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Repair Center  How to Remove an Armature Bearing with a Vise

Why Read This Article?

  • Alternative bearing removal method
  • Steps and explanation
  • Video demonstration included

Article Breakdown

  • Using a vise to remove an armature bearing is one trick when conventional methods are not available.
Steps for this Armature Bearing Removal

1.  Position the armature securely in the vise.

2. Carefully wedge pry bars behind the bearing.

3. Leverage the bearing off of the armature.


Tools & Materials

  • a small vise
  • two pry bars or flat head screwdrivers

How to Remove an Armature Bearing with a Vise

This article explains one backup method for removing armature bearings when a bearing puller isn't available.
Armature bearings need to be removed from power tool armatures for a variety of repairs. Most of the time, the best way to remove an armature bearing is with a specialized tool repair tool called a bearing puller, but a good bearing puller isn't always available.
Also, manufacturers sometimes don't leave enough space underneath the armature bearing to properly affix a puller. In either case, having a backup method for getting that bearing puller off is a good idea.  We explain some simple steps below for how to remove armature bearings using a vise, a useful trick when other methods aren't an option.    Steps for this Armature Bearing Removal
A small vise is usually best for this repair, because the bearing will need to protrude past the length of the vise without the armature fan getting crushed at the other end of the armature. You will also need two small pry bars or flat head screwdrivers.

1. Position the armature body securely in the vise so that its bearing sticks out one end. Make certain not to damage the armature fan in the vise.

Armature Positioned in Vise

2. Wedge your pry bars or screwdrivers carefully behind the armature bearing.

Prying Bearing Off Armature

3. Apply equal pressure to both sides of the bearing, and leverage it off of the armature.
The bearing should pop off of the armature with little force. For any other questions on this repair, view this article's demonstration video.
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