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Screw,​ Machine #10?24 X 1/​4 Round Head

Part Number: WP4159193
KitchenAidWhirlpoolRoperMaytagAdmiralCaloricInternationalHardwickAmanaJenn-AirNorgeCrosleyMagic Chef
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 4159193, 3400024 and 3184086.

This is an authentic KitchenAid part. This screw is used on many bowl lift style KitchenAid mixers to secure the Bowl Spring Latch (Part number 3182857) into place. This screw is a slot headed screws that is made of steel. You can rest assured ordering this screw knowing that it has been made specifically KitchenAid mixers. This screw will correctly fit and retain the Bowl Spring.
Product Information
Manufacturer: KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Roper, Maytag, Admiral, Caloric, International, Hardwick, Amana, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WP4159193
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

SC8720EDB0 30" Gas Convertible Cooktop
SC8720EDW0 30" Gas Convertible Cooktop
RC8700EDB0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
RC8700EDW0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
RC8720EDB0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
RC8720EDW0 30" Electric Downdraft Cooktop
WCC31430AB00 30" Built-in Electric Cooktop
WCC31430AR00 30" Built-in Electric Cooktop
WCC31430AW00 30" Built-in Electric Cooktop
RB262PXAB0 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAB1 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAB2 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAQ2 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAB3 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAB5 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAB6 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAQ3 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAQ5 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAQ6 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAB4 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXAQ4 30" Electric Wall Oven
RB262PXYB0 Built-in Electric Oven
RB262PXYQ0 Built-in Electric Oven
GY397LXUS0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUT0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUB0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUQ0 Electric Slide-in Range
GW397LXUB0 Slide-in Gas Range
GY399LXUT0 Electric Slide-in Range
GW397LXUT0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUS0 Slide-in Gas Range
GY399LXUS0 Electric Slide-in Range
GW399LXUS0 Slide-in Gas Range
ISG650WS00 30" Slide-in Gas Range
ISG650VS12 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUB05 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUT1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUT5 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUS1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUS5 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUB1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUB5 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ6 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUS06 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUB06 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUS05 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUT05 Slide-in Gas Range
GY397LXUB02 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUS02 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUT02 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUB03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUS03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUQ03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUT03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
RY160LXTS0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUB02 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUS02 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUS03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUB03 30" Electric Slide-in Range
ISE630VS11 30" Slide-in Electric Range
ISE630WS00 30" Slide-in Electric Range
GY399LXUQ05 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY397LXUQ04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
YGY399LXUS10 Electric Slide-in Range
YGY399LXUQ10 Electric Slide-in Range
RS160LXTS0 Drop-in Electric Range
GW399LXUQ0 Slide-in Gas Range
GY399LXUQ0 Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUB0 Electric Slide-in Range
GW399LXUB0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ0 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUB06 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUS06 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUB5 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUQ06 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUQ6 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUB05 Slide-in Gas Range
GY399LXUS04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUB04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GY399LXUQ04 30" Electric Slide-in Range
GW399LXUQ07 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUQ1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUS1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW399LXUB1 Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUT06 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GW397LXUQ06 Slide-in Gas Range
RF301OXTW01 30" Freestanding Electric Range
GGE388LXQ01 30" Freestanding Electric Range
GGE388LXS01 30" Freestanding Electric Range
GGE388LXQ03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXB01 30" Freestanding Electric Range
GGE388LXQ04 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXB03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXS03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXQ00 Freestanding Electric Range
GGE390LXB01 30" Freestanding Electric Range
GGE390LXQ01 30" Freestanding Electric Range
GW399LXUS4 Slide-in Gas Range
GGE390LXB00 30" Freestanding Electric Range
GGE390LXB02 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXB00 Freestanding Electric Range
GGG388LXB00 Freestanding Gas Range
GGG388LXQ00 Freestanding Gas Range
GGG388LXS00 Freestanding Gas Range
GGE388LXS00 Freestanding Electric Range
GGG388LXB01 30" Freestanding Gas Range
GGG388LXQ01 30" Freestanding Gas Range
GGG388LXS01 30" Freestanding Gas Range
GGG388LXB02 30" Freestanding Gas Range
GGG388LXQ02 30" Freestanding Gas Range
GGG388LXS02 30" Freestanding Gas Range
GW399LXUS04 Slide-in Gas Range
GGE388LXB04 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE390LXQ03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GW399LXUS05 30" Slide-in Gas Range
GGE388LXS02 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGG388LXB03 30" Freestanding Self Clean Gas Range
GGG388LXS03 30" Freestanding Self Clean Gas Range
GGG388LXQ03 30" Freestanding Self Clean Gas Range
GGE390LXS04 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXB02 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE390LXS03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXS04 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGG388LXQ04 30" Freestanding Self Clean Gas Range
GGG388LXS04 30" Freestanding Self Clean Gas Range
GGG388LXB04 30" Freestanding Self Clean Gas Range
GGE390LXB03 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE388LXQ02 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range
GGE390LXQ04 30" Freestanding Electric Self Clean Range

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Mixer
  • • Oven
  • • Range
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