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Paint,touch-up,white - 5303321319:Frigidaire 360 View

Paint,​​touch-up,​​white 5303321319

Part Number: 5303321319
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Product Information
This white touchup paint is an OEM directly from the manufacturer. It is used to cover or touch up nicks, scratches and other minor damages on various models of Frigidaire appliances. It is meant to be the exact color match to your appliance please refer to your model\\\'s manual for any additional colors needed. This part comes in a .6 Fluid ounce bottle and includes the paint and a small brush for application.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

AS139K1K1 Wwh(V1) / Room Air Conditioner
DE27S6WPMC Gib(V3) / Stackable Electric Dryers
DG27S6WPMC Gib(V3) / Stackable Gas Dryers
WDG547PBS1 Wwh(V0) / 27 " Gas Dryer
WDG846RBW0 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
WDG547PBS0 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
WDE547PBS0 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
WDE846RBW0 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
WDE646RBSW0 Wwh(V3) / 27 " Electric Dryer
WDE336RBS0 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
AFFC1466DW0 Chest Freezer
AFFC1466DW1 Chest Freezer
AFFC1466DW2 Chest Freezer
AFFC1466DW3 Chest Freezer
AFFC1466DW4 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW0 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW1 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW2 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW3 Chest Freezer
AFFC1526DW4 Chest Freezer
AFFC2027DW1 Chest Freezer
AFFC2027DW2 Chest Freezer
AFFC2027DW3 Chest Freezer
AFFC2528DW0 Chest Freezer
AFFC2528DW1 Chest Freezer
AFFC2528DW2 Chest Freezer
AFFC2528DW3 Chest Freezer
AFFU1466DW0 Upright Freezer
AFFU1466DW1 Upright Freezer
AFFU1466DW2 Upright Freezer
AFFU1466DW3 Upright Freezer
AFFU1466DW4 Upright Freezer
AFFU1766DW0 Upright Freezer
AFFU1766DW1 Upright Freezer
AFFU1766DW2 Upright Freezer
AFFU1766DW3 Upright Freezer
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AFFU2066DW3 Upright Freezer
AFFU2066DW4 Upright Freezer
AFFU2066DW5 Upright Freezer
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AFFU2067EW0 Upright Freezer
AFFU2067EW1 Upright Freezer
AFFU2067EW2 Upright Freezer
AFFU2067EW3 Upright Freezer
AFFU2068DW0 Upright Freezer
AFFU2068DW1 Upright Freezer
B15D0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B15E0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B15H0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B15S0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B15W0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B30LSPSC0 Upright Frigidaire Upright Freezer
B30LSPSC1 Upright Frigidaire Freezer
B9D0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B9E0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B9H0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B9S0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
B9W0 Chest Frigidaire/Freezer
BFFC05M2MW0 Frigidaire/Freezer
CFC07M4HW0 Universal/Frzr
CFC09M4AW0 Universal/Freezer
CFC09M4AW1 Universal/Freezer
CFC09M4AW2 Universal/Freezer
CFC09M4AW3 Universal/Freezer
CFC09M4AW4 Universal/Freezer
CFC09M4HW0 Universal/Frzr
CFC09M4HW1 Universal/Freezer
CFC09M7HW0 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFC13M4HW0 Frg(V1) / Freezer
CFC13M6HW0 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFC13M6HW1 Multiflex/Freezer
CFC15M4HW0 Frg(V2) / Freezer
CFC20M4HW0 Frg(V3) / Freezer
CFC20M4HW1 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFC25M4HW0 Frg(V0) / Freezer
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CFU09M2AW3 Universal/Freezer
CFU09M2AW5 Universal/Freezer
CFU09M2AW6 Universal/Freezer
CFU09M2AW8 Universal/Freezer
CFU09M2AW9 Universal/Freezer
CFU09M2HW0 Frg(V1) / Freezer
CFU09M2HW1 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFU09M2HW2 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFU09M2HW3 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFU09M2HW4 Freezer
CFU09M2HW5 Universal/Freezer
CFU12M2AW0 Multiflex/Universal Freezer
CFU12M2AW1 Universal/Freezer
CFU12M2AW2 Universal/Freezer
CFU12M2AW3 Universal/Freezer
CFU12M2AW6 Universal/Freezer
CFU12M2AW9 Universal/Freezer
CFU12M2HW0 Frg(V2) / Freezer
CFU12M2HW1 Freezer
CFU12M2HW2 Universal/Freezer
CFU14F3HW0 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFU14F3HW1 Frg(V0) / Freezer
CFU14M2HW0 Frg(V3) / Freezer
CFU14M2HW1 Freezer
CFU17F3AW0 Universal/Freezer
CFU17F3AW10 Freezer
CFU17F3AW2 Universal/Freezer
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Air Conditioner
  • • Dryer
  • • Freezer
  • • Refrigerator

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