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Gasket- Insulator

Part Number: 16212-ZM7-000
HondaHonda Marine
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Honda, Honda Marine
Product Number: 16212-ZM7-000
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
A genuine item that is supplied directly from the original equipment manufacturer for use with Honda engines commonly installed on lawn and garden equipment. It is a special gasket that is utilized to provide an air-tight seal for the insulator carburetor, make sure to check appropriate diagrams of your model for the correct location and application of this hardware. Keep in mind this high-quality component is made of durable composite material and is sold individually.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

GXH50 (Type QEB2)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QEB2A)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QHA)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1299999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QHMA)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QHAA)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QXA)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1299999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QHAB)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QHM)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QXAA)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type SXA)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1299999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type QXAB)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type SXAA)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QEBU)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type SPB4)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type SXAB)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QHA)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50 (Type SPB4A)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QC)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QHE)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QXA4)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QEB2)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QHM)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QEB4)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QXB4)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QU)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type SE)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type QXA)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type WK4)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type SPB)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type WKE2)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type SPB4)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type WKE4)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type SXA)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type VSW4)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXH50U (Type WK2)(VIN# GCAFK-1000001) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type SAR)(VIN# GJAG-1000001-1099999) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type SARA)(VIN# GJAG-1100001-1199999) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type SARB)(VIN# GJAG-1200001-9999999) Small Engine
GXV50U (Type SA)(VIN# GJAAK-1000001) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type VA)(VIN# GJAG-1000001-1099999) Small Engine
GXV50U (Type SAR)(VIN# GJAAK-1000001) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type VAA)(VIN# GJAG-1100001-1199999) Small Engine
GXV50U (Type SER)(VIN# GJAAK-1000001) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type VAB)(VIN# GJAG-1200001-9999999) Small Engine
GXV50U (Type VA)(VIN# GJAAK-1000001) Small Engine
GXV50U (Type VE)(VIN# GJAAK-1000001) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type SA)(VIN# GJAG-1000001-1099999) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type SAA)(VIN# GJAG-1100001-1199999) Small Engine
GXV50 (Type SAB)(VIN# GJAG-1200001-9999999) Small Engine
GXV57U (Type N7E1)(VIN# GJAJK-1000001) Small Engine
GXV57U (Type N7E2)(VIN# GJAJK-1000001) Small Engine
EU1000I (A) Generator, Jpn, Vin# Ezga-1000001 To Ezga-1012733
EU1000I (A2) Generator, Jpn, Vin# Ezga-1000001 To Ezga-1080504
GXV50UT (Type SA)(VIN# GJAFT-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXH50UT (Type QHA4)(VIN# GCBYT-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXH50UT (Type QXA)(VIN# GCBYT-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXH50UT (Type QXA4)(VIN# GCBYT-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXH50UT (Type QXB4)(VIN# GCBYT-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXH50UT (Type SXET)(VIN# GCBYT-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXV57UT (Type N7E1)(VIN# GJAHT-1000001-9999999) Engine
GXH50 (Type QEB2/A)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Engine
GXH50 (Type QHA/A)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Engine
GXH50 (Type QHA/B)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Engine
GXH50 (Type QHM/A)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Engine
GXH50 (Type QXA/A)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Engine
GXH50 (Type QXA/B)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Engine
GXH50 (Type SPB4/A)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Engine
GXH50 (Type SXA/A)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Engine
GXH50 (Type SXA/B)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Engine
GXV50 (Type SA/A)(VIN# GJAG-1100001-1199999) Engine
GXV50 (Type SA/B)(VIN# GJAG-1200001-9999999) Engine
GXV50 (Type SAR/A)(VIN# GJAG-1100001-1199999) Engine
GXV50 (Type SAR/B)(VIN# GJAG-1200001-9999999) Engine
GXV50 (Type VA/A)(VIN# GJAG-1100001-1199999) Engine
GXV50 (Type VA/B)(VIN# GJAG-1200001-9999999) Engine
F220 (Type A)(VIN# GJALM-1000001-1012995) Tiller
F220 (Type A/A)(VIN# GJALM-1100001-1199999) Tiller
