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Pin,​ Roll,​ 1/​8 X 3/​4

Part Number: 2816168SM
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2916168.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Simplicity, Murray, Snapper
Product Number: 2816168SM
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic manufacturer-sourced part that is specially designed for use with Murray, Murray and Simplicity snowthrowers. It an identical replacement for a missing or a damaged pin that was installed on a new unit. Make sure to refer to the owner's manual and the appropriate diagrams for your model to ensure the proper repair procedure. One durable metal part is included. You may need pliers to remove and secure this roll pin.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

1691172 Snowblower
1691364 Snowblower
1691416 Snowblower
1691417 Snowblower
71691174 Snowblower
71691404 Snowblower
1600414 405, 5Hp Gear And 26In Rotary
1600415 405, 5Hp Gear
1690241 405, 5Hp Gear And 26In Rotary
1690244 405, 5Hp Gear
1690247 408, 8Hp Gear
1690128 Grabber 3008-2, 2 Speed W30In
1690129 Grabber 3008-2, 2 Speed W30In
991020 Grabber, 8Hp W30In Mower
991021 Grabber, 8Hp
1692469 Sno-Away 860M 24In (Ceexport)
1692616 824E, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower (Es
1693650 860M, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower
1693651 860M, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower (Ce
1693652 860Dlx, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower
1693653 860Dlx, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower (
1693763 860M, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower
1693775 860M, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower (Ce
1693984 860M, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower
1693985 860M, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower (Ce
1694241 860Dlxe, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694242 860E, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694433 860E, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694434 860M, 8Hp 24In Snowthrower (Ce
1694435 960M, 9Hp 24In Snowthrower (Ce
1694436 1060M, 10Hp 24In Snowthrower (
1694439 960E, 9Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694440 1060E, 10Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694588 860E, 8Hp 24In (Es)
1694589 9560E, 9.5Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694590 1060E, 10Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694596 860M, 8Hp 24In (Ms) (Ceexport)
1694597 9560M, 9.5Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694598 1060M, 10Hp 24In Snowthrower (
1694845 8560El, 8.5Hp Ohv 24In Snowthr
1694846 8560Ex, 8.5Hp Ohv 24In Snowthr
1694847 10560E, 10.5Hp 24In Snowthrowe
1694848 10560Ex, 10.5Hp 24In Snowthrow
1694867 9560E, 9.5Hp 24In Snowthrower
1694914 9560Ex, 9.5Hp 24In Snowthrower
1600150 Scamp, 5Hp Gear
1600273 Scamp, 5Hp Gear
1690246 Wonderboy, 3008-2 Mower
990493 Wonderboy, 305
990554 Wonderboy 305, W24In Mower
990556 Wonderboy, 355
990614 Wonderboy 355, W28In Rotary Mower
990774 Wonderboy 315, W26In Rotary Mower
990775 Wonderboy 315, W26In Rotary Mower
990845 Wonderboy 315, Manual Mower
990846 Wonderboy 315 Mower
990900 Wonderboy 325, W26In Rotary Mower
990927 Wonderboy 325, Manual Mower
1691011 555M, 5Hp 22In Two-Stage Snowblower
1691181 755E, 7Hp 22In Two-Stage Snowblower
1691411 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1691413 755E, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1691414 755M, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1691518 7Hp, 22In Two-Stage Snowblower
1692615 722E, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1692680 555, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1692681 755E, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1692746 755M, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1693161 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1693162 755E, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1693163 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1693164 755M, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1693425 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1693426 755E, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1693646 555M, 22In Snowblower
