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Pulley Assy,​ Variable Speed

Part Number: 956-04015B
MTDRyobiYard MachinesBolensYard ManTroy-Bilt
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Price: $65.98
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 956-04015BB ((Not Shown)), 656-04015B ((Not Shown)), 656-0059A, 618-04148, 956-04015A, 956-04015, 918-04148 and 956-0059A.

The upper drive belt wraps around the variable speed pulley assembly and connects to the transmission pulley. This part is an OEM sourced directly from the manufacturer for use in lawn tractors by MTD, Ryobi, Yard Machines, Bolens, Yard Man, Troy-Bilt, and Cub Cadet. Keep in mind that this high-quality part is made of metal and is priced individually. A set of pliers, a socket set, and a wrench set may all be needed to replace this part if it breaks.
Product Information
Manufacturer: MTD, Ryobi, Yard Machines, Bolens, Yard Man, Troy-Bilt, Poulan
Product Number: 956-04015B
Classification: Part
Weight: 2.60 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Yard Machines
13AM772F000 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AN772G000 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AN772G200 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F700 (2007) Lawn Tractor
13AN772G700 (2007) Lawn Tractor
13A1762F700 (2006) Lawn Tractor
13A3762F700 (2006) Lawn Tractor
13A1760F700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13A3760F700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13A3761G700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13A3771G700 (2005) Lawn Tractor
13AC650F000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AC650F700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD685G000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD685G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF685G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AG688H300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AG688H722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
31AT605H718 (2006) Pro Tractor
13AJ771G004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AL771H004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AJ771G004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AJ771G204 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AL771H004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AD688G300 (2004) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AJ688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor Parts
13A7688G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AD688G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
14AG808H300 (2004) Garden Tractor
14AT808H722 (2004) Garden Tractor
14AI808H718 (2004) 46" Pro Tractor
14AG808H722 (2004) Garden Tractor
13AC762F304 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F372 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F401 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F720 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F730 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F301 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F709 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F371 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F307 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F513 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F713 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F382 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F121 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F205 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F705 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F706 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F026 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F726 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F054 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F745 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F754 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F704 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F029 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F229 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F134 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F138 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F729 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F929 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F129 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F151 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F206 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F308 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F033 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F019 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F057 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F118 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F131 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F022 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F722 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F002 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F715 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F077 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F977 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F777 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F724 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F105 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F009 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F016 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F145 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F196 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F719 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AC762F098 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F304 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F372 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F401 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F720 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F730 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F301 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F709 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F371 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F307 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F513 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F713 (2008) Lawn Tractor
13AM772F382 (2008) Lawn Tractor
Yard Man

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Lawn Tractor
Questions & Answers

runs in reverse fine . go forward and it slips or wont go forward . Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
joey jenkins for model number 13ac762f755
Hello Joey, Thank you for the question. this sounds like an issue with the Transmission, Part Number: 753-05851. This transmission assembly attaches to the bottom of the mower's frame. This item is used to drive the wheels using the rotation of the belt. This item is sold as a complete replacement part. Hope this helps!
Where can I order the bearings for the Pulley Assy, Variable Speed #956-04015B. The pulley is fine, just need to replace the bearings.
KEN for model number yARD MACHINE 13ag601h729
Hello Ken, Thank you for contacting us. I have researched the model you have provided and have found the part you are looking for is Part Number: 941-0600. The Bearings are sold individually. Thank you for your inquiry, good luck with this repair!
Will this part fit my Huskee riding lawnmower?
Bill for model number 13b5608h131
Hello, Thank you for your question. The variable speed pulley for this model is Part Number: 956-0048.
Is this the part # for the variable speed pulley for my 2004 Troy-Bilt Bronco? Thanks, Bill Wereb
Bill Wereb for model number 13AJ609G76637.746
Hello Bill and thank you for writing Yes Part # 956-04015B is in the list of compatible items for your model. Hope this helps
I have a Troy built super bronco auto transmission 20 hp 46" deck. It has gotten where it does not pull very well at all. Has gotten slower over the years. Any slight incline it will stop An belt starts burning.
James for model number 13BX60KH
Good Day James. Thank you for your question in regards to your unit (Model Number 13BX60KH). Based on our research one or more of the following parts may need to be replaced on our unt: 1) Variable-Speed Belt (Part Number 954-0467A). 2) Upper Drive Belt (Part Number 954-0468). 3) Variable Speed Pulley Assy (Part Number 956-04015B). 4) Transmission Pulley (Part Number 956-04002). 5) Spring, Extension, .50 Dia X 6.37 (Part Number 732-0963). You can order these parts either online at our website www.eReplacementParts.com or by calling us by phone at 866-322-9842. Best Regards.
Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
49 of 53 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Pulley Assy, Variable Speed - 956-04015B
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Will not move in lower gears. Only in 5th and 6th.
Lawn tractor would stop pulling in lower gears after about 3 minutes of use. Changed drive belts. Still same problem accrued. So I decided to replace the variable speed double pulley. Put it back together and problem solved.
Check drive belts for wear first. Then to replace pulley take the short spring on bracket that goes to right side of middle chassis. That looses belt to slip off of pulley. Then take center bolt that holds pulley on bearing Assembly off. Then pull up on pulley to slide off and remove. Then repeat steps from last to first. No problem easy repair
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7 of 9 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Pulley Assy, Variable Speed - 956-04015B
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Socket set, Wrench Set
Variable speed pulley bearings and shaft wiped out
Installed new bearings and pulley assembly
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Pulley Assy, Variable Speed - 956-04015B
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Wrench Set
tractor drive slipping, blades slipping
took off the deck and performed the installation
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    Guest - July 5, 2019 Verified Purchase
    worked well
    at first was not sure ,but after pulling old pulley off they where the same,worked well
    Guest - June 28, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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