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Part Number: WR1X1928
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $3.82
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR1X1928
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CSK27DHZBAA Refrigerator
CSK27PFZBAA Refrigerator
CSK27PFZBWW Refrigerator
CSK22GAXEAD Refrigerator
MSG20GABBWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABCWW Refrigerator
MSK22GAZBAD Refrigerator
MSG22GAXFWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBAAD Refrigerator
MSG20GWBAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBBWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRAAWW Refrigerator
MSK27DRZAAA Refrigerator
MSK27DRXAAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCBWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFZBWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFXEWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFXEAA Refrigerator
MSK27DHXEWH Refrigerator
MSG27DHVAWH Refrigerator
MSZ20GWZAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWZBWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFTCWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFXAAA Refrigerator
MSG22GASMAD Refrigerator
MSG22GABEWW Refrigerator
MSK25GACGAA Refrigerator
MSG22GATCWH Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCEWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCGWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRSMAD Refrigerator
MSG24GRSMWH Refrigerator
MSG24GRSAWH Refrigerator
MSK25GRDAAA Refrigerator
MSK25GRBEAA Refrigerator
MSG20GWSMWH Refrigerator
MSZ20GABBWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABCWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GAZBWW Refrigerator
MSK22GAZAAD Refrigerator
MSK22GRBAAA Refrigerator
MSK22GRBBAD Refrigerator
MSG20GWBBWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBAWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRBAWW Refrigerator
MSG27DHSCWH Refrigerator
MSK25GRBCAA Refrigerator
MSK25GRBBAA Refrigerator
MSK27DHSCAD Refrigerator
MSZ20BWZAWW Refrigerator
MSK27DRXEAA Refrigerator
MSK27DHSMAD Refrigerator
MSG27DHSMWH Refrigerator
MSK27DHTCWH Refrigerator
MSG27DHZBWW Refrigerator
MSG27DHZAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCCWW Refrigerator
MSG27DHTCWH Refrigerator
MSK22GRZBAD Refrigerator
MSK27PFZAAA Refrigerator
MSK27DHZAAA Refrigerator
MSK27DHXAWH Refrigerator
MSG20BWYAWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWZBWW Refrigerator
MSK27DHXAAD Refrigerator
MSK22GRXDAD Refrigerator X Series
MSK27PFZAWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWZAWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFTCAA Refrigerator
MSZ20BWZBWW Refrigerator
MSK27PFXAWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRZAWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWXAWW Refrigerator
MSG24GRXDWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWYDWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRYAWW Refrigerator
MSG22GAVAWH Refrigerator
MSZ20GABEWW Refrigerator
MSK22GATCAD Refrigerator
MSZ20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABKWW Refrigerator
MSG22GASBAD Refrigerator
MSG22GABGWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABEWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABKWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABGWW Refrigerator
MSG20GABKWW Refrigerator
MSK25ZADAAA Refrigerator
MSK22GRXAAD Refrigerator
MSK25GADAAA Refrigerator
MSG22GASAAD Refrigerator
MSG22GASAWH Refrigerator
MSG22GASCWH Refrigerator
MSG20GWSCWH Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBEWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBGWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRTCAD Refrigerator
MSZ20GWCKWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWSAWH Refrigerator
MSG20GWBEWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWBKWW Refrigerator
MSG22GRSMWH Refrigerator
MSG22GRTCWW Refrigerator
MSG22GRVAWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBEAA Refrigerator
MSK22GRBKAA Refrigerator
MSK22GRBGAD Refrigerator
MSG24GRSBWH Refrigerator
MSK25ZRDAAA Refrigerator
MSG26GRDAWW Refrigerator
MSK26GRDAAA Refrigerator
MSG25GRBEWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRBGWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWSBWH Refrigerator
MSG22GRSCWH Refrigerator
MSK22GRSCAD Refrigerator
MSG24GRTCWH Refrigerator
MSG24GRVAWH Refrigerator
MSZ20GABCWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABAWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GABAWW Refrigerator
MSG22GABBWW Refrigerator
MSK22GAXAAD Refrigerator
MSZ20GAZAWW Refrigerator
MSK22GAXEAD Refrigerator
MSZ20GAYDWW Refrigerator
MSG22GAZBWW Refrigerator
MSK22GAXBAD Refrigerator
MSG22GAXAWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRBCAD Refrigerator
MSK22GRBCAA Refrigerator
MSK22GRBBAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GWBCWW Refrigerator
MSK25GRBAAA Refrigerator
MSZ20GWBBWW Refrigerator
MSG20GWBCWW Refrigerator
MSZ20BWBCWW Refrigerator
MSZ20GWBAWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRBBWW Refrigerator
MSG25GRBCWW Refrigerator
MSG22GRZAWW Refrigerator
MSK27DHXEAA Refrigerator
MSK27DRZBAA Refrigerator
MSK22GRZAAD Refrigerator
MSK27DHZBWH Refrigerator
MSK27DHZAWH Refrigerator
MSK27PFZBAA Refrigerator
MSG22GRXAWW Refrigerator
MSK22GRAAAD Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR1X1928
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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