1693647 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1693648 755M 22In Snowblower
1693649 755M, 7Hp Ohv 22In Snowblower
1693980 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1693981 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1693982 755M, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1693983 755E, 7Hp 22In Snowblower
1694587 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1694595 555M, 5Hp 22In Snowblower
1694836 7555M, 7.5Hp 22In Snowblower
1694837 7555Ex, 7.5Hp 22In Snowblower
1693676 Baron, 18Hp Hydro And 40In Rot
1693677 Baron, 18Hp Hydro (Ceexport)
1693686 Baron, 18Hp Hydro (Ceexport)
1693687 Baron, 18Hp Hydro And 40In Rot
1694849 11570E, 11.5Hp 28In Snowthrowe
1694850 E11570, 11.5Hp 28In Snowthrowe
990643 Sno-Away, 7Hp 28In Two-Stage Sn
990796 Sno-Away 1008, 8Hp 28In Two-Sta
990870 Sno-Away, 7Hp 28In Two-Stage Sn
7800085 I7524E, 7.5Hp 24In Snowthrower
7800087 I7524Ex, 7.5Hp 24In Snowthrowe
990551 Sno-Away, 5Hp 24In Two-Stage Sn
990652 Sno-Away 5Hp, 24In Two-Stage Sn
990742 Sno-Away, 5Hp, 24In Two-Stage S
990869 Sno-Away, 5Hp 24In Two-Stage Sn
1690546 1080, 10Hp 32In Two-Stage Snow
1690675 10Hp, 32In Snowthrower (Ceexpo
1690679 1080Dc,10Hp 32In Two-Stage Sno
1690777 1080, 10Hp 32In Two-Stage Snow
1690779 1080Dc, 10Hp 32In Two-Stage Sn
1690831 10Hp, 12V120V 32In Snowthrower
1691371 1080M, 10Hp 32In Snowthrower
1691716 1080, 10Hp 32In Snowthrower (C
1691776 1080S, 10Hp 32In Snowthrower
1691779 1080S, 10Hp 32In Snowthrower
1691899 1080S, 10Hp 32In Snowthrower (
1691948 Sno-Away 1080M, 10Hp 32In (Cee
1693656 1180M, 11Hp 32In Snowthrower
1693657 1180M, 11Hp 32In Snowthrower (
1694244 1180E, 11Hp 32In Snowthrower
1694438 1280M, 12Hp 32In Snowthrower (
1694442 1280E, 12Hp 32In Snowthrower
1694592 1280E, 12Hp 32In Snowthrower
1694600 1280M, 12Hp 32In Snowthrower (
1694851 1380E, 13Hp 32In Snowthrower
1694852 E1380, 13Hp 32In Snowthrower (
1694593 1390E, 38In 13Hp Snowthrower
1694601 1390M, 13Hp 38In Snowthrower (
1694872 1390E, 13Hp 38In Snowthrower
1694915 1390Ex, 13Hp 38In Snowthrower
1690071 Tracker, 5Hp 24In Snowthrower
1690209 Sno-Away 1005, 5Hp 24In Two-St
1690379 Snowbuster, 524 24In Snowthrow
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Lawn Mower
  • • Lawn Tractor
  • • Snowblower
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Bushing - 1667588SM
Pin, Roll, 1/8 X 3/4 - 2816168SM
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Pliers, Socket set, hammer and punch
the roll pin came out and the bushing needed to be replaced.
removed worn bushing and put the new one in and replaced the roll pin. Had to remove the bottom cover to be able to work on it easily and press the roll pin into place.
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Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Cotter Pin - 703312
Universal Gear - 1718593SM
Sheer Pin - 703063
V-Belt, Auger Drive - 1674312SM
Pin, Roll, 1/8 X 3/4 - 2816168SM
Sprocket, Chute - 1674329SM
Traction Belt - 1678600SM
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
1-2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench, Cordless drill for easier removal of screws and nuts.
Belts and chute gears were worn due to age. Maintenance repairs long overdue!
1. Remove bottom gear box cover and pulley cover.
2. Removed the chute handle, removed the old broken gears with handle in a vice, replace the gears and roll pins on both gears. Reassemble.
3. Loosen all belt guards and remove both belts through opening in bottom of snowblower.
4. Replace both belts and re-position belt guards, tighten.
5. Remove both broken shear pins on the blade assembly with hammer and punch; replace with new.
6. Re-install lower gear case cover and pulley cover.
7. Re-install chute handle and mount back on snowblower handle.
8. Check all repairs for tightness and completion.
9. Run snow blower, check blade function and belt engagement on transmission and snowblower auger.
Repairs completed! Prep for winter storage!!
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Simplicity, Murray, Snapper
Product Number: 2816168SM
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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