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Retainer-Air Filter

Part Number: 696264
Briggs and Stratton
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 696264
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
205332-0173-B1 Engine
205332-0173-B9 Engine
205332-0173-H1 Engine
205332-0241-B1 Engine
205337-0317-B1 Engine
205337-0317-H1 Engine
207432-0115-E1 Engine
207432-0121-E1 Engine
207432-0122-E1 Engine
207432-0122-E9 Engine
207432-0126-E1 Engine
207432-0130-E1 Engine
207432-0130-E9 Engine
207432-0138-E1 Engine
207432-0143-E9 Engine
207432-0144-E9 Engine
207437-0117-E1 Engine
207437-0123-E1 Engine
207437-0124-E1 Engine
207437-0124-E9 Engine
207437-0125-E1 Engine
207437-0127-E1 Engine
207437-0129-E1 Engine
207437-0131-E1 Engine
207437-0132-E1 Engine
207437-0132-E9 Engine
207437-0136-E1 Engine
207437-0136-E9 Engine
121132-0110-B8 Engine
121132-0112-B8 Engine
121132-0113-B8 Engine
121132-4120-B8 Engine
121132-4121-B8 Engine
121132-4137-B8 Engine
121132-4138-B8 Engine
121132-4159-B8 Engine
121132-5120-H8 Engine
121132-5159-H8 Engine
121162-0111-B8 Engine
121162-0167-H8 Engine
121162-4139-B8 Engine
121162-5139-H8 Engine
122132-0110-01 Engine
122132-0110-B8 Engine
122132-0110-E8 Engine
12223-2011-01 Engine
122232-0110-01 Engine
122232-0110-B8 Engine
122232-0110-E8 Engine
122232-0111-01 Engine
122232-0112-01 Engine
122232-0112-B8 Engine
122232-0112-E8 Engine
122232-0113-01 Engine
122232-0113-B8 Engine
122232-0113-E8 Engine
122232-0115-01 Engine
122232-0117-01 Engine
122232-0117-B8 Engine
122232-0117-E8 Engine
122232-0118-01 Engine
122232-0118-B8 Engine
122232-0118-E8 Engine
122232-0119-01 Engine
122232-0119-B8 Engine
122232-0119-E8 Engine
122232-0120-01 Engine
122232-0120-B8 Engine
122232-0120-E8 Engine
122232-0121-01 Engine
122232-0121-B8 Engine
122232-0121-E8 Engine
122232-0122-B8 Engine
122232-0122-E8 Engine
122232-0129-B8 Engine
122232-0129-E8 Engine
122232-0132-01 Engine
122232-0137-01 Engine
122232-0138-01 Engine
122232-0140-B8 Engine
122232-0143-01 Engine
122232-0152-B8 Engine
122232-0152-E8 Engine
122232-0153-01 Engine
122232-0156-01 Engine
122232-0157-01 Engine
122232-0159-01 Engine
122232-0160-B8 Engine
122232-0161-B8 Engine
122262-0139-01 Engine
122332-0100-B8 Engine
122332-0100-E8 Engine
122332-0111-01 Engine
122332-0111-B1 Engine
122332-0111-B8 Engine
122332-0111-E1 Engine
122332-0111-E8 Engine
122332-0112-01 Engine
122332-0112-B1 Engine
122332-0112-B8 Engine
122332-0112-E1 Engine
122332-0112-E8 Engine
122332-0115-B8 Engine
122332-0115-E8 Engine
122332-0117-B7 Engine
122332-0117-B8 Engine
122332-0119-B7 Engine
122332-0119-B8 Engine
122332-0121-B8 Engine
122332-0122-B8 Engine
122332-0127-B8 Engine
122332-0128-B8 Engine
122332-0129-B8 Engine
122332-0129-H7 Engine
122332-0131-B8 Engine
122332-0132-B8 Engine
122332-0136-B8 Engine
122332-0136-H7 Engine
122332-0137-01 Engine
122332-0138-B8 Engine
122332-0140-B8 Engine
122332-0141-B8 Engine
122332-0144-B7 Engine
122332-0144-B8 Engine
122332-0145-B8 Engine
122332-0146-B8 Engine
122332-0148-B8 Engine
122332-0168-01 Engine
122332-0169-B8 Engine
122332-0170-B7 Engine
122332-0170-H7 Engine
122332-0175-H7 Engine
122332-0178-H7 Engine
122332-0179-H8 Engine
122332-0255-B8 Engine
122332-0256-B8 Engine
122332-0888-B8 Engine
122332-3210-B8 Engine
122332-3214-B8 Engine
122332-3249-B8 Engine
122332-4110-B8 Engine
122332-4113-B8 Engine
122332-4115-B8 Engine
122332-4118-B8 Engine
122332-4120-B8 Engine
122332-4123-B8 Engine
122332-4136-B8 Engine
122332-4139-B8 Engine
122332-4140-B8 Engine
122332-4141-B8 Engine

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 696264
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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