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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch
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Linkage,​ Throttle

Part Number: 24 079 04-S
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 3207901-S.

Product Information
It is the special linkage that connects to the throttle cable. This is a genuine item that is sourced from the original equipment manufacturer. It is designed for use with Kohler engines commonly installed on lawn and garden equipment. This is an identical replacement for a missing or a faulty component that was installed on a new unit. Make sure to refer to the appropriate diagrams for your model for the exact location and application of this hardware. Keep in mind this high-quality throttle linkage is made of durable metal and is sold individually.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH20-64598 Engine
CH20S-64570 CH20S
CH20S-64612 CH20S
CH20QS-64569 CH20QS
CH23GS-76547 Command Series Engine
CH20S-64745 Engine
LV675-851501 Engine
LV675-851502 Engine
LV675-851510 Engine
LV675-851512 Engine
LV675-851513 Engine
LV675-851514 Engine
LV675-851515 Engine
CH740S-CH740-0070 Engine
CH22S-76587 Engine
LV675-851509 Engine
LV675-851511 Engine
LV675-851516 Engine
CV18S-61529 Engine
CV18S-61546 Engine
CV18S-61548 Engine
CV18S-61549 Engine
CV18S-61551 Engine
CV18S-61556 Engine
CV18S-61557 Engine
CV18S-61558 Engine
CV18S-61559 Engine
CV18S-61561 Engine
CV18S-61564 Engine
CV18S-61568 Engine
CV18S-61569 Engine
CV18S-61570 Engine
CV18S-61571 Engine
CV18S-61573 Engine
CV18S-61574 Engine
CV18S-61576 Engine
CV20-65500 Engine
CV20-65501 Engine
CV20-65510 Engine
CV20-65511 Engine
CV20-65512 Engine
CV20-65513 Engine
CV20-65514 Engine
CV20-65515 Engine
CV20-65516 Engine
CV20-65517 Engine
CV20-65518 Engine
CV20-65519 Engine
CV20-65520 Engine
CV20-65521 Engine
CV20-65522 Engine
CV20-65523 Engine
CV20-65524 Engine
CV20-65525 Engine
CV23S-75513 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75520 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75523 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75524 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75526 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75528 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75530 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75531 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75535 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75537 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75538 Command Pro Engine
CV23S-75539 Command Pro Engine
CV20S-65566 Engine
CV20S-65567 Engine
CV20S-65569 Engine
CV20S-65570 Engine
CV20S-65571 Engine
CV20S-65577 Engine
CV20S-65579 Engine
CV20S-65581 Engine
CV20S-65582 Engine
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