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Finding the Correct Model Number for Your Tool

If you want to order the right power tool or outdoor equipment parts, you need to know the model number and the type (or version) of your tool.

We have pictures of many tools, engines, and other equipment on our website, but a picture alone is not enough to identify the model number for a tool. Many tools look alike, but in fact are very different. Also, many tools have the same model number, but are in fact a different version of the tool. Many manufacturers call this a type number or an engineering number, or a new release of a tool or machine.

Every manufacturer has a bit of a different system. This article will focus on how to find the right model number and version for your power tool for each of the major manufacturers.

Here are some quick links to each manufacturer section:



The first thing you need to do with DeWALT tools is to find the name plate.

dewalt nameplate

The model number is usually found at the top left part of the name plate. In this case the model number is DW938.

The last thing you need is the type number for the tool. The type is usually located one line below the model number. Here is an example:

dewalt type indicator

When DeWALT comes out with the first version of a tool, it is usually a Type 0 or a Type 1. (Occasionally the first version will not have a type, but this is rare.)

Every time they make a change to the parts in the tool, they come out with a new type. I have seen some tools go up to type 7 or more.

This is very convenient and in my opinion, it is one of the best systems out there. If you search for DW938 on our website, it will bring up a list of all of the possible types. Just pick the right type and you are in business.


Bosch is a little different than other brands. Bosch tools have a regular model number, as shown below.

bosch model graphic

The Bosch model number is almost always to the right of the Bosch logo.

In addition to a model number, they also have what is called a engineering number. It is a ten digit number that usually (in the USA) starts with a 0601 or 0603. There are of course exceptions to this.

engineering number picture

The engineering number changes each time Bosch comes out with a new version of the same model number. For example if they make a service change on a few parts for the tool, they will change the last three digits of the engineering number so that you wont order the parts from the old version by mistake.

Here are a few more Bosch nameplates that will help you find the right model number and engineering number.

cordless nameplate

drill nameplate

So, if you go to our search, and type 32614 as your model number, you will see two results. One result is for the 0601916460 engineering number, and the other is for the 0601916470. Just look at the nameplate on your tool, and you will know which one to pick.

To find the correct parts for your Milwaukee tools, you need two things:

1) The Catalog Number (CAT NO.)

2) Tool Serial Number (SER)

The catalog number is found here:

Catalog Number

Now type the CAT NO. in our search box, and you will see a list of potential results:

Bandsaw Search Results

Now, you need to look at your tool and to find the serial number (SER) that matches on our website. See the example below:

A Match

Be careful here, as you can see in the picture of our search results above, sometimes the serial numbers have letters and numbers and sometimes only numbers. You can always contact us if you have any questions.

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