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Article Breakdown

Removing the Bearing 1. Remove the base. 2. Remove the cap. 3. Remove the motor brushes. 4. Separate the power unit. 5. Remove the bearing. Installing the New Bearing 6. Install the bearing. Reassembling the Unit 7. Reconnect the power unit. 8. Reinstall the cap. 9. Reinstall the brushes. 10. Reinstall the base.


Tools & Materials

Fix Factor: Easy Duration: 25 minutes Frequency: As necessary Tools Required: Phillip's screwdriver, large flat-blade screwdriver, permanent marker, rubber mallet, assorted sockets, bearing puller Part #: 855284

How to Replace the Upper Bearing on a Porter Cable Router (690 Series)

June 24, 2015
Fixing things makes sense. This article will help you make sense of replacing the upper armature bearing on a Porter Cable 690 series router. The upper bearing is the smaller of the two armature bearings.
Replacing the upper ball bearing on a porter cable router The Facts

Router bearings wearing out? It's time to face the fix. Whether you are a master carpenter or a weekend woodworker, provides the parts, procedures and facts you need to fearlessly fix what fails you.

The upper armature bearing on a porter cable 690 series router is about half the size of the lower bearing. This means that the bearing usually wears out twice as quickly. Symptoms of a despairing ball bearing will be unusual sounds (such as ticking, squealing or screeching).

This article provides step-by-step instructions for removing and installing the upper (small) armature bearing on a Porter Cable 690 series router.

Let's get started.

The Fix   REMOVING THE BEARING [top] 1. Separate the motor from the base.

Open the clamp (using the clamp knob).

Open the clamp



While holding the power unit, rotate the base CLOCKWISE until the lower pin in the motor housing is disengaged from the groove in the base.

Remove the base



Lift the power unit free from the base assembly.

Remove the base



  2. Remove the motor housing cap.

Remove the (2) screws from the motor housing cap.

Remove the screws



Remove the motor housing cap from the motor unit.

Remove the cap



  3. Remove the motor brushes.

Use a large screwdriver to loosen the brush cap.

Loosen the brush cap



Remove the brush cap.

Remove the brush cap



Remove the motor brush.

Remove the motor brush



Repeat this step to remove the second motor brush.

Repeat on the other brush



  4. Separate the power unit from the case.

Use a marker to draw a line across the intersection of the power unit and the front case. This line will be used in later steps to help realign and reassemble the unit.

Mark the case



Remove the (2) retaining screws from the power unit.

Remove the screws



Use a rubber mallet to tap the power unit until it breaks free from the case.

Tap the housing away



Separate the power unit from the front case.

Separate the two halves



  5. Remove the upper (small) bearing.

Use a bearing-puller tool to remove the upper bearing from the armature.

Remove the bearing



  INSTALLING THE NEW BEARING [top] 6. Install the new upper bearing.

Apply a thin coat of grease to the end of the armature shaft.

Grease the shaft lightly



Align the new bearing with the shaft.

Align the bearing



Locate a socket that is approximately the same diameter as the inner race of the bearing.

Locate socket



Position the socket squarely upon the inner race of the bearing.

Position the socket



Tap the end of the socket with a rubber mallet until the new bearing is fully seated on the shaft.

Tap the socket



  REASSEMBLING THE UNIT [top] 7. Reconnect the power unit to the case.

Slide the armature (in the motor case) through the field (in the power unit).

Insert the armature



Rotate the components as necessary to align the reference marks (made earlier) on the case and the power unit.

Align the marks



Secure the power unit to the case with the (2) screws.

Secure the case



  8. Reinstall the motor housing cap.

Inspect the wiring around the power unit for potential “pinch points.” Adjust the wires as necessary.

Tuck the wires



Install the motor housing cap onto the power unit.

Install the motor cap



Secure the motor housing cap with the (2) screws.

Secure the cap



  9. Reinstall the motor brushes and caps.

Slide the motor brush into the brush holder.

Install the motor brush



Align the tabs on the motor brush with the slots on the brush holder and compress the brush (spring) into the holder.

Align the tabs



Continue holding the compressed motor brush in place with one finger.

hold the brush in place



Carefully slide the brush cap into position over the compressed motor brush (as you remove your finger from the end of the brush). You may have to attempt this step a few times to get it right. The goal is to install the brush cap without allowing the tabs of the compressed motor brush to spring out of the slots in the brush holder.

Install the brush cap



Use a large screwdriver to secure the brush cap (do not overtighten).

Secure the brush cap



Repeat this step to install the remaining motor brush and cap.

Repeat for the second brush



  10. Reconnect the motor unit to the base.

Set the motor unit into the base.

Install the motor



Rotate the base COUNTERCLOCKWISE until the upper guide pins motor are set in the groove of the base.

Rotate the base



Tighten the clamp to secure the unit.

Tighten the clamp

  The Finish

Dovetails. Rabbets. Dados. Grooves: The possibilities are as priceless as machines that create them. But you don't have to be a carpenter to cut out the middle-man. Repairing your own powered equipment is easy and economical when you follow our step-by-step guides. Not only did you restore your router at a fraction of the cost of replacement; you built on your ability to face the next fix, whatever it may be.

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