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Part Number: WP22001496
WhirlpoolRoperMaytagAdmiralJenn-AirNorgeCrosleyMagic Chef
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 22001496.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, Roper, Maytag, Admiral, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WP22001496
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

DU24J2C Dishwasher- Undercounter
WC200 Maytag Dishwasher
WU200 Maytag Dishwasher
DU24H8A Brands Dishwasher
DU24H8B Brands Dishwasher
DU24H8 Brands Dishwasher
DU24B2 Brands Dishwasher
DU24C2 Brands Dishwasher
DU24H2B Brands Dishwasher
DU24B2R Magic Chef Dishwasher
DU24B4 Dishwasher- Undercounter
DU24H2C Brands Dishwasher
DC24B6 Dishwasher- Convertible
DC24B6R Brands Dishwasher
DU24J6CB Brands Dishwasher
DU24J2CA Brands Dishwasher
DU24H2CB Brands Dishwasher
DU24J2CB Brands Dishwasher
DU24B4R Dishwasher- Undercounter
DU24B6 Dishwasher- Undercounter
DU24H4B Brands Dishwasher
DU24H6C Brands Dishwasher
DC24D6A Dishwasher- Undercounter
DC24D6A1 Dishwasher- Undercounter
DU18D4A Brands Dishwasher
DU24B8 Dishwasher- Undercounter
DU24B6R Dishwasher- Undercounter
DU24B8R Dishwasher- Undercounter
DU24D6A1 Brands Dishwasher
DC24J6B Brands Dishwasher
DU24H2CA Brands Dishwasher
DU24H2A Brands Dishwasher
DU18D4-A1 Brands Dishwasher
DU24H4A Brands Dishwasher
DU18J4C Dishwasher
DU24H2 Brands Dishwasher
DU24D1 Brands Dishwasher
DU24H6A Brands Dishwasher
DU18J4B Dishwasher
DU24H6CA Brands Dishwasher
DU18B5-D Brands Dishwasher
DU18J4 Dishwasher
DU24D2A Brands Dishwasher
DU24H4 Brands Dishwasher
DU24H6B Brands Dishwasher
DU18H4 Brands Dishwasher
DU24D2 Brands Dishwasher
DC24H6A Dishwasher- Convertible
DU18D4A2 Brands Dishwasher
DC24J6A Brands Dishwasher
DU24H6 Brands Dishwasher
DC24H6B Brands Dishwasher
DC24H6 Brands Dishwasher
DU24D6A Brands Dishwasher
DU24D4 Brands Dishwasher
DC24D6-A Dishwasher- Convertible
DU24D6 Brands Dishwasher
DU24D8 Brands Dishwasher
DU24D6AC-1 Brands Dishwasher
DU18C Admiral Dishwasher
DC24D6 Brands Dishwasher
DE50 Residential Maytag Laundry
DE90 Residential Maytag Laundry
DE307 Dryer- Ele
DE306 Dryer- Ele
DE16CA Dryer- Ele
DE406 Dryer- Ele
DE407 Dryer- Ele
DG90 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG307 Residential Maytag Laundry
DE16CM Dryer- Ele
DG16CA Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
DE606 Residential Maytag Laundry
DE906 Residential Maytag Laundry
DE806 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG306 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG406 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG407 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG16CM Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
DE16CT Dryer- Ele
DG906 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG606 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG806 Residential Maytag Laundry
DG16CT Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
MDE12PRBDW Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
MDE12MNADW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PSAGW Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
MDE12PSBEW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PSADW Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
MDE12CSAGW Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
MDE12PSBDW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PRACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12MNACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PRBCW Manual, Parts (Dryer Gas)
MDE12MNAGW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PSBCW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDBCL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDBDW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDAEW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12CSADW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDBCW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDACL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12CSACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12CSACL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12CSADL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDADW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDADL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE12PDBEW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE14PDACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE14PDADL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE14PDADW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE14PDACL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE14PDACQ Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13MNACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13MNADW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PRBCW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PRACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDAGW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDADW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDACL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDAEW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDACW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDBDW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDBCW Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)
MDE13PDBCL Manual, Parts (Dryer Ele)

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
  • • Dryer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, Roper, Maytag, Admiral, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WP22001496
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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