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Oil Seal - 25X38X7

Part Number: 91201-ZG9-U71
HondaToroHonda Marine
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 91252-888-003.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Honda, Toro, Honda Marine
Product Number: 91201-ZG9-U71
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is a genuine manufacturer-approved component which is designed for Honda engines that are commonly installed on a variety of lawn and garden equipment. It is an identical replacement for a missing or a damaged oil seal that was installed on a new unit. Refer to the owner\\\'s manual and the parts diagram for your model to ensure the correct replacement procedure. Note, this high-quality oil seal is made of a durable material and is sold as an individual item. A screwdriver and a wrench set will be needed to perform this repair.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GV150 (Type A1)(VIN# GV150-2000001-2034737) Small Engine
GV150 (Type A2)(VIN# GV150-2000001-2041727) Small Engine
GV35 (Type A1)(VIN# GV35-1000001-1026807) Small Engine
GV35 (Type A2)(VIN# GV35-1000001-1015927) Small Engine
GV35 (Type N1)(VIN# GV35-1000001-1027307) Small Engine
GV35 (Type N2)(VIN# GV35-1000001-1025027) Small Engine
GX120K1 (Type AR)(VIN# GC01-2000001-4299999) Small Engine
GX120K1 (Type AR/A)(VIN# GC01-4300001-9099999) Small Engine
GX120K1 (Type KRS4)(VIN# GC01-2000001-4299999) Small Engine
GX120K1 (Type KRS4/A)(VIN# GC01-4300001-9099999) Small Engine
GX120K1 (Type KRS5)(VIN# GC01-4300001-9099999) Small Engine
GX120K1 (Type KRS6)(VIN# GC01-4300001-9099999) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type DKR)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type AR)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type KRA4)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type KRS4)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type KRF4)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type KRS5)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type KRR4)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120U1 (Type KRS6)(VIN# GCAHK-1000001) Small Engine
GX120UT1 (Type KRS6)(VIN# GCAGT-1000001) Small Engine
GX120UT1 (Type AR)(VIN# GCAGT-1000001) Small Engine
GX120UT1 (Type KRS4)(VIN# GCAGT-1000001) Small Engine
GX120UT1 (Type KRS5)(VIN# GCAGT-1000001) Small Engine
GX160K1 (Type AR)(VIN# GC02-8670001-9099999) Small Engine
GX160K1 (Type AR/A)(VIN# GC02-8670001-9099999) Small Engine
GX160K1 (Type AR/B)(VIN# GCAAK-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GX160U1 (Type AR)(VIN# GCACK-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GX160U1 (Type ARC6)(VIN# GCACK-1000001-9999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A12)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A1)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type D1)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A14)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N12)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A1)(VIN# GXV120-6000001-9999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N24)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type D1)(VIN# GXV120-6000001-9999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A1L)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1KS)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N14)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type D12)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A2)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N2CA)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1KT)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A1L2)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type MAC)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N2)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1GE)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A2C)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N1)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1KY)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type MAD)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N2)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type A1LA)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1H)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A2G)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV120 (Type N22)(VIN# GXV120-1000001-2999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1Y)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1B)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N2C)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N2TB)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1KA)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type A1L2)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A2Y)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1YY)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type A1K)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1B)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N2M)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N2Y)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1S)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N12)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1EA)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type A12)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type N12)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N1Y)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV140 (Type N2TA)(VIN# GJAB-6000001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N1E2)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type N1AH)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type A1L)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type N62)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N42)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type A12)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type N1E2)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160 (Type N62)(VIN# GJ03-1000001-1366578) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type A1AS)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type N42)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type A1T)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
