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Ryobi Planer Blades

Planer Blade
Part Number: 089170109104
In Stock, 25+ available
This is a Genuine OEM replacement Blade designed to work with Ridgid Planer. This blade is manufactured from high speed steel. A planer's knives are machined to make very precise cuts. When your knife blades wear down, you won't get the level of precision you require. Remember that the blades are incredibly sharp and double-sided. Use caution when working with them. It is sold individually.

To replace it you will need Hex Key/Allen Wrench to secure this blade.
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Part Number: 690861001
In Stock, 19 available
Genuine Ryobi replacement part, this item includes two blades.
There are two needed for the Ryobi HPL51K Hand Planer.
The Planer Blades are double sided, so when one side gets dull, just flip them around in the Cutter Block Assembly, then you ready to start planning again.
Planer Blades Set of 2 Blades
Part Number: 6660663
In Stock, 3 available
These planer blades are OEM replacement parts sourced directly from Ryobi. They are designed specifically for the Ryobi AP-12 Planer. These planer blades are made of a durable metal and should be replaced if worn. Two blades are included with the purchase of this part.

To replace:
-Place planer upside down
-Loosen nuts securing planer
-Rotate the blade guard downward
-Slide blade out of holder and replace with new blade
-Tighten nuts to secure
-Turn blade drum 180 degrees and repeat for other blade
-Always replace both blades at the same time
Blade Assembly
Part Number: 300132026
In Stock, 3 available
This straight planer blade is an authentic OEM replacement part provided by Ryobi. It is crafted for the Ryobi P610 18V. This planer blade is made of a durable metal and should be replaced if necessary. They are sold in a package of 2.

To replace:
-Place planer upside down
-Loosen screws securing planer
-Rotate the blade guard downward
-Remove blade by sliding it out of the holder and replace with new blade
-Tighten screws in place to secure planer
Rail Guide
Part Number: 827705
Ships in 6 - 11 business days
Blade Holder Support
Part Number: HPL50K-32
In Stock, 2 available
This is an authentic Ryobi replacement part, sourced from the original manufacturer for use with electric hand planers. The blade holder support fits into the blade body assembly and is used to support the cutting blade. This is available as an individual replacement part, please note two blade holders are required.
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