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Lock Nut

Part Number: 712-3004A
Troy-BiltRyobiMTDYard MachinesBolensYard ManCraftsmanCub CadetHusky
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: GW-1732499, HG-43064, 1904582, 712-3004, 1732499, 753-04056, 01000635 and 912-3004A.

Product Information
This is a genuine manufacturer-approved component which is designed for lawn and garden equipment. It is an identical replacement for a missing or a damaged lock nut that was installed on a new unit. This is a standard hardware which may have multiple applications. Refer to the parts diagrams for your model to ensure the exact location of this part. Note, this high-quality lock nut is made of a durable metal and is sold as an individual item. A wrench will be needed to secure or remove this hardware.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

13A4065-000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13A4065-700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AC650F000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AC650F700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD685G000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD685G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD695G000 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD695G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD698G300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD698G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF685G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF695G700 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AF698G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AG688H300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AG688H722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AJ698G300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AJ698G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AT618H300 (2004) Lawn Tractor
13AD608G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor
31AT605H718 (2006) Pro Tractor
24A-6522D000 (2004) Push Leaf Blower
24A-652D700 (2005) Push Leaf Blower
24A-652G700 (2005-2) Push Leaf Blower
212-340-000 (1992) Tiller
212-340-009 (765244) (1992) Tiller
212-340-023 (1992) Tiller
212-340-027 (1992) Tiller
212-340-031 (B063-089) (1992) Tiller
212-340-032 (1992) Tiller
212-340-034 (223-921-500) (1992) Tiller
212-340-054 (481-4026) (1992) Tiller
212-340-063 (1992) Tiller
212-340-083 (1992) Tiller
212-340-087 (1992) Tiller
212-340-088 (TMO-3903102) (1992) Tiller
212-340-102 (1992) Tiller
212-340-129 (579-623) (1992) Tiller
212-340-130 (1992) Tiller
212-340-134 (1992) Tiller
212-340-137 (1992) Tiller
212-340-145 (1992) Tiller
212-340-147 (1992) Tiller
212-340-192 (1992) Tiller
212-340-196 (1992) Tiller
212-340-205 (1992) Tiller
212-340-352 (1992) Tiller
212-340-372 (06-982094) (1992) Tiller
212-390-000 (1992) Tiller
213-340-000 (1993) Tiller
213-390-000 (1993) Tiller
214-340-000 (1994) Tiller
214-390-000 (1994) Tiller
214-410-000 (1994) Tiller
214-420-000 (1994) Tiller
215-340-000 (1995) Tiller
215-390-000 (1995) Tiller
215-410-000 (1995) Tiller
215-420-000 (1995) Tiller
216-340-062 (1996) Tiller
216-390-336 (1996) Tiller
216-410-118 (1996) Tiller
MTD14421AA144R978 (2009) Tiller
247-103A401 (1997) Chipper
247-203B401 (1997) Chipper
247-315A401 (1997) Chipper
247-465A000 (1997) Chipper
245-315B000 (1995) Chipper
24A-464B300 (2003) Chipper-Shredder
13AA625P004 (2009) Lawn Tractor
13AA625P004 (2008) Lawn Tractor
21AB452A004 (2008) Tiller
13AD688G300 (2004) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AJ688G722 (2004) Lawn Tractor Parts
13A7688G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AD688G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AD698G300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AT618H300 (2003) Lawn Tractor Parts
13AL608G300 (2002) Lawn Tractor
31AS235-722 (2005) Snowblower
31AS265-722 (2005) Snowblower
14AA815K004 (2009) Garden Tractor
14AA815K004 (2008) Garden Tractor
14AG808H300 (2004) Garden Tractor
14AT808H722 (2004) Garden Tractor
14AT808H300 (2003) Garden Tractor
14AU848H300 (2002) Garden Tractor
11A-021C033 (1998) Push Walk-Behind Mower
13AN693G118 (2003) Lawn Tractor
13AQ617H118 (2003) Lawn Tractor
13AM673G033 (2000) Lawn Tractor
13AS608G033 (2000) Lawn Tractor
13AN673G033 (2000) Lawn Tractor
13AK608G033 (2001) Lawn Tractor
13AM673G033 (2001) Lawn Tractor
13AN698G033 (2001) Lawn Tractor
13AS608G033 (2001) Lawn Tractor
13BH660F033 (2001) Lawn Tractor
13AQ609G033 (2003) Lawn Tractor
14AK825H033 (1997) Garden Tractor
14AS825H033 (1997) Garden Tractor
21A-417-033 (2000) Tiller
21AA412B033 (2001) Tiller
21AA414A033 (2001) Tiller
21A-417-033 (1999) Tiller
21A-417A033 (1999) Tiller
21A-415A033 (2000) Tiller
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
Gears just wore out.
Removed the steering column and the gears. Most parts lasted 15 years. It was time to just update a few things.
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Plastic Bushing - 941-0475
Gear, Steering, 11/90 Ratio - 717-1550F
Lock Nut - 712-3004A
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
More than 2 hours
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Steering gear connection to tie-rod broke.
1. Lift the rear of the mower and insert the jack stands to hold up.
2. Remove the mower deck and slide out.
3. Disconnect the tie-rod ends from the steering gear.
4. Removed 4 side screws holding the plate that steering gear connects to.
5. Drain the gas tank.
6. Unbolt 4 bolts securing the gas tank and lift out the gas tank.
7. Backup the hex head bolt below the gas tank and unscrew the nut on the lower plate.
8. Remove the nut from the bottom of the steering wheel and push up the steering column to remove the pinion gear and the washer.
9. Remove screw securing PTO to drop PTO.
10. Use a socket and a box end wrench as a backup on bolts securing the steering gear. Need to tilt the plate to get to the bolts to backup to remove nuts.
11. Reassembled in reverse order.
12. Replaced the plastic pieces on the ends of the tie-rods through which the lock nuts secure the tie-rods to the steering gear.
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Product Information

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