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Silverware Basket

Part Number: 5304506681
Availability: 25+ in stock
Price: $22.38
Ships within 1 business day

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 5304504053 and 5303282018.

This wire basket is an original part from Frigidiare and was made for use in dishwashers. The basket was designed to hold and secure silverware and other small items while the appliance is in operation. No tools are required to replace this part. Simply remove the current basket and set the new one in place. This item is sold individually.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 5304506681
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.94 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

MDB421RHS1 Frg(V0) / Dishwasher
DP400PW1 Tap(V4) / 24 " Portable Dishwasher
MDB100RGW1 Universal/Dishwasher
FDBC24BAS0 Dishwasher
MDB125RHB2 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB125RHD2 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB125RHS2 Universal/Dishwasher
FDB101SAW0 Dishwasher
FDB101SAW1 Dishwasher
FDB10NRBB1 Dishwasher
FDB10NRBB2 Dishwasher
FDB125RHB2 Dishwasher
FDB125RHB3 Dishwasher
FDB125RHD2 Dishwasher
FDB125RHD3 Dishwasher
FDB125RHS2 Dishwasher
FDB125RHS3 Dishwasher
FDB125RHU0 Dishwasher
FDB125RHU1 Dishwasher
FDB126RBB1 Dishwasher
FDB126RBQ1 Dishwasher
FDB126RBS1 Dishwasher
FDBC24BAS1 Dishwasher
MDB125RHB3 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB125RHD3 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB125RHS3 Universal/Dishwasher
FDB101SAW2 Dishwasher
FDB101SAW3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB102SDW0 Dishwasher
FDB126RBB0 Dishwasher
FDB126RBB2 Dishwasher
FDB126RBQ0 Dishwasher
FDB126RBQ2 Dishwasher
FDB126RBS0 Dishwasher
FDB126RBS2 Dishwasher
FDBC24BAS2 Dishwasher
FBD2400KB0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KQ0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KW0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB10NRBB0 Dishwasher
FDB130RGB2 Dishwasher
FDB130RGB3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB130RGQ2 Dishwasher
FDB130RGQ3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB130RGS2 Dishwasher
FDB130RGS3 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBC24BAS3 Dishwasher
F71C12PHS1 Dishwasher
FBD2400KB2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KQ2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KS0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FBD2400KW2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB126RBB4 Dishwasher
FDB126RBQ4 Dishwasher
FDB126RBS4 Dishwasher
FDB130RGB0 Dishwasher
FDB130RGB1 Dishwasher
FDB130RGQ0 Dishwasher
FDB130RGQ1 Dishwasher
FDB130RGS0 Dishwasher
FDB130RGS1 Dishwasher
FDB126RBB3 Dishwasher
FDB126RBQ3 Dishwasher
FDB126RBS3 Dishwasher
FDB765RBB0 Dishwasher
FDB765RBS0 Dishwasher
FDB765RBT0 Dishwasher
FDBB240FB0 Dishwasher
FDBB240FB1 Dishwasher
FDBB240FB2 Dishwasher
FDBB240FB3 Dishwasher
FDBB240FS0 Dishwasher
FDBB240FS1 Dishwasher
FDBB240FS2 Dishwasher
FDBB240FS3 Dishwasher
MDB124BAB0 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB124BAS0 Universal/Dishwasher
FDBB240FB4 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBB240FB5 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBB240FS4 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBB240FS5 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
MDB124BAB1 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB124BAS1 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB125RHB1 Dishwasher
MDB125RHD1 Dishwasher
MDB125RHS1 Dishwasher
FDB210LCS0 Dishwasher
MDB124BHS1 Universal/Dishwasher
MDB124BJB1 Universal/Dishwasher
FDB125RHB1 Dishwasher
FDB125RHD1 Dishwasher
FDB125RHS1 Dishwasher
FDB510LCB0 Dishwasher
FDB510LCB1 Dishwasher
FDB510LCS0 Dishwasher
FDB510LCS1 Dishwasher
FDB641RAB0 Dishwasher
FDB641RAS0 Dishwasher
FDBC45BAB2 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDBC45BAS2 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB125RHB0 Dishwasher
FDB125RHD0 Dishwasher
FDB125RHS0 Dishwasher
FDB641RAB1 Dishwasher
FDB641RAS1 Dishwasher
FDBC45BAB0 Dishwasher
FDBC45BAS0 Dishwasher
GLDB653AB0 Dishwasher
GLDB653AQ0 Dishwasher
GLDB653AS0 Dishwasher
FDB345LBB0 Dishwasher
FDB345LBS0 Dishwasher
FDB520RHB2 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB520RHB2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB520RHC0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB520RHS2 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB520RHS2A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB641RAB2 Dishwasher
FDB641RAS2 Dishwasher
FDB740RCB0 Dishwasher
FDB740RCS0 Dishwasher
FDBC45BAB1 Dishwasher
FDBC45BAS1 Dishwasher
FFBD2403LB0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2403LB0B Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2403LS0B Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2403LW0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2403LW0B Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2405KB0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2405KB0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2405KS0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2405KS0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2405KW0 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FFBD2405KW0A Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLDB653AB2 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLDB653AQ2 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLDB653AS2 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB345LBB1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB345LBS1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
FDB510CFB0 Dishwasher
FDB510CFB1 Dishwasher
FDB510CFS0 Dishwasher
FDB510CFS1 Dishwasher
FDB510LCB2 Dishwasher
FDB510LCS2 Dishwasher
GLDB653AB1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLDB653AQ1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
GLDB653AS1 Frigidaire/Dishwasher
MDB122RFS2 Universal/Dishwasher
FDB510CFB2 Dishwasher

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
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