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Repair Center  Quick Fix: How to Replace the Brushes on a Makita Grinder

Why Read This Article?

  • Learn to replace the brushes in your Makita grinder. 

Article Breakdown

Repair Information:
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 10 minutes
Frequency: As needed Replacing the Brushes:
1. Remove the covers.
2. Remove the old brushes.
3. Install the new brushes.
4. Replace the covers.


Tools & Materials

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Needle-nose pliers

Quick Fix: How to Replace the Brushes on a Makita Grinder

This article will guide you through the steps needed to replace the brushes in a Makita grinder, a common repair for many power tools since brushes tend to wear quickly. 
If you use your grinder frequently, and want it to last more than a year or two, then at some point you're going to have to replace the brushes. When brushes wear down, your tool can lose continuity, which means it won't run correctly--if it runs at all. Luckily, brushes are inexpensive and the repair is an easy one. This article will show you how to replace the brushes in a Makita grinder. 

Remember to use our Makita parts finder to find the right brushes for your Makita tools.  Replacing the Brushes

1. Remove the covers

Remove the screws that secure the cover. Remove the top cover, the lock button, then the bottom cover.


2. Remove the old brushes

Move the brush spring to the side.


Use your needle-nose pliers to remove the wire lead.


Pull the brush away from the holder.


Repeat these steps on the other side.


3. Install the new brushes

Slide the brush into place in the holder.


Set the brush spring in place over the brush.


Connect the wire lead to the grinder.


Repeat these steps on the other side.


4. Replace the covers

Set the back cover into place and position the lock button back in the tool. Then attach the top cover and tighten the screws to finalize the repair.

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And that's how easy it is to replace the brushes on a Makita grinder. This repair will help maintain strong continuity in your tool and will keep you working rather than waiting on a repair shop. Remember to use our power tool search to find all the parts for your entire arsenal of power tools.   [Back to Top] What We're About
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