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Filter Washer-Hose

Part Number: 5300019801
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $3.44
Leaves our warehouse within
5 - 11 business days.
Product Information
Manufacturer: Frigidaire, Gibson, Kelvinator
Product Number: 5300019801
Classification: Part
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

46-2857-23-01 Tap(V6) / Top Loading Washer
LA800JXW4 Wwh(V5) / Washer
46-2857-00-02 Tap(V6) / Washer
46-2837-23-02 Tap(V3) / Washer
46-2817-00-01 Tap(V1) / Top Loading Washer
LA800JXF4 Wwh(V2) / Washer
LA415LXW1 Wwh(V3) / Top Load Washer
46-2817-23-02 Tap(V1) / Washer
46-2837-23-01 Tap(V4) / Top Loading Washer
46-2857-00-01 Tap(V5) / Top Loading Washer
LA800JXH4 Wwh(V3) / Washer
46-2817-00-02 Tap(V2) / Washer
46-2837-00-01 Tap(V3) / Top Loading Washer
46-2857-23-02 Tap(V5) / Washer
LA415LXD1 Wwh(V4) / Top Load Washer
LA800JXV4 Wwh(V4) / Washer
46-2817-23-01 Tap(V2) / Top Loading Washer
46-2837-00-02 Tap(V4) / Washer
LA800JXD4 Wwh(V1) / Washer
46-2817-00-05 Tap(V1) / Top Load Washer
46-2857-23-05 Tap(V6) / Top Load Washer
46-2837-00-05 Tap(V3) / Top Load Washer
46-2817-23-05 Tap(V2) / Top Load Washer
46-2857-00-05 Tap(V5) / Top Load Washer
LA515LXW1 Wwh(V1) / Top Load Washer
46-2837-23-05 Tap(V4) / Top Load Washer
LA515LXD1 Wwh(V2) / Top Load Washer
LA625JXW4 Wwh(V15) / Top Load Washer
LA600JXD4 Wwh(V6) / Top Load Washer
LA600JXF4 Wwh(V7) / Top Load Washer
LA625JXD4 Wwh(V11) / Top Load Washer
LA560JXD4 Wwh(V1) / Top Load Washer
LA625JXV4 Wwh(V14) / Top Load Washer
LA560JXW4 Wwh(V5) / Top Load Washer
LA560JXH4 Wwh(V3) / Top Load Washer
LA625JXF4 Wwh(V12) / Top Load Washer
LA600JXH4 Wwh(V8) / Top Load Washer
LA560JXF4 Wwh(V2) / Top Load Washer
LA625JXH4 Wwh(V13) / Top Load Washer
LA600JXV4 Wwh(V9) / Top Load Washer
LA600JXW4 Wwh(V10) / Top Load Washer
LA560JXV4 Wwh(V4) / Top Load Washer
AWS100C1W Kel(V2) / Tumble Action Washer
AWS100C1D Kel(V1) / Tumble Action Washer
LT250LXH1 Wwh(V6) / Tumble Action Washer
WS27M6WVMA Gib(V1) / Tumble Action Washer
LT150LXH1 Wwh(V3) / Tumble Action Washer
WS27M8WAGA Gib(V1) / 27 " Front Load Washer
LT200PXD1 Wwh(V2) / Tumble Action Washer
LT700LXH1 Wwh(V3) / Tumble Action Washer
LT250LXD1 Wwh(V5) / Tumble Action Washer
LT350RXW1 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Front Load Washer
LT200PXW2 Wwh(V1) / 27 " Front Load Washer
LT250LXW1 Wwh(V4) / Tumble Action Washer
LT700LXW1 Wwh(V1) / Tumble Action Washer
LT800LXH1 Wwh(V3) / Tumble Action Washer
LT200PXW1 Wwh(V1) / Tumble Action Washer
LT150LXD1 Wwh(V2) / Tumble Action Washer
LT800LXD1 Wwh(V2) / Tumble Action Washer
LT700LXD1 Wwh(V2) / Tumble Action Washer
LT800LXW1 Wwh(V1) / Tumble Action Washer
LT350RXD1 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Front Load Washer
LT200PXD2 Wwh(V2) / 27 " Front Load Washer
LT150LXW1 Wwh(V1) / Tumble Action Washer
WS27M6WTMA Gib(V2) / Tumble Action Washer
WF2000DW1 Residential Tumble Action Washer
WS27M6DTMA Gib(V1) / Tumble Action Washer
WF2000DL1 Residential Tumble Action Washer
WC3ML2 Residential Washer
WC2MW1 Residential Washer
WC3MH2 Residential Washer
WC2ML1 Residential Washer
WC2MH1 Residential Washer
WC3ML1 Residential Washer
WC3MW2 Residential Washer
WC3MW1 Residential Washer
WC3MH1 Residential Washer
WC3MA1 Residential Washer
WC3MF1 Residential Washer
WC2MA1 Residential Washer
WC2MF1 Residential Washer
WC3MA2 Residential Washer
WC3MF2 Residential Washer
WC4ML1 Residential Washer
WCIMW1 Frg(V25) / Washer
WCIML1 Frg(V24) / Washer
WC4MA1 Residential Washer
WCIMH1 Residential Washer
WCIMF1 Residential Washer
WC4MF1 Residential Washