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Part Number: WR1X1730
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $2.44
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR1X1730
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CTX21GKJR Refrigerator
CTX18EKJR Refrigerator
CTX25DKGL Refrigerator
CTX22DKGR Refrigerator
CTX24GKGR Refrigerator
CTX21GKGR Refrigerator
CTX18GKJR Refrigerator
CTX25GKGR Refrigerator
CTX25DKFL Refrigerator
CTX19GKJR Refrigerator
CTX22GKGR Refrigerator
CTX25DKFR Refrigerator
CTX18LKJR Refrigerator
CTX21EKGR Refrigerator
CTX22DKGL Refrigerator
CTX21EKJR Refrigerator
CTX21PKGR Refrigerator
CTX25DKGR Refrigerator
CTX19GKGR Refrigerator
CTX18EKGR Refrigerator
CTX18KKGR Refrigerator
MTX18ELGRWH Refrigerator
MTX18ELGRAD Refrigerator
MTX18ELJRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GLJRWH Refrigerator
MTX18GLGRAD Refrigerator
MTX18ELJRAD Refrigerator
MTX18ELERAD Refrigerator
MTX18ELERWH Refrigerator
MTX18GLJRAD Refrigerator
MTX18GLGRWH Refrigerator
MTX21ELGRAD Refrigerator
MTX21ELFRAD Refrigerator
MTX21GLJRWH Refrigerator
MTX21GLFRWH Refrigerator
MTX19GLERAD Refrigerator
MTX21ELFRWH Refrigerator
MTX19GLERWH Refrigerator
MTX19GLGRAD Refrigerator
MTX22GLFRAD Refrigerator
MTX21ELJRAD Refrigerator
MTX19GLJRWH Refrigerator
MTX25GLFRAD Refrigerator
MTX22GLJRAD Refrigerator
MTX19GLJRAD Refrigerator
MTX21ELJRWH Refrigerator
MTX21GLJRAD Refrigerator
MTX25GLGRWH Refrigerator
MTX22GLGRAD Refrigerator
MTX21GLGRAD Refrigerator
MTX25GLFRWH Refrigerator
MTX22GLJRWH Refrigerator
MTX21GLFRAD Refrigerator
MTX21GLGRWH Refrigerator
MTX19GLGRWH Refrigerator
MTX22GLFRWH Refrigerator
MTX21ELGRWH Refrigerator
MTX25GLGRAD Refrigerator
MTX22GLGRWH Refrigerator
TBX18BLJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18SKEL Refrigerator
TBX18SKER Refrigerator
TBX18SLJRAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLGRAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLTLHA Refrigerator
TBX18SLRLAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLTLWH Refrigerator
TBX18PKER Refrigerator
TBX18BLJRAD Refrigerator
TBX18KKER Refrigerator
TBX18ALJRAD Refrigerator
TBX18DLRRHA Refrigerator
TBX18SLMLWH Refrigerator
TBX18ALRRWH Refrigerator
TBX18ALMLWH Refrigerator
TBX18PLSRWH Refrigerator
TBX18ALSLWH Refrigerator
TBX18SLTLAD Refrigerator
TBX18ALJRWH Refrigerator
TBX17KLJRAD Refrigerator
TBX18AKER Refrigerator
TBX18KLJRAD Refrigerator
TBX18BLRRWH Refrigerator
TBX18KLGRHA Refrigerator
TBX18DLJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18KKBR Refrigerator
TBX18DKER Refrigerator
TBX18ALJLWH Refrigerator
TBX18LLJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18ALRLWH Refrigerator
TBX18PLJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18SLJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18SLJLWH Refrigerator
TBX18ALMRWH Refrigerator
TBX18PLMRAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLGLWH Refrigerator
TBX18ALSLAD Refrigerator
TBX18NLJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18NLGRAD Refrigerator
TBX17KMJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18BLMRWH Refrigerator
TBX18KMMRAD Refrigerator
TBX18KMMRWH Refrigerator
TBX18LLGRWH Refrigerator
TBX18SLGRWH Refrigerator
TBX18SLSRWH Refrigerator
TBX18SLMLHA Refrigerator
TBX18SLTRAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLRRAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLRRWH Refrigerator
TBX18PLSRAD Refrigerator
TBX18ALTLWH Refrigerator
TBX18BLGRAD Refrigerator
TBX18BKER Refrigerator
TBX18BLSRAD Refrigerator
TBX18BLRRAD Refrigerator
TBX18BLTRWH Refrigerator
TBX18BLSRWH Refrigerator
TBX18KMTRWH Refrigerator
TBX18KMSRAD Refrigerator
TBX18KMTRAD Refrigerator
TBX18ALGLWH Refrigerator
TBX18DLMRAD Refrigerator
TBX18DLSRWH Refrigerator
TBX18LLRRWH Refrigerator
TBX18LLSRWH Refrigerator
TBX18ALRLAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLRRHA Refrigerator
TBX18SLMRHA Refrigerator
TBX18SLRLWH Refrigerator
TBX18LKER Refrigerator
TBX18SLMRAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLSLWH Refrigerator
TBX18SLSLAD Refrigerator
TBX18PLTRWH Refrigerator
TBX18SKBR Refrigerator
TBX18ALMLAD Refrigerator
TBX18SLTRWH Refrigerator
TBX18KKGR Refrigerator
TBX17KLGRAD Refrigerator
TBX17KMGRAD Refrigerator
TBX18KMRRAD Refrigerator
TBX18NLGRWH Refrigerator
TBX17KLJRWH Refrigerator
TBX18BLTRAD Refrigerator
TBX17KLGRWH Refrigerator
TBX18DLJRAD Refrigerator
TBX18KMSRWH Refrigerator
TBX18DLSRAD Refrigerator
TBX18DLRRAD Refrigerator
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Refrigerator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE, Hotpoint
Product Number: WR1X1730
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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