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Kit,​ Air Cleaner Element

Part Number: 12 743 09-S
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $32.06
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5 - 11 business days
Product Information
This item has been sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with small engines from Kohler. The air cleaner element fits into the air cleaner base and is secured by the cover and wing nut. This kit includes the inner seal. This part is used to trap dust and debris to prevent contaminants from entering the intake. It is recommended to periodically replace the air filter element as part of regular engine maintenance. This air cleaner element kit is priced as a single item.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH14S-1835 Engine
CH14S-1837 Engine
CH14S-1838 Engine
CH14S-1840 Engine
CH14S-1841 Engine
CH14ST-1836 Engine
CH14ST-1842 Engine
CH14T-1839 Engine
CH15GS-44505 Engine
CH15GS-44514 Engine
CH15GS-44524 Engine
CH15GS-44526 Engine
CH15GS-44534 Engine
CH15GST-44527 Engine
CH15GST-44550 Engine
CH15GT-44504 Engine
CH15PT-44507 Engine
CH15RST-44544 Engine
CH15S-44502 Engine
CH15S-44508 Engine
CH15S-44510 Engine
CH15S-44511 Engine
CH15-44521 Engine
CH15S-44522 Engine
CH15S-44523 Engine
CH15S-44525 Engine
CH15S-44528 Engine
CH15S-44530 Engine
CH15S-44531 Engine
CH15S-44533 Engine
CH15S-44546 Engine
CH15ST-44503 Engine
CH15ST-44509 Engine
CH15ST-44517 Engine
CH15ST-44518 Engine
CH15ST-44529 Engine
CH15ST-44538 Engine
CH15ST-44542 Engine
CH15ST-44543 Engine
CH15ST-44547 Engine
CH15ST-44549 Engine
CH15T-44501 Engine
CH15T-44512 Engine
CH15T-44532 Engine
CH15T-44535 Engine
CH16S-45509 Engine
CH11-16129 Engine
CH11GS-16105 Engine
CH11GS-16132 Engine
CH11GS-16145 Engine
CH11-16101 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16102 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16103 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16104 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16105 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16107 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16118 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16119 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16121 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16122 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16123 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16124 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16126 Command PRO Engine
CH11-16127 Command PRO Engine
CH15-44523 Engine
CH11S-16120 Engine
CH12.5-1925 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1926 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1927 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1928 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1929 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1931 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1932 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1934 12.5 HP Engine
CH12.5-1935 12.5 HP Engine
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