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Part Number: PS01122
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and UP03012.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Homelite
Product Number: PS01122
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.03 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an OEM replacement part for a Homelite trimmer. This pulley is part of the starter assembly and houses the rope. This is made of a high-quality plastic and is sold as an individual replacement part. Please note the rope, spring, and container are all sold separately.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

UT-20772 Trim 'N Edge
BC800 (UT-15183) Trimmer
UT15159R (BC2500MR) Trimmer
UT15200 (BC2500R) Trimmer
UT20771 Power Trim
UT20694 (Trim N' Edge) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20697 (Trim N' Edge) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20698 (Trim N' Edge) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20702 (Trim N' Edge) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20707 (Trim N' Edge) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20728 (Trim N' Edge) Zip Start Trimmer
UT15151 (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT15154 (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT15157 (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20722 (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20723 (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20726R (ST2517CR) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20823 (ST2517CR) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20734R (ST2537S) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20827 (ST2537S) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20763 (D825SD) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20817 (ST2517CR) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20818 (ST2537S) Zip Start Trimmer
UT15180 (K400) Zip Start Trimmer
UT15181 (K400) Zip Start Trimmer
UT15169 (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20811 (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20811A (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20811B (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20811D (Versa Tool) Zip Start Trimmer
UT20747 (Trim N' Edge) Trimmer
UT20748 (Power Trim) Trimmer
UT20750 (K200) Trimmer
UT20772A (Trim N' Edge) Trimmer
UT20781 (K200) Trimmer
UT20819 (ST2517CRG) Trimmer
UT20820 (ST2517CRG) Trimmer
UT20804 (Trimlite) Eco Power Trimmer
UT20805 (Trim N' Edge) Eco Power Trimmer
UT20816 (Versa Tool) Eco Power Trimmer
UT20833 (Trim N' Edge) Eco Power Trimmer
UT20838 (Versa Tool) Eco Power Trimmer
UT15164 (Versa Tool) Trimmer
UT20810 (S1400) Trimmer
UT20930 (Trimlite) Trimmer
UT20933 (Trim N' Edge) Trimmer
UT70121 Curved Shaft Trimmer
UT70123 Curved Shaft Trimmer
UT70123A Curved Shaft Trimmer
UT70131 Straight Shaft Trimmer
UT70131A Straight Shaft Trimmer
UT-15177 ST525 String Trimmer
UT-20725 ST625CC String Trimmer
UT-15178 ST725 String Trimmer
UT-15153 ST725SC String Trimmer
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Grass Trimmer
  • • Hedge Trimmer
  • • Trimmer
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Spring and Container - 638033001
Pulley-Starter - PS01122
Starter Rope - 900849002
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Pull start fails to retract
1. Separated the trimmer shaft to make handling unit easier then Disassembled the case from the outside of the engine.
2. Removed spark plug and interred end of plastic tie wrap to bind cylinder while loosening clutch assembly fro front of engine.
3. Removed starter housing and removed spring retainer
4. Cut pull handle from old string and saved for reuse.
5. Removed old spring and starter pulley.
6. Assembled new spring and new starter pulley and wound starter rope.
7. Places new assembly into starter housing ensuring spring notch was positioned in the grove, turned assembly and spring to apply 3 turns of tension on spring, feed starter rope thru hole and applied small vise grip on outside of rope to hold Spring tension.
8. Reinstalled spring retainer, pulled starter rope to fully wind spring to its max and moved the vise grip to a position on the rope closest to the starter housing to hole spring tension while knitting the pull handle in place.
9. Removed the vise grip and ensured the starter rope retracted into the housing correctly.
10. Installed starter housing, clutch assembly, spark plug, engine cover and reassembled the trimmer head to shaft.
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  • I am an Australian visitor, I ordered the Part from Daytona Beach and had it delivered to my friend in Midland (Mark Kelley)
    The Part was there in Midland awaiting me on arrival. The part was not available in Australia..However it was fantastic of your service and will keep my Trimmer in operation for a long time. Regards.
    Guest - September 9, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: Homelite
    Product Number: PS01122
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.03 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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