GXV160K1 (Type N52)(VIN# GJ03-6100001-7999999) Small Engine
HR195 (Type PDA)(VIN# MZAK-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR195 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAK-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR214 (Type PXA#1)(VIN# HR214-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR214 (Type PXA#2)(VIN# HR214-6235981) Lawn Mower
HR214 (Type SMA#1)(VIN# HR214-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR214 (Type SMA#2)(VIN# HR214-6235981) Lawn Mower
HR214 (Type SXA#1)(VIN# HR214-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR214 (Type SXA#2)(VIN# HR214-6235981) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type HMA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type PXA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type SMA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAM-6000001) Lawn Mower
HR215K1 (Type HMA)(VIN# MZAM-6200001) Lawn Mower
HR215K1 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZAM-6200001) Lawn Mower
HR215K1 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAM-6200001) Lawn Mower
HR216 (Type SXA#)(VIN# MACR-6000001) Lawn Mower
HRA214 (Type PXA#)(VIN# HRA214-6000001) Lawn Mower
HRA214 (Type SXA#)(VIN# HRA214-6000001) Lawn Mower
HRA215 (Type PDA)(VIN# MZAL-6000001) Lawn Mower
HRA215 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAL-6000001 to MZAL-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRA216 (Type SXA)(VIN# MACR-5000001) Lawn Mower
HRB215 (Type PXA)(VIN# MZBA-6000001 to MZBA-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRB215 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZBA-6000001 to MZBA-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K1 (Type PXA)(VIN# MZBA-6100001 to MZBA-6199999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K1 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZBA-6100001 to MZBA-6199999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K2 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZBA-6200001 to MZBA-6299999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K2 (Type PXA)(VIN# MZBA-6200001 to MZBA-6299999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K2 (Type SDA)(VIN# MZBA-6200001 to MZBA-6299999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K2 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZBA-6200001 to MZBA-6299999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K3 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZBA-6300001 to MZBA-6373579) Lawn Mower
HRB215K3 (Type HXA/A)(VIN# MZBA-6373580) Lawn Mower
HRB215K3 (Type SDA)(VIN# MZBA-6300001 to MZBA-6399999) Lawn Mower
HRB215K3 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZBA-6300001 to MZBA-6363599) Lawn Mower
HRB215K3 (Type SXA/A)(VIN# MZBA-6363600) Lawn Mower
HRB215K4 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZBA-6400001 to MZBA-6427366) Lawn Mower
HRB215K4 (Type HXA/A)(VIN# MZBA-6427367) Lawn Mower
HRB215K4 (Type SDA)(VIN# MZBA-6400001) Lawn Mower
HRB215K4 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZBA-6400001 to MZBA-6424321) Lawn Mower
HRB215K4 (Type SXA/A)(VIN# MZBA-6424322) Lawn Mower
HRC215 (Type PXA)(VIN# MZAU-6000001 to MZAU-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRC215K1 (Type PDA)(VIN# MZAU-6100001 to MZAU-9999999) Lawn Mower
HRC215K1 (Type SDA)(VIN# MZAU-6100001 to MZAU-9999999) Lawn Mower
HRC215K1 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAU-6100001 to MZAU-9999999) Lawn Mower
HRC216 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZAN-6000001 to MZAN-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRC216 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAN-6000001 to MZAN-6099999) Lawn Mower
HRC216K1 (Type HXA)(VIN# MZAN-6100001 to MZAN-6176480) Lawn Mower
HRC216K1 (Type HXA/A)(VIN# MZAN-6176481 to MZAN-7999999) Lawn Mower
HRC216K1 (Type HXAA)(VIN# MZAN-6100001 to MZAN-7999999) Lawn Mower
HRC216K1 (Type SXA)(VIN# MZAN-6100001 to MZAN-7999999) Lawn Mower
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Lawn Mower
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Lawn Mower
Parts Used:
Oil Seal - 25X38X7 - 91201-ZG9-U71
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Socket set, Wrench Set, Adjustable Wrench
Engine was leaking oil on garage floor
1. Drained all the oil and power washed the mower deck
2. Removed the cover over the drive belt
3. Removed the belt from the drive pulley, had to rotate the gearbox forward to take the pressure off
4. Used a impact to remove the bolt on the clutch/brake unit(or you can put a rope in the spark plug hole)
5. Removed clutch/brake unit (took pictures to get back in correct order)
6. Pulled oil seal with small screwdriver and/or awl
7. Cleaned area well, sanded output shaft to make sure no rough spots/burs that would damage new seal when it was installed.
8. Greased both the seal area of the engine and the seal.
9. Used a piece of 1" PVC pipe for to install new seal, gently drove seal in. Used old seal as a spacer to drive seal the last 1/16", pipe was just a little too big to "seat" the seal tight into the engine.
10. Put everything back together, added oil and test run with cardboard under lawnmower. No Leaks!
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    Appreciated the Very Fast shipping. And, the availability of genuine Honda parts!
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    Product Information
    Manufacturer: Honda, Toro, Honda Marine
    Product Number: 91201-ZG9-U71
    Classification: Part
    Weight: 0.02 lbs.
    Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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