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Flat Style Oven Igniter Kit

Part Number: 12400035
WhirlpoolRoperMaytagAdmiralHardwickJenn-AirNorgeCrosleyMagic Chef
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, Roper, Maytag, Admiral, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: 12400035
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.25 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CWG4100AAB Built-In, Gas Maytag Cooking
CWGA800AAE Built-In, Gas Admiral Cooking
CWG4600AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3600AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3100AAB Built-In, Gas Maytag Cooking
CWG3100AAE Built-In, Gas Maytag Cooking
CWG4510BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWGA800AAB Built-In, Gas Admiral Cooking
CWG4510AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3510AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWGA200AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3510BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG4020BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3020BAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3020BAE Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG3020AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG4020AAB Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG402 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG302 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG451 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CWG351 Built-In, Gas Gas Oven
CRG750 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG700 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG700 Gas Maytag Cooking
GCRG700 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG305 Gas Maytag Cooking
GCRG750 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG750 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG355 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG383 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG355 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG405 Slide-In, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG405 Slide-In, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG800 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG383 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG305 Gas Maytag Cooking
GV3177WUA Gas Brands Cooking
GV3177WUW Gas Brands Cooking
GCRG800 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG800 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
BCRG800 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
G3110PRA5K Gas Brands Cooking
GV3277XUW Gas Brands Cooking (Export)
GV3277XUA Gas Brands Cooking (Export)
G3287XRA Gas Brands Cooking
G3287XRW Gas Brands Cooking
GCBG501 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCBG501 Gas Maytag Cooking
CBG501 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
G3110PRA-M Gas Brands Cooking
CRG583 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG583 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG760 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG505 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG505 Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG760 Gas Maytag Cooking
G3127WRA Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRA-5 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CRG7400BAL Gas Maytag Cooking
G3110PRW5K Gas Brands Cooking
GA3177WUV Gas Admiral Cooking
GV3177WUW5 Gas Brands Cooking (Export)
CNP2010BXL Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CNP2010BXW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
G3267XRA-3 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRA Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRW Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRW-3 Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRW-4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRA-4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRA Gas Brands Cooking
G3267XRW Gas Brands Cooking
BCRG860 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG860 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
LCRG860 Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CNG2010BAL Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CNG2010BAW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7400AAL Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7400AAW Gas Maytag Cooking
D3121WTALT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CHG9800AAE Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
G3127WRA-3 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRA-4 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CHG9800AAB Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
G3110PRW-M Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRA-3 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRW-3 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRA-4 Gas Brands Cooking
G3227XRW-4 Gas Brands Cooking
CNG201 Gas Maytag Cooking
LCNG201 Gas Maytag Cooking
D31111WAWL Gas Dixie Cooking
CRG7400BAW Gas Maytag Cooking
GA3277XUW Gas Admiral Cooking
D31111WAAL Gas Dixie Cooking
GA3277XUA Gas Admiral Cooking
GM32211XAW Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRV Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GA3177WUW5 Gas Admiral Cooking
G3127XRA-5 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CRG8200BAW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG8200BAL Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CNG2010AAL Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
D31103SAWL Gas Dixie Cooking
CNG2010AAW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
D31103SAAL Freestanding, Gas Dixie Cooking
LCRG860A Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
GM31113WAM Freestanding, Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3167XRWLT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3167XRALT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
MCG20100W Freestanding, Gas Gas Range
CRG7600AAW Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7700BAW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7700BAL Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
CRG7600AAL Gas Maytag Cooking
D31113XAAL Freestanding, Gas Dixie Cooking
CHG9800BAB Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
GA31713WAW Freestanding, Gas Admiral Cooking
G4231WRA-4 Gas Brands Cooking
G4231WRW-4 Gas Brands Cooking
GA31713WAV Freestanding, Gas Admiral Cooking
GM3267XUW Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GM3267XUA Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRV-3 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRW-4 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
GA3478XUAX Gas Admiral Cooking
GA3478XUWX Gas Admiral Cooking
CHG9800BAM Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
G3127WRW-3 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3167XUALT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3167XVWLT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3167XVALT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3121WTWLT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
G3127WRV-4 Gas Magic Chef Cooking
D3167XUWLT Gas Magic Chef Cooking
CRG8200CAW Freestanding, Gas Maytag Cooking
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Freezer
  • • Microwave
  • • Oven
  • • Range
  • • Refrigerator
Questions & Answers

Do you have something that will work for this?Thanks
Linda for model number Thermostat WPL-7404P101-60 asked on 2019-10-25
Good Day Linda. Thank you for your question in regards to Part Number 12400035. In order for us to assist you we will need you to provide us with the model number for your unit (WPL-7404P101-60 is a part number for a Thermostat). Once we have the model number we can research into finding the right compatible parts. If you are having difficulty locating your model number we would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer as they should be able to assist you finding it. Best Regards.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, Roper, Maytag, Admiral, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: 12400035
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.25 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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