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Part Number: 013659
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $0.99
Leaves our warehouse within
10 - 16 business days.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Waring
Product Number: 013659
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

51BL11 Blender
51BL15 Blender
51BL12 Blender
51BL35 Blender
BB160S Blender
BC150 Blender Parts
WF1112217 Blender
38BL54 Blender
LB10G Blender
WF2211210 Blender
WF2211212 Blender
WF2211214 Blender
51BL31 Blender
33BL73 Blender
7011GC Blender
7011SC Blender
33BL78 Blender
51BL20 Blender
34BL62 Blender
51BL21 Blender
39BL55 Blender
51BL19 Blender
51BL16 Blender
WF1112218 Blender
19BL50 Blender
51BL17 Blender
31DM43 Drink Mixer
31DM37 Drink Mixer
31DM28 Drink Mixer
31DM36 Drink Mixer
31DM52 Drink Mixer
51BL34 Blender
36BL56 Blender
31DM29 Drink Mixer
31DM31 Drink Mixer
32DM32 Drink Mixer
700BU Blender
700G Blender
700S Blender
CB-6 Blender
WPB01 Blender (White)
WPB04 Blender (Chili Red)
WPB04T Blender (Target Chili Red)
WPB05 Blender (Chrome)
WPB05BC Blender (Brushed Crome)
WPB05BCQ Blender (QVC Brushed Crome)
WPB05PK Blender (Pink)
WPB09 Blender (Black)
WPB09Q Blender (QVC Black)
WPB02 Blender (Green)
WPB03 Blender (Yellow)
WPB031 Blender (Yellow W/ Maker)
WPB04Q Blender (QVC Chill Red)
WPB05BCL Blender (Lowes Brushed Chrome)
WPB05BCW Blender (Brushed Chrome W/White)
WPB05L Blender (Lowes Chrome)
WPB06 Blender (Blue)
WPB09LT Blender (Black W/Glass)
WPB10 Blender (Plum)
WPB11 Blender (Daja Blue)
WPB12 Blender (Retor Green)
WPB13 Blender (Linen)
WPB15P Blender (Red)
WPB30 Blender (Chocolate)
WPB05S Blender (Sears Chrome W/Marker)
35BL84 Blender
PKB10 Blender
PKB10G Blender
5000GBO (Black_Onyx) 50Th Anniversary Blenders
R500GBO (Black_Onyx) 50Th Anniversary Blenders
5000GB (Blue) 50Th Anniversary Blenders
5000GC (Chrome) 50Th Anniversary Blenders
B5000G (Chrome) 50Th Anniversary Blenders
R500GC (Chrome) 50Th Anniversary Blenders
5000GE (Ebony) 50Th Anniversary Blenders

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Blender
  • • Juicer
  • • Mixer
Questions & Answers

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