 Quik Broom
2960 Quik Broom
2980 Quik Broom
S2003 Quik Broom
S2005 Quik Broom
S2007 Quik Broom
S2011 Quik Broom
S2013 Quik Broom
S2015 Quik Broom
S2085 Quik Broom
91 Commercial Upright
913 Commercial Upright
918 Commercial Upright
U7037 Commercial Upright
C1119 Industrial Upright
C1119-080 Commercial Upright
C2075 Commercial Canister
C2090 Commercial Shoulder Vac
C2093 Commercial Canister
F2101 Scrubber
F2103 Scrubber
F5805 Upright Extractor
F5806 Upright Extractor
F5807 Upright Extractor
F5807-060 Upright Extractor
F5815 Upright Extractor
F5817 Upright Extractor
F5821 Upright Extractor
F5824-900 Upright Extractor
F5825 Upright Extractor
F5826-900 Upright Extractor
F5827-900 Upright Extractor
F5831-900 Upright Extractor
F5832-900 Upright Extractor
F5833-900 Upright Extractor
F5842-900 Upright Extractor
F5851 Upright Extractor
F5855 Upright Extractor
F5857-900 Upright Extractor
F5858-900 Upright Extractor
F5858-920 Upright Extractor
F5859 Upright Extractor
F5860-990 Upright Extractor
F5861-900 Upright Extractor
F5861-990 Upright Extractor
F5863-900 Upright Extractor
F5877-900 Upright Extractor
F5879-900 Upright Extractor
F5880-900 Upright Extractor
F5886-900 Upright Extractor
F5888-900 Upright Extractor
F5903-900 Upright Extractor
F5904-900 Upright Extractor
F5905-900 Upright Extractor
F5910-900 Upright extractor
S1015-075 Portapower Canister
S1029-075 Portapower Canister
S1049 Portapower Canister
S1049-022 Portapower Canister
S1049-060 Portapower Canister
S1055 Portapower Canister
S1075 Portapower Canister
S1075-060 Portapower Canister
S1077 Portapower Canister
S1077-033 Portapower Canister
S1077-060 Portapower Canister
S1079 Portapower Canister
S1079-060 Portapower Canister
S1127 Portapower Canister
S1147 Twist And Vac
S1147-900 Twist And Vac
S1211 Sprint/Hornet Canister
S1215 Sprint/Hornet Canister
S1221 Sprint/Hornet Canister
S1223 Sprint/Hornet Canister
S1311 Portapower Canister
S1311-020 Portapower Canister
S1315 Portapower Canister
S1319 Tempo/Portapower Canister
S1323 Tempo/Portapower Canister
S1331 Tempo Canister
S1335 Tempo Canister
S1337 Tempo/Portapower Canister
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Vacuum
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Hoover
Product Number: H-12227
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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