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Part Number: 798759
Briggs and StrattonVanguard - Briggs & Stratton
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 796876.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Vanguard - Briggs & Stratton
Product Number: 798759
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.07 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
44L977-0001-G5 Engine
44M977-0001-G5 Engine
44M977-0110-G5 Engine
44M977-0938-G5 Engine
44P977-0110-G5 Engine
44P977-0111-G5 Engine
44P977-0113-G5 Engine
44P977-0114-G5 Engine
44Q977-0037-G5 Engine
44Q977-0110-G1 Engine
44Q977-0110-G5 Engine
44Q977-0110-G6 Engine
44Q977-0112-G5 Engine
44Q977-0113-G5 Engine
44Q977-0114-B1 Engine
44Q977-0114-B2 Engine
44Q977-0115-G5 Engine
44Q977-0117-G5 Engine
44Q977-0119-G5 Engine
44Q977-0120-B1 Engine
44Q977-0199-G5 Engine
44Q977-0200-G5 Engine
44Q977-0275-G1 Engine
44Q977-0275-G5 Engine
44Q977-0276-G1 Engine
44Q977-0276-G5 Engine
44R677-0001-G1 Engine
49G575-0110-E1 Engine
49G575-0110-E2 Engine
49G575-0111-E1 Engine
49G575-0111-E2 Engine
49G575-1110-E1 Engine
49L977-0001-G5 Engine
49L977-0110-G1 Engine
49L977-0110-G5 Engine
49L977-0125-G5 Engine
49L977-0126-G5 Engine
49L977-1635-G5 Engine
49M777-0110-G1 Engine
49M777-0111-G1 Engine
49M777-0111-G5 Engine
49M777-0116-G1 Engine
49M777-0117-G1 Engine
49M777-0118-G1 Engine
49M777-0119-G1 Engine
49M777-0120-G1 Engine
49M777-0122-G1 Engine
49M777-0122-G5 Engine
49M777-0123-G5 Engine
49M777-0124-G5 Engine
49M777-0177-G5 Engine
49M777-0566-G1 Engine
49M777-0791-G1 Engine
49M777-0853-G1 Engine
49M777-0853-G5 Engine
49M777-1296-G1 Engine
49M777-1321-G1 Engine
49M777-1460-G1 Engine
49M777-1554-G1 Engine
49M777-1554-G5 Engine
49M777-2119-G1 Engine
49M777-2119-G5 Engine
49M777-2460-B1 Engine
49M777-4111-G5 Engine
49M777-5111-G5 Engine
49M777-5122-G5 Engine
49M777-5123-G5 Engine
49M777-5124-G5 Engine
49M777-5460-B1 Engine
49M777-5554-G5 Engine
49M777-5853-G5 Engine
49M877-0001-G5 Engine
49M877-0046-G1 Engine
49M877-0047-G1 Engine
49M877-0110-E1 Engine
49M877-0111-G5 Engine
49M877-0112-G5 Engine
49M877-0114-G5 Engine
49M877-1036-G5 Engine
49M877-1046-G5 Engine
49M877-1047-G5 Engine
49M877-1598-G5 Engine
49M877-1636-B1 Engine
49M877-5047-G5 Engine
49M877-5111-G5 Engine
49M877-5112-G5 Engine
49M877-5598-G5 Engine
49M977-0001-G5 Engine
49M977-0002-G5 Engine
49M977-0036-E1 Engine
49M977-0110-E1 Engine
49M977-0111-G5 Engine
49M977-0112-B1 Engine
49M977-0113-G5 Engine
49M977-0114-G5 Engine
49M977-0116-G5 Engine
49M977-0117-G5 Engine
49M977-0119-G5 Engine
49M977-1036-G5 Engine
445577-0025-G1 Engine
445577-0026-G1 Engine
445577-0027-G1 Engine
445577-0035-G1 Engine
445577-0036-G1 Engine
445577-0037-G1 Engine
445577-0110-B1 Engine
445577-0110-E1 Engine
445577-0110-E2 Engine
445577-0111-G1 Engine
445577-0112-B1 Engine
445577-0113-G5 Engine
445577-0120-B1 Engine
445577-0120-E1 Engine
445577-0121-B1 Engine
445577-0121-E1 Engine
445577-0122-B1 Engine
445577-0122-E1 Engine
445577-0123-B1 Engine
445577-0124-G1 Engine
445577-0125-B1 Engine
445577-0128-B1 Engine
445577-0129-B1 Engine
445577-0131-B1 Engine
445577-0132-B1 Engine
445577-0133-B1 Engine
445577-0135-B1 Engine
445577-0136-B1 Engine
445577-0138-B1 Engine
445577-0139-B1 Engine
445577-0140-B1 Engine
445577-0435-B1 Engine
445577-0435-E1 Engine
445577-0485-B1 Engine
445577-0485-E1 Engine
445577-0499-B1 Engine
445577-0499-E1 Engine
445577-0504-E1 Engine
445577-0510-B1 Engine
445577-0510-E1 Engine
445577-0516-B1 Engine
445577-0516-E1 Engine
445577-0557-B1 Engine
445577-0595-B1 Engine
445577-0595-E1 Engine
445577-0626-B1 Engine
445577-0626-E1 Engine
445577-0723-B1 Engine
445577-0723-E1 Engine
445577-0755-B1 Engine
445577-0755-E1 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Vanguard - Briggs & Stratton
Product Number: 798759
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.07 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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