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Part Number: 3051218
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $35.32
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5 - 11 business days.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Westinghouse, Crosley
Product Number: 3051218
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

37-1009-23-03 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
37-1009-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1009-23-05 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1039-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1039-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE300SP2Y1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2D1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2W1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
31-1049-23-03 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
37-1009-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
30-1049-23-01 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
30-1049-23-03 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
CE301SP2D1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2J01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
CE300SP2Y01 Gib(V9) / Electric Range
CG301SP2D03 Frg(V4) / Gas Range
32-1039-23-06 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
CGC1M1WXD Gib(V1) / Gas Range
30-1049-23-02 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
32-1039-23-03 Tap(V2) / Gas Range
32-1039-23-04 Tap(V4) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WY01 Gib(V9) / Gas Range
CG300SP2WH01 Frg(V3) / Gas Range
CE301SP2D01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE301SP2L01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE301SP2W01 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
32-1039-23-05 Tap(V6) / Gas Range
CG301SP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Gas Range
CG301SP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Gas Range
31-2232-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
31-2208-66-03 Tap(V9) / Electric Range
31-2208-66-02 Tap(V6) / Electric Range
31-2208-23-03 Tap(V8) / Electric Range
31-2208-66-01 Tap(V3) / Electric Range
31-2208-23-01 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE301SP2D2 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CE301SP2W2 Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
31-2649-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
31-2649-23-03 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
31-2239-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WW01 Frg(V1) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Electric Range
CE302BP2WJ01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
37-1009-23-02 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
31-1049-23-04 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
CE301SP2W1 Freestanding, Electric Range Electric
CE300SP2W01 Tap(V4) / Electric Range
CG300SP2WD01 Kel(V14) / Gas Range
FEF303CWA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
CE301SP2J01 Kel(V15) / Electric Range
FEF303CWF Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF305PHWC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF305SHDC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
31-2208-23-02 Tap(V5) / Electric Range
FEF311SADC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF311SADG Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
FEF311SAWE Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
FEF311SADF Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
FEF305PHDA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
31-2649-23-02 Tap(V2) / Electric Range
FEF311SADD Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF303HWB Frigidaire/Range
FEF303CWJ Frigidaire/Range
FEF303CWH Frigidaire/Range
FEF303KWA Frigidaire/Range
FEF303CWG Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF303CWE Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF303KWB Frigidaire/Range
FEF303CWB Frigidaire/Electric Range
FEF303HWA Frigidaire/Range
FEF303BWA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF303CWC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF303CWD Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF305PHSC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF311SAWH Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF305SHWC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF300PAWA Electric Electric Range
FEF311SADA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF311SAWA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF300PADA Electric Electric Range
FEF311SAWB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF311SAWC Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF311SADB Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF311SAWF Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
FEF311SADE Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
FEF311SAWG Freestanding, Electric Frigidaire Electric Range
FEF305PHWA Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FEF350XAWA Electric Range Electric
FEF311SAWD Freestanding, Electric Electric Range
FGF303CWD Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF303BWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF303CWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF303CWB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF303CWF Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF312BSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF312BSB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF303CWC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF312DSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF312ASA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF311PHSE Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF311PHSD Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FFEF3000MWA Frigidaire/Electric Range
FGF350MXASB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF350MXASA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF303CWH Frigidaire/Gas Range
FGF303CWG Frigidaire/Range
FGF303LWA Frigidaire/Range
FGF303KWA Frigidaire/Range
GF300ND3 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
G30PNW2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FPF312DSB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FGF303LWB Frigidaire/Range
GF300NW1 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
FPF312DSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
G30PNW6 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30LPNW3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNW7 Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
G30LPNW1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30PNL2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF300ND8 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
G30PNL1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FFGF3000MWA Frigidaire/Gas Range
G31BPNW6 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF600ND1 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
GF420RXW1 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
GF600ND8 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
FPF311PHTB Freestanding, Gas Range
GF600NW9 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
GF600NW3 Wwh(V3) / Gas Range
GF620ND2 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
GF600NW2 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
G32BNL2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FPF303CWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303CWB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303CWF Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303CWE Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303CWC Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF303BWA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
G30PNW3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
FPF312BSB Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
FPF312BSA Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
GF300NW3 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
G30LPNL1 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
G30LPNW2 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF300NW2 Wwh(V1) / Gas Range
G30PNL3 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF300ND2 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range
G30PNW4 Freestanding, Gas Range Gas
GF300ND1 Wwh(V2) / Gas Range

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Range
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