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Part Number: 192569GS
Briggs and StrattonSnapperTroy-Bilt
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and 189008GS.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Snapper, Troy-Bilt
Product Number: 192569GS
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic Briggs & Stratton replacement part that has been sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with small engines. The muffler connects to the cylinder\'s exhaust port and is used to reduce noise produced by the engine and to prevent sparks from exiting the combustion chamber. This item is available as an individual replacement part.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
1677-0 Generator
030211-0 Portable Generator
030211-1 Portable Generator
030215-0 Portable Generator
030215-1 Portable Generator
030216-0 Portable Generator
030216-1 Portable Generator
030220-0 Portable Generator
030235-1 Portable Generator
030235-2 Portable Generator
030240-0 Portable Generator
030324-0 Portable Generator
030333-0 Portable Generator
030339-0 Portable Generator
030340-0 Portable Generator
030358-0 Portable Generator
030361-0 Portable Generator
030362-0 Portable Generator
030369-0 Portable Generator
030206-0 Portable Generator
030380-0 Portable Generator
030386-0 Portable Generator
030419-0 Portable Generator
030424-0 Portable Generator
030429-0 Portable Generator
030430-1 Portable Generator
030431-1 Portable Generator
030431-2 Portable Generator
030432-0 Portable Generator
1646-5 Portable Generator
1654-0 Portable Generator
1642-2 Portable Generator
1654-1 Portable Generator
1654-2 Portable Generator
1655-0 Portable Generator
1646-0 Portable Generator
1655-1 Portable Generator
1646-2 Portable Generator
1655-2 Portable Generator
1646-3 Portable Generator
1655-3 Portable Generator
1646-4 Portable Generator
1893-0 Portable Generator
1668-0 Portable Generator
1919-0 Portable Generator
1774-0 Portable Generator
1919-1 Portable Generator
1777-0 Portable Generator
1935-0 Portable Generator
1935-1 Portable Generator
030343-0 Portable Generator
030235-0 Portable Generator
030345-0 Portable Generator
030246-0 Portable Generator
030253-0 Portable Generator
030241-0 Portable Generator
030245-0 Portable Generator
030242-0 6,200 Watt Generator
030430-0 5,500 Watt Portable Generator
030468 Generator
304660 Portable Generator
1796-0 5,600 Watt Generator
1796-1 5,600 Watt Generator
1799-0 6,300 Watt Generator
030243-0 5,600 Watt Generator
030243-1 5,600 Watt Generator
030243-2 5,600 Watt Generator
030251-0 5,600 Watt Generator
030298-0 5,600 Watt Generator
030299-0 6,300 Watt Generator
030299-1 6,300 Watt Generator
19N132-0002-H7 Engine
19N132-0003-H7 Engine
19N132-0004-H7 Engine
19N132-0006-H7 Engine
19N132-0008-H1 Engine
19N132-0010-H1 Engine
19N132-0013-G1 Engine
19N132-0014-G1 Engine
19N132-0015-B1 Engine
19N132-0018-H1 Engine
19N132-0019-F1 Engine
19N132-0020-H1 Engine
19N132-0021-H1 Engine
19N132-0022-H1 Engine
19N132-0024-H1 Engine
19N132-0025-H1 Engine
19N132-0028-H1 Engine
19N132-0029-H1 Engine
19N132-0031-F1 Engine
19N132-0033-F1 Engine
19N132-0035-F1 Engine
19N132-0037-F1 Engine
19N132-0039-F1 Engine
19N132-0045-G1 Engine
19N132-0047-01 Engine
19N132-0048-01 Engine
19N132-0051-F1 Engine
19N132-0055-F1 Engine
19N132-0059-F1 Engine
19N132-0063-F1 Engine
19N132-0064-H1 Engine
19N132-0067-G1 Engine
19N132-0068-H1 Engine
19N132-0071-F1 Engine
19N132-0079-F1 Engine
19N132-0080-H1 Engine
19N132-0083-F1 Engine
19N132-0085-F1 Engine
19N132-0088-G1 Engine
19N132-0089-H7 Engine
19N132-0090-F1 Engine
19N132-0092-H1 Engine
19N132-0097-F1 Engine
19N132-0098-H1 Engine
19N132-0099-F1 Engine
19N132-0102-H1 Engine
19N132-0103-H1 Engine
19N132-0218-01 Engine
19N132-0221-01 Engine
19N132-0222-01 Engine
19N135-0042-H1 Engine
19N135-0049-H1 Engine
19N137-0009-H1 Engine
19N137-0027-H1 Engine
19N137-0030-H1 Engine
19N137-0032-F1 Engine
19N137-0036-H1 Engine
19N137-0044-H1 Engine
19N137-0050-01 Engine
19N137-0052-F1 Engine
19N137-0053-F1 Engine
19N137-0058-H7 Engine
19N137-0060-F1 Engine
19N137-0065-F1 Engine
19N137-0066-H1 Engine
19N137-0070-H1 Engine
19N137-0072-F1 Engine
19N137-0075-01 Engine
19N137-0076-F1 Engine
19N137-0077-F1 Engine
19N137-0082-H7 Engine
19N137-0084-F1 Engine
19N137-0087-H1 Engine
19N137-0091-F1 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Generator
Questions & Answers

this item looks very similar to a 189008 or 189008GS muffler for a briggs and straton generator. will this model fit the generator motor?
bruce for model number Muffler Part Number: 192569GS asked on 2018-10-10
Hello Bruce, thank you for your question. The part number 192569GS is a replacement part number for 189008GS. It should work as a replacement for the original part number 189008GS. To verify with certainty, please check by the model number of the engine itself, or resubmit a new question that includes the model number of the engine and we would be happy to double check that for you!
Will that muffler fit that model number generator?
John for model number 030477 asked on 2020-03-24
Hello John, thank you for your inquiry. The correct muffler is part number 192569GS. We hope this information helps.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton, Snapper, Troy-Bilt
Product Number: 192569GS
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
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