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Spring Washer

Part Number: 128005
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Price: $1.01
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7 - 13 business days.
Product Information
Manufacturer: NordicTrack, ProForm, Weslo
Product Number: 128005
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

PFTL10210 395CW Treadmill
PFTL20460 CrossWalk SI
PFTL20461 CrossWalk SI
PFTL20462 CrossWalk SI
PFTL20560 725XT Treadmill
PFTL20561 725XT Treadmill
PFTL20860 785XT Treadmill
PFTL20861 785XT Treadmill
PFTL20862 785XT Treadmill
PFTL20863 785XT Treadmill
PFTL20864 785XT Treadmill
PFTL21460 CrossWalk CSI
PFTL21461 CrossWalk CSI
PFTL21462 CrossWalk CSI
PFTL31130 CrossWalk 330 Treadmill
PFTL311340 TS-3 CrossWalk Treadmill
PFTL312040 LX470 Treadmill
PFTL34060 585C Treadmill
PFTL39120 CrossWalk 325
PFTL39310 CW460 Treadmill
PFTL39710 Crosswalk GTS Treadmill
PFTL39920 Crosswalk GTS Treadmill
PFTL39921 Crosswalk GTS Treadmill
PFTL40070 CrossWalk GTX Treadmill
PFTL40180 Crosswalk Dl Treadmill
PFTL40580 Crosswalk LS Treadmill
PFTL49400 Crosswalk MX Treadmill
PFTL49401 Crosswalk MX Treadmill
PFTL49500 Crosswalk MX Treadmill
PFTL57550 575XT Treadmill
PFTL695050 Crosswalk Caliber11 Treadmill
PFVB29070 Vibration Bench Treadmill
PMVB29080 Biovibe Vibration
QVTL20350 Crosswalk Si Treadmill
QVTL20351 Crosswalk Si Treadmill
QVTL22460 525Xt Treadmill
QVTL22461 525Xt Treadmill
QVTL22462 525Xt Treadmill
291610 Crosswalk 490Ls Treadmill
291611 Crosswalk 490Ls Treadmill
291710 Crosswalk 495Ls Treadmill
293040 Crosswalk 380X Treadmill
293041 Crosswalk 380X Treadmill
293230 Crosswalk 325X Treadmill
294030 X-Wlk 345S Treadmill
294031 Crosswalk 345S Treadmill
294040 Nordictrack Treadmill
295030 365S Treadmill
295031 Crosswalk 365S Treadmill
297340 Crosswalk Lm Treadmill
297341 Crosswalk Lm Treadmill
297360 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297361 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297362 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297363 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297364 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297365 Pf Crosswalk Space Saver Treadmill
297380 Crosswalk 2.5 Treadmill
297381 Crosswalk 2.5 Treadmill
297390 Crosswalk Gt Treadmill
297480 Crosswalk Si Treadmill
297481 Crosswalk Si Treadmill
297482 Crosswalk Si Treadmill
297950 Crosswalk Ls Treadmill
298060 Crosswalk Jm Treadmill
298061 Crosswalk Jm Treadmill
299210 Crosswalk Xl Treadmill
299212 Crosswalk Xl Treadmill
299213 Crosswalk Xl Treadmill
299215 Crosswalk Xl Treadmill
299216 Crosswalk Xl Treadmill
299230 Crosswalk Xt Treadmill
299410 395Cw Treadmill
299411 395Cw Treadmill
299412 395Cw Treadmill
299413 395Cw Treadmill
299420 495Cw Treadmill
299450 635Cw Treadmill
299451 635Cw Treadmill
299452 635Cw Treadmill
299510 400Cw Treadmill
299620 Crosswalk 590Ls Treadmill
299621 Crosswalk 590Ls Treadmill
DRTL20350 Crosswalk Si Treadmill
DRTL20351 Crosswalk Si Treadmill
DRTL20760 Crosswalk Sel Treadmill
DRTL20761 Crosswalk Sel Treadmill
DRTL39420 Crosswalk 325X Treadmill
DRTL49220 Crosswalk 380X Treadmill
DTL32940 Crosswalk Performance Treadmill
DTL32941 X-Wlk Performance Treadmill
DTL32950 X-Walk Performance X Treadmill
DTL32951 X-Walk Performance X Treadmill
DTL42941 X-Trainer Performance Lx Treadmill
PCTL21460 Crosswalk, Csi Treadmill
PCTL21461 Crosswalk, Csi Treadmill
PCTL39120 Crosswalk 325 Treadmill
PCTL40070 Cadence Gtx Treadmill
PCTL93040 Crosswalk 380 X Treadmill
PCTL94040 X-Wlk 515S Treadmill
PETL20860 785 Xt Europe Treadmill
PETL21460 Pf Crosswalk Csi Europe Treadmill
PETL21461 Pf Crosswalk Csi Europe Treadmill
PETL21462 Pf Crosswalk Csi Europe Treadmill
PETL56521 Crosswalk Treadmill
DTL34950 Crosswalk 365E Treadmill
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Treadmill
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Spring Washer - 128005
M6 Large Washer - 014132
Handlebar Resistance Knob - 126843
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
, No tools were needed.
Handlebar Resistance Knob was missing.
Installed the handle bar
spring washer
M6 Large Washer
Tightened Handlebar Resistance Knob.
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Product Information
Manufacturer: NordicTrack, ProForm, Weslo
Product Number: 128005
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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