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Screw,​ Tri .​38-16 X

Part Number: 25X6MA
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $5.38
Leaves our warehouse within
5 - 11 business days

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 0025X6MA, 710199MA, 710265MA and 0025X6.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Murray, Simplicity
Product Number: 25X6MA
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic Murray replacement part that has been sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with trimmers, edgers, and lawnmowers. The flanged hex head screw is used with several different types of machines and the application of the screw can vary based on the model of the equipment. This item is sold individually, please see your model's illustrated diagram for the screw's location and usage.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

7800292 (385002x108C) Lawn Tractor
77236000NB (536.772360) Edger
7800275 (309006x78C) Lawn Tractor
7800276 (385048x114) Lawn Tractor
7800277 (385048x51A) Lawn Tractor
7800294 (385002x78D) Lawn Tractor
7800319 (385048x151) Lawn Tractor
7800278 (405021x114) Lawn Tractor
7800279 (405021x51) Lawn Tractor
7800280 (405628x114) Lawn Tractor
7800281 (405628x51) Lawn Tractor
7800295 (405012x108) Lawn Tractor
7800297 (405012x108) Lawn Tractor
7800300 (405606x78C) Lawn Tractor
7800320 (405021x151) Lawn Tractor
7800321 (405628x151) Lawn Tractor
880418X51N Lawn Mower
880419X51N Lawn Mower
880609X120N Lawn Mower
880610X120N Lawn Mower
880746X120N Lawn Mower
880420X51N Lawn Mower
880421X51N Lawn Mower
880422X51N Lawn Mower
880499X51N Lawn Mower
880611X120N Lawn Mower
880612X120N Lawn Mower
880747X120N Lawn Mower
880805X51N Lawn Mower
880806X51N Lawn Mower
880891X51N Lawn Mower
880595X51N (MXH550) Lawn Mower
880751X51N Lawn Mower
880752X51N (SP/IC) Lawn Mower
TM6000x51NA Trimmer
77232100NC (536.772321) Edger
77233000NA (536.772330) Edger
77235000NB (536.772350) Edger
77236000NA (536.772360) Edger
385002x108B Lawn Tractor
385003x108 Lawn Tractor
385047x51A Lawn Tractor
405020x51A Lawn Tractor
405606x50C Lawn Tractor
405612x108 Lawn Tractor
405627x51A Lawn Tractor
425622x50C 42" Lawn Tractor
201010x51A 20" Lawn Mower
TM6000x11NB Trimmer
TM6000x50NB Trimmer
536.772321 Edger
536.772350 Edger
EV3550x4NA Edger
385002x50B-SW 38" Lawn Tractor
385044x51A-SW 38" Lawn Tractor
425622x50B-SW 42" Lawn Tractor
425640x50B-SW 42" Lawn Tractor
TM6000x11NA String Trimmer
TM6000x50NA String Trimmer
425640x50A 42" Lawn Tractor
468602x68A 46" Lawn Tractor
201010x31A 20" Lawn Mower
201010x50A 20" Lawn Mower
201011x83A 20" Lawn Mower
201011x99B 20" Lawn Mower
201030x00A 20" Lawn Mower
201030x24A 20" Lawn Mower
201030x30A 20" Lawn Mower
201030x78B 20" Lawn Mower
201030x78C 20" Lawn Mower
20104G 20" Lawn Mower
20111x194E 20" Lawn Mower
20111x78D 20" Lawn Mower
20112x194A 20" Lawn Mower
20112x92C 20" Lawn Mower
204110x52B 20" Lawn Mower
204210x30C 20" Lawn Mower
204210x8F 20" Lawn Mower
204210x8G 20" Lawn Mower
204211x31A 20" Lawn Mower
204211x50A 20" Lawn Mower
204212x92A 20" Lawn Mower
204212x92B 20" Lawn Mower
205311x50A 20" Lawn Mower
220012x92A 22" Lawn Mower
221010x31A 22" Lawn Mower
221010x99B 22" Lawn Mower
222210x24B 22" Lawn Mower
222310x30A 22" Lawn Mower
222310x31A 22" Lawn Mower
222310x83A 22" Lawn Mower
222310x8A 22" Lawn Mower
223310x199A 22" Lawn Mower
223311x8A 22" Lawn Mower
22365x78C 22" Lawn Mower
224010x24C 22" Lawn Mower
224110x194B 22" Lawn Mower
224110x48A 22" Lawn Mower
224110x83A 22" Lawn Mower
224110x8E 22" Lawn Mower
224110x8F 22" Lawn Mower
224110x92B 22" Lawn Mower
224110x92C 22" Lawn Mower
225110x00A 22" Lawn Mower
225111x99B 22" Lawn Mower
225112x24B 22" Lawn Mower
225112x99A 22" Lawn Mower
225114x194A 22" Lawn Mower
225114x92A 22" Lawn Mower
225114x92B 22" Lawn Mower
TM5000x11E String Trimmer
TM6000x31NB String Trimmer
TM6000x8NC String Trimmer
TM6100x5A String Trimmer
EV3850x4B Edger
EV3850x4C Edger
EV3850x4NA Edger
201010x18A 20" Lawn Mower
201010x24A 20" Lawn Mower
201011x99A 20" Lawn Mower
20104F 20" Lawn Mower
20111x50E 20" Lawn Mower
20112x92A 20" Lawn Mower
203030x48A 20" Lawn Mower
204110x52A 20" Lawn Mower
20416x50F 20" Lawn Mower
204210x30B 20" Lawn Mower
204210x31C 20" Lawn Mower
204210x31D 20" Lawn Mower
204210x50D 20" Lawn Mower
204210x8C 20" Lawn Mower
204210x8D 20" Lawn Mower
204210x8E 20" Lawn Mower
204211x194A 20" Lawn Mower
204211x92A 20" Lawn Mower
204211x99A 20" Lawn Mower
20455x30F 20" Lawn Mower
205310x50A 20" Lawn Mower
218910x43B 21" Lawn Mower
218910x43F 21" Lawn Mower
218950x92A 21" Lawn Mower
218950x92B 21" Lawn Mower
220011x92A 22" Lawn Mower
221010x99A 22" Lawn Mower
22107E 22" Lawn Mower
222210x24A 22" Lawn Mower
222390x31A 22" Lawn Mower
222390x31B 22" Lawn Mower
222390x31C 22" Lawn Mower
22265x31E 22" Lawn Mower
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Edger
  • • Lawn Mower
  • • Lawn Tractor
  • • Trimmer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Murray, Simplicity
Product Number: 25X6MA
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.05 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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