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M8 Washer

Part Number: 014073
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Product Information
Manufacturer: ProForm, NordicTrack, Freemotion, HealthRider, Golds Gym, Weslo
Product Number: 014073
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

NTL100080 (SR) Reflex Treadmill
NTL10750 (C2100) Treadmill
NTL10751 (C2100) Treadmill
NTL112090 (4500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL112091 (4500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL119090 (8500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL119091 (8500) Reflex Pro Treadmill
NTL159070 (4500) Apex Treadmill
NTL159071 (4500) Apex Treadmill
NTL15920 (3100R) Treadmill
NTL15921 (3100R) Treadmill
NTL15922 (3100R) Treadmill
NTL15940 (4300R) Treadmill
NTL15941 (4300R) Treadmill
NTL15950 (2200R) Treadmill
NTL15951 (2200R) Treadmill
NTL16950 (3000R) Treadmill
NTL170080 (TR) Reflex Treadmill
NTL17920 (4200R) Treadmill
NTL17923 (4200R) Treadmill
NTL17950 (E3000) Treadmill
NTL17952 (E3000) Treadmill
NTL189070 (6500) Apex Treadmill
NTL189071 (6500) Apex Treadmill
NTL18940 (5600R) Treadmill
NTL18941 (5600R) Treadmill
NTL18950 (4400R) Treadmill
NTL18951 (4400R) Treadmill
NTL19940 (5500R) Treadmill
NTL20920 (4500R) Treadmill
NTL22840 (7600R) Treadmill
NTL22841 (7600R) Treadmill
NTL229070 (8500) Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL229071 (8500) Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL22940 (7500R) Treadmill
NTL22950 (7000R) Treadmill
NTL23920 (4800R) Treadmill
NTL24950 Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL24952 Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL24953 Viewpoint Treadmill
NTL25530 (7200R) Treadmill
NTL291050 (S3000) Treadmill
NTL291051 (S3000) Treadmill
NTL291052 (S3000) Treadmill
NTL349050 (3500) Professional Treadmill
NTL399050 (4000) Professional Treadmill
NTTL11510 (2500R) Treadmill
NTTL11511 (2500R) Treadmill
NTTL11512 (2500R) Treadmill
NTTL11513 (2500R) Treadmill
NTTL11514 (2500R) Treadmill
NTTL12080 (1750) Powertread Treadmill
NTTL12081 (1750) Powertread Treadmill
NTTL15080 (2000) Powertread Treadmill
NTTL15081 (2000) Powertread Treadmill
NTTL15082 (2000) Powertread Treadmill
NTTL15083 (2000) Powertread Treadmill
NTTL15510 (3500R) Treadmill
NTTL15511 (3500R) Treadmill
NTTL15512 (3500R) Treadmill
NTTL15513 (3500R) Treadmill
NTTL18510 (5100R) Treadmill
NTTL18511 (5100R) Treadmill
NTTL18512 (5100R) Treadmill
NTTL18513 (5100R) Treadmill
NTTL18514 (5100R) Treadmill
NTTL18515 (5100R) Treadmill
NTTL18990 (4100I) Apex Treadmill
NTTL18991 (4100I) Apex Treadmill
NTTL18992 (4100I) Apex Treadmill
NTTL24080 (3000L) Powertread Treadmill
NTTL25510 (7100R) Treadmill
NTTL25511 (7100R) Treadmill
NTTL25512 (7100R) Treadmill
NTTL25513 (7100R) Treadmill
NTTL25514 (7100R) Treadmill
NTBE01100 (GRT310) Bench
NTBE01702 (GRT340) Bench
NTBE02400 (GRT320) Bench
NTBE02990 (GRT240) Bench
NTBE04990 (GRT270) Bench
NTBE05901 (GRT380) Bench
NTBE06900 (GRT400) Bench
NTBE06901 (GRT400) Bench
NTEVBE04910 (GRT270) Bench
NTEVBE04911 (GRT270) Bench
237650 ASR630 Elliptical
283530 CX920 Elliptical
285550 CX938 Elliptical
285551 CX938 Elliptical
285552 CX938 Elliptical
298640 Cxt 910
298641 Cxt 910
298642 Cxt 910
298650 Cxt 980
298651 CXT980
298940 Vgr910
NEL50950 CX938 Elliptical
NEL50951 Dictrack CX938 Elliptical
NEL50952 CX938 Elliptical
NTCCEL59011 CXT910
NTCCEL59012 CXT910 Elliptical
NTE99021 CXT980
NTEVEL12910 Cxt 990
NTEVEL12911 Cxt 990
NTEVEL12930 Cxt 1100 Elliptical
NTEVEL59011 Cxt 910
NTEVEL59012 Cxt 910
NTEX148070 (400) Coimmercial Bike
NTEX148071 (400) Commercial Bike
NTB49030 Strength Performance System
NTS58740 Futura 2200 System
NTK14940 (X5) Incline Trainer
NTK14941 (X5) Incline Trainer
NTK19940 (X10) Incline Trainer
295130 (E3000)
295132 (E3000)
295150 Treadmill
295151 (X5) Incline Trainer
295180 Viewpoint
295182 Viewpoint
295183 Viewpoint
295770 (C2100)
295771 (C2100)
298780 (2500R)
298781 (2500R)
298782 (2500R)
298783 (2500R)
298784 (2500R)
298810 (1750) Powertread
298820 (2000) Powertread
298821 (2000) Powertread
CGNTK65023 Treadmill
CGNTK92523 Treadmill
CGNTK95023 Treadmill
CINTK62523 Treadmill
CINTK65023 Treadmill
CINTK92521 Treadmill
CINTK92523 Treadmill
CINTK95023 Treadmill
CISTK62523 Treadmill
CISTK65023 Treadmill
CISTK92523 Treadmill
CISTK95023 Treadmill
CKOTK62523 Treadmill
CKOTK65023 Treadmill
CKOTK92523 Treadmill
CKOTK95023 Treadmill
CSNTK62523 Treadmill
CSNTK65023 Treadmill
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Elliptical
  • • Exercise Bike
  • • Treadmill
Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
M10 Curved Washer - 224385
M8 X 19Mm Patch Screw - 206321
Pedal Leg Bushing - 226099
M8 Washer - 014073
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Hex wrench
The bushings were worn out and needed to be replaced.
Removed the bolts, washers, and bushings and replaced all with new parts.
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Product Information
Manufacturer: ProForm, NordicTrack, Freemotion, HealthRider, Golds Gym, Weslo
Product Number: 014073
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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