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Part Number: 131658800
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 131658800
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

DE500EDF5 Wwh(V21) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDD5 Wwh(V3) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDF5 Wwh(V6) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDV5 Wwh(V27) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDH5 Wwh(V24) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDH5 Wwh(V9) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDW5 Wwh(V15) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDD5 Wwh(V18) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDW5 Wwh(V30) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDF4 Wwh(V20) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDV5 Wwh(V12) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDW4 Wwh(V29) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDD4 Wwh(V2) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDF4 Wwh(V5) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDV4 Wwh(V26) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDH4 Wwh(V8) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDW4 Wwh(V14) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDH4 Wwh(V23) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDV4 Wwh(V11) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDF1 Wwh(V19) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDW1 Wwh(V28) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDH1 Wwh(V7) / Electric Dryer
DE27S6WPMC Gib(V3) / Stackable Electric Dryers
DE500EDH1 Wwh(V22) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDD1 Wwh(V1) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDF1 Wwh(V4) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDV1 Wwh(V10) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDV1 Wwh(V25) / Electric Dryer
DE400EDW1 Wwh(V13) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDD4 Wwh(V17) / Electric Dryer
DE500EDD1 Wwh(V16) / Electric Dryer
DG650JXV1 Wwh(V9) / Gas Dryer
DG650JXF1 Wwh(V7) / Gas Dryer
DG650JXW1 Wwh(V10) / Gas Dryer
DG600JXF1 Wwh(V2) / Gas Dryer
DG650JXD1 Wwh(V6) / Gas Dryer
DG650JXH1 Wwh(V8) / Gas Dryer
DG600JXD1 Wwh(V1) / Gas Dryer
DG600JXW1 Wwh(V5) / Gas Dryer
DG600JXH1 Wwh(V3) / Gas Dryer
DG600JXV1 Wwh(V4) / Gas Dryer
41759012890 Gas Dryer
DG400TXD0 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG400TXW0 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG400TXD1 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG250JXF1 Wwh(V2) / Gas Dryer
DG250JXH1 Wwh(V3) / Gas Dryer
DG250JXW1 Wwh(V5) / Gas Dryer
DG250JXV1 Wwh(V4) / Gas Dryer
DG250JXD1 Wwh(V1) / Gas Dryer
DG400TXW1 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Gas Dryer
41749012890 Residential Electric Dryer
AEQ6400HS0 Frigidaire/Dryer
CREF342AS2 Residential Dryer
DE2000D-L1 Residential Electric Dryer
AEQB6400FS0 Residential Dryer
DE2000D-W1 Residential Electric Dryer
DE400ADW1 Wwh(V3) / 27 " Electric Dryer
DE400ADD1 Wwh(V4) / 27 " Electric Dryer
BEF332CES0 Residential Dryer
AEQ6700FS0 Residential Dryer
AEQ6000ES1 Residential Dryer
DG800AXW3 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Gas Dryer
BCEQ2152ES1 Residential Frigidaire
DG350RXW3 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG800AXD3 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
DG350RXD3 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Gas Dryer
AEQB6000ES1 Residential Dryer
AEQB6000ES2 Residential Dryer
AEQB6000ES0 Residential Dryer
AEQB7000ES1 Residential Dryer
AEQ6500CFS0 Residential Dryer
DE350RXW4 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Electric Dryer
AEQ6000ES2 Residential Dryer
41749022890 Residential Electric Dryer
DE350RXD4 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
AEQ6700CFS0 Residential Dryer
AEQ6000ES0 Residential Dryer
CFRE5714KW0 Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
DE500JDD1 Wwh(V6) / Electric Dryer
DE500JDH1 Wwh(V8) / Electric Dryer
DE400JDW1 Wwh(V5) / Electric Dryer
CRER5700AS1 Residential Dryer
DE400JDV1 Wwh(V4) / Electric Dryer
DE800ADW4 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Electric Dryer
DE500JDV1 Wwh(V9) / Electric Dryer
AEQ7000ES1 Residential Dryer
AEQ8000FS0 Residential Dryer
DE800ADD4 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
AEQ7000EP0 Residential Dryer
AEQB7000ES0 Residential Dryer
DE500JDF1 Wwh(V7) / Electric Dryer
AEQ7000ES0 Residential Dryer
CRER7900AS1 Residential Dryer
DE500JDW1 Wwh(V10) / Electric Dryer
DE400JDH1 Wwh(V3) / Electric Dryer
AEQ6000CES1 Residential Dryer
DE400JDD1 Wwh(V1) / Electric Dryer
DE400JDF1 Wwh(V2) / Electric Dryer
CAQE7072LW0 Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
AEQ6000CES0 Residential Dryer
BCEQ6700FS0 Residential Frigidaire/Dryer
CER3600AS1 Residential Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
AEQ8000CFS0 Residential Dryer
AEQ8700FS0 Residential Dryer
DE650ADD1 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Electric Dryer
DE650ADW1 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
BCEQ6100FS0 Residential Dryer
AEQ6000CES2 Residential Dryer
CFRE5711KW0 Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
AEQ7000CES1 Residential Dryer
CEF140CES0 Frigidaire/Dryer
DE150KDW2 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
AEQ7000CES0 Residential Dryer
DE6500ADD1 Residential 27" Electric Dryer
DE150KDD2 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Electric Dryer
DE150KDW1 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Electric Dryer
DEFW0 Residential Dryer Electric
DEFW1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DESFL1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DE150KDD1 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Electric Dryer
DESFW1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DECSFL0 Residential Dryer Electric
DECSFW0 Residential Dryer Electric
DE271KDH1 Wwh(V5) / Electric Dryer
BCEQ2152ES0 Residential Frigidaire
DE271KDD1 Wwh(V9) / Electric Dryer
DE400KDD1 Wwh(V8) / Electric Dryer
AGQ6000ES3 Frigidaire/Gas Dryer
AGQ6400HS0 Frigidaire/Gas Dryer
DESFW0 Residential Dryer Electric
DG600EXW2 Wwh(V18) / Gas Dryer
DECSFL3 Residential Electric Dryer
DEDFL1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DEDMFW1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DECSFL1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DG600EXW5 Wwh(V20) / Gas Dryer
DECSFW1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DESFL2 Residential 27" Electric Dryer
DEDMFL1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DG600EXW4 Wwh(V19) / Gas Dryer
DESFL0 Residential Dryer Electric
DEDFW1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DEDFH1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
DEDMFH1 Residential 27" Dryer Electric
BAQE7073KW0 Frigidaire/Electric Dryer
AGQ6000ES4 Frigidaire/Gas Dryer
AGQB6400FS1 Frigidaire/Gas Dryer
AGQ6700FE2 Frigidaire/Gas Dryer
AGQ6400HS1 Frigidaire/Gas Dryer
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dryer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Electrolux, Frigidaire, Tappan, Gibson, Kelvinator, Westinghouse, Uni, Crosley
Product Number: 131658800
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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