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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Surface Element (8-Inch)

Part Number: 316442300
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Crosley
Product Number: 316442300
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.59 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
  • 8 inches - 220 volts
This heating element is an authentic OEM replacement part for a Frigidaire Electric Range. This 8-inch heating element is a plug-in style element making it an easy repair. The heating element converts electricity into heat causing the heating element to warm up. This part is made of a durable metal material and is an individually sold part.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

FEC36C2HSA Frg(V1) / Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2HTA Frg(V2) / Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2HSA Frg(V2) / Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2HTA Frg(V3) / Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2HCA Frg(V1) / Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2AQB Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2ASB Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ASD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ACA Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ACD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2AQA Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2AQD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ACB Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2AQB Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ASA Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ASB Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ASC Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2AQC Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2ASA Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2ASC Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2ASD Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2ACC Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC26C2AQC Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2AQA Electric Electric Cooktop
FEC36C2AQD Electric Electric Cooktop
AS139K1K1 Wwh(V1) / Room Air Conditioner
21KEMAWAD3-23 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE240SP2D0 Slide-In, Electric Range Electric
CE206SP2D1 Slide-In, Electric Range Electric
CE200SP2D1 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CE206SP2D0 Slide-In, Electric Range Electric
CE200SP2D0 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CE026SP2D2 Electric Range Electric
CE303VP2W01-23 Tap(V11) / Electric Range
CE206SP2WW02 Gib(V11) / Electric Range
CE206SP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Electric Range
CE206SP2WD01 Gib(V10) / Electric Range
CE200SP2WD01 Gib(V10) / Electric Range
CE206SP2WL01 Frg(V2) / Electric Range
CE200SP2D2 Slide-In, Electric Electric-Range
CE200SP2W2 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CE200SP2W1 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CE200SP2W0 Slide-In, Electric Electric Range
CE240SP2W0 Slide-In, Electric Range Electric
CE026SP2W2 Electric Range Electric
CE206SP2W-00 Tap(V7) / Electric Range
CE206SP2W-23 Tap(V8) / Electric Range
CE206SP2W1 Slide-In, Electric Range Electric
CE206SP2W0 Slide-In, Electric Range Electric
37-1009-23-03 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
37-1009-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE300SP2W1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
37-1009-23-05 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1039-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1039-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE300SP2Y1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2D1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
31-1049-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1009-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-0007-23-02 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-0007-23-03 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
37-0007-23-05 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
37-0007-23-06 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-0007-23-07 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
31-2208-66-03 Tap(V9) / Electric Range
31-2208-66-02 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
31-2208-23-03 Tap(V8) / Electric Range
31-2208-66-01 Tap(V3) / Electric Range
31-2208-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE300SP2Y01 Gib(V9) / Electric Range
CE301SP2D1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2J01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
30DEMBWDD1-23 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE301SP2D2 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CE301SP2W2 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
30DEMDWED0-23 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE301SP2W01 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
CE301SP2D01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE303VP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
CE301SP2L01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE303VP2D1 Frg(V2) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
CE303VP2WY01 Gib(V9) / Electric Range
CE303VP2W01-66 Tap(V12) / Electric Range
CE303VP2WH01 Frg(V3) / Electric Range
CE303VP2J01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
CE303VP2Y01 Gib(V9) / Electric Range
31-2649-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
31-2649-23-03 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
31-6758-66-03 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
31-2758-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
31-2758-66-04 Tap(V9) / Electric Range
31-2758-66-03 Tap(V3) / Electric Range
31-6758-66-04 Tap(V12) / Electric Range
31-6758-23-03 Tap(V5) / Electric Range
30TESKWED-23 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
30TESKWED-04-23 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
30TESKWED-23-03 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
30TESKWED-23-02 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
F04B350EDC Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350EWC Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350EDB Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350EWB Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350EDA Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
F04B350EWA Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
CFEF355FSB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF355FCB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF355FSD Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF355FSA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF355FCC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF355FBA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF355FBB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF355FCA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CE303VP2W01-00 Tap(V10) / Electric Range
CE200SP2WW02 Gib(V11) / Electric Range
37-1009-23-02 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
31-1049-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
31-2208-23-02 Tap(V5) / Electric Range
CE301SP2W1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2W01 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
CE301SP2J01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
CE303VP2H1 Frg(V3) / Electric Range
CE303VP2W1 Frg(V1) / Electric Range
CE303VP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Electric Range
CE303VP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
31-2649-23-02 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
FEF305PHDA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF316WGSB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
31-2758-23-04 Tap(V8) / Electric Range
FEF316WGTB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF303CWF Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF312BSE Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF3007LWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFEF3007LBC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFEF3007LBD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFEF3007LBB Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFEF3005LWB Frigidaire/Range
FEF316BQC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF3007LBA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FEF305PHWC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF305SHDC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF3007LWD Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFEF3007LWE Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFEF3005LWD Frigidaire/Range
FEF303CWA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF351SGWB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CFEF3007LWC Frigidaire/Electric Range
CFEF3005LWC Frigidaire/Range
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Air Conditioner
  • • Range
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Surface Element (8-Inch) - 316442300
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Heating element went out
Plugged in the new one
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Surface Element (8-Inch) - 316442300
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, No tools required
Range element cracked
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Crosley
Product Number: 316442300
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.59 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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