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Motor - Res

Motor - Res

Part Number: WP94X23
Availability: Factory Backorder [ more info ]
Price: $383.17
Date Available: Unknown
Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WP94X23
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

A2B388DCALR1 Zoneline
A3B589DACSQ3 Zoneline
A2B398DEALR2 Zoneline
A3B583DACSQ2 Zoneline
A2B383DAALR2 Zoneline
A2B389DACSR2 Zoneline
A2B388DAALR2 Zoneline
A3B593DEALQ1 Zoneline
A3B583DAASQ2 Zoneline
A3B593DGALQ1 Zoneline
A2B389DGCS1Y Zoneline
A3B583DEALQ2 Zoneline
A2B383DCALR1 Zoneline
A3B588DJCSQ2 Zoneline
A2B393DEALR2 Zoneline
A2B578DGEL1J Zoneline
A3B598DGALQ2 Zoneline
A3B583DGALQ1 Zoneline
A3B588DCAL2Q Zoneline
A2B379DEESR1 Zoneline
A3B588DJALQ2 Zoneline
A2B388DAASR2 Zoneline
A2B399DEALR1 Zoneline
A3B588DJASQ2 Zoneline
A2B578DGANQA Zoneline
A3B598DAASQ1 Zoneline
A3B588DECS2Y Zoneline
A2B393DEALR1 Zoneline
A3B583DJASQ1 Zoneline
A2B388DCALR2 Zoneline
A2B399DEALR2 Zoneline
A2B393DCASR1 Zoneline
A2B398DGALR2 Zoneline
A2B398DCALR1 Zoneline
A2B558DCASSA Zoneline
A2B389DAALR2 Zoneline
A2B389DEALR1 Zoneline
A2B383DEALR1 Zoneline
A2B393DAASR2 Zoneline
A2B388DCASR1 Zoneline
A2B383DAASR1 Zoneline
A2B389DAASR2 Zoneline
A3B593DAAL1Y Zoneline
A3B583DAAL1Y Zoneline
A2B393DJALR1 Zoneline
A3B599DGALQ1 Zoneline
A2B398DEALR1 Zoneline
A3B583DCAL1Y Zoneline
A2B389DAAL1Y Zoneline
A2B389DEAL1Y Zoneline
A3B589DJASQ2 Zoneline
A3B589DGASQ2 Zoneline
A3B589DAASQ2 Zoneline
A3B588DCESQ1 Zoneline
A3B583DACSQ1 Zoneline
A2B578DACS1Y Zoneline
A2B578DJAS1Y Zoneline
A2B578DACNQA Zoneline
A2B578DGCNQA Zoneline
A2B398DCALR2 Zoneline
A2B399DAALR2 Zoneline
A2B393DGALR2 Zoneline
A2B378DAALR1 Zoneline
A2B378DGALR1 Zoneline
A3B593DCALQ2 Zoneline
A3B598DGALQ1 Zoneline
A2B578DAANQA Zoneline
A3B598DEALQ1 Zoneline
A3B598DEALQ2 Zoneline
A2B383DEALR2 Zoneline
A2B389DEALR2 Zoneline
A3B589DAALQ2 Zoneline
A2B383DCALR2 Zoneline
A2B388DEALR2 Zoneline
A2B388DGALR2 Zoneline
A3B588DAALQ2 Zoneline
A2B358DGALRA Zoneline
A2B398DAASR2 Zoneline
A3B589DAELQ3 Zoneline
A2B399DAASR1 Zoneline
A3B588DAAL4Q Zoneline
A2B358DGANRA Zoneline
A2B389DAALR3 Zoneline
A3B599DAASQ2 Zoneline
A2B578CKASQA Zoneline
A2B358DCANRA Zoneline
A3B588DGALQ2 Zoneline
A3B583DAALQ2 Zoneline
A3B588DAELQ3 Zoneline
A3B588DCALQ2 Zoneline
A2B388DEASR2 Zoneline
A2B359DGASRA Zoneline
A3B589DJASQ3 Zoneline
A2B383DAASR2 Zoneline
A3B593DJASQ2 Zoneline
A2B359DEASRA Zoneline
A2B358DAESRA Zoneline
A2B389DECS2Y Zoneline
A3B593DGASQ2 Zoneline
A2B559DAALSA Zoneline
A2B389DACSR3 Zoneline
A2B558DGALSA Zoneline
A2B558DAALSA Zoneline
A2B358DGASRA Zoneline
A3B588DAASQ2 Zoneline
A3B588DEASQ2 Zoneline
A2B383DACSR2 Zoneline
A2B388DACSR2 Zoneline
A2B389DGCS2Y Zoneline
A2B358DEASRA Zoneline
A2B388DGASR2 Zoneline
A3B589DGCS2Y Zoneline
A2B358DCENRA Zoneline
A2B578DJEL1J Zoneline
A2B558DEASSA Zoneline
A2B358DCFSRA Zoneline
A2B558DJBSSA Zoneline
A2B558DAASSA Zoneline
A2B578DJFSQA Zoneline
A3B588DAAL3Q Zoneline
A3B589DEAL1N Zoneline
A2B559DAFSSA Zoneline
A2B383DAALR1 Zoneline
A3B589DEAL1Y Zoneline
A2B588DJESQ2 Zoneline
A2B588DAELQ2 Zoneline
A2B389DEAL1N Zoneline
A3B588DAALQ1 Zoneline
A3B588DJCNQ1 Zoneline
A2B589DAFSQ1 Zoneline
A3B583DCAL1Z Zoneline
A2B589DAALQ1 Zoneline
A3B588DAXLQ1 Zoneline
A2B578DGAS1Y Zoneline
A2B588DAFSQ2 Zoneline
A3B588DJXLQ1 Zoneline
A2B388DAAS1Y Zoneline
A3B583DAALQ1 Zoneline
A2B398DAALR1 Zoneline
A3B598DAALQ1 Zoneline
A3B593DJALQ1 Zoneline
A2B518DXASSA Zoneline
A3B583DAASQ1 Zoneline
A3B588DJALQ1 Zoneline
A3B598DJASQ1 Zoneline
A3B588DEALQ1 Zoneline
A2B388DEALR1 Zoneline
A3B589DAALQ1 Zoneline
A3B589DCALQ1 Zoneline
A3B593DJASQ1 Zoneline
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Air Conditioner
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Product Information
Manufacturer: GE
Product Number: WP94X23
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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