F220 (Type A/B)(VIN# GJALM-1200001-9999999) Tiller
F220 (Type AN)(VIN# GJALM-1200001-9999999) Tiller
F220K1 (Type AT2)(VIN# GJAGT-1000001-9999999) Tiller
F220K1 (Type A)(VIN# GJALM-3000001-9999999) Tiller
F220K1 (Type AC)(VIN# GJALM-1200001-9999999) Tiller
F220K1 (Type AT)(VIN# GJAGT-1000001-9999999) Tiller
WX15 (Type AX1)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1221258) Water Pump
WX15 (Type AX2)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1221258) Water Pump
WX15 (Type AX2/A)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Water Pump
WX15 (Type AX2/B)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Water Pump
WX15 (Type AX2T)(VIN# GCBWT-1000001-9999999) Water Pump
WX15T (Type A)(VIN# GCBWT-1000001-9999999) Water Pump
EU1000I (Type A)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1035695) Generator
EU1000I (Type A2)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1035695) Generator
EU1000I (Type A2/A)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Generator
EU1000I (Type A2/B)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Generator
EX700C (Type A)(VIN# GCAL-1000001-1133243) Generator
EX700C (Type A/A)(VIN# GCAL-1300001-1499999) Generator
EX700C (Type A/B)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Generator
EU1000I (Type AC)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Generator
EU1000IK1 (Type A)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Generator
EU1000IK1 (Type AC)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Generator
EU1000I (Type AN)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Generator
EU1000IK1 (Type AN)(VIN# GCAL-1500001-9999999) Generator
Honda Marine
BF2DX (Type SA)(1000001-1099999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D2 (Type SHA)(1300001-1399999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D1 (Type SCAB)(1200001-1299999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D1 (Type SCHA)(1200001-1299999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D2 (Type SCHA)(1300001-1399999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D4 (Type SCAB)(2000001-2099999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DY (Type SHA)(1100001-1199999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D2 (Type SA)(1300001-1399999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D1 (Type SAB)(1200001-1299999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DY (Type SAB)(1100001-1199999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DX (Type LCHA)(1000001-1099999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D6 (Type LCHA)(2200001-2299999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DX (Type SAB)(1000001-1099999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D4 (Type SCHA)(2000001-2099999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D5 (Type SHA)(2100001-2199999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DY (Type SCHA)(1100001-1199999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D5 (Type LCHA)(2100001-2199999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D3 (Type SA)(1400001-1999999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D2 (Type SAB)(1300001-1399999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DY (Type LCHA)(1100001-1199999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D6 (Type SCHA)(2200001-2299999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D6 (Type SCAB)(2200001-2299999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D2 (Type SCAB)(1300001-1399999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D1 (Type SA)(1200001-1299999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DX (Type SCAB)(1000001-1099999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D4 (Type LCHA)(2000001-2099999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DX (Type SCHA)(1000001-1099999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D1 (Type LCHA)(1200001-1299999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D2 (Type LCHA)(1300001-1399999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DK0 (Type SCAB)(2300001-9999999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DK0 (Type LCHA)(2300001-9999999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D6 (Type SHA)(2200001-2299999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D1 (Type SHA)(1200001-1299999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D4 (Type SA)(2000001-2099999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DY (Type SA)(1100001-1199999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2.3DK2 (Type LCHA)(2300001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D5 (Type SCAB)(2100001-2199999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DY (Type SCAB)(1100001-1199999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D3 (Type SHA)(1400001-1999999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D4 (Type SHA)(2000001-2099999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D4 (Type SAB)(2000001-2099999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D5 (Type SCHA)(2100001-2199999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2.3DK2 (Type SCHA)(2300001-9999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D3 (Type SCHA)(1400001-1999999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D3 (Type SCAB)(1400001-1999999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D3 (Type LCHA)(1400001-1999999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2D3 (Type SAB)(1400001-1999999)(1000001-1999999) Outboard Motor
BF2DK0 (Type SCHA)(2300001-9999999)(2000001-9999999) Outboard Motor
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Generator
Questions & Answers

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Product Information
Manufacturer: Honda, Honda Marine
Product Number: 16212-ZM7-000
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.02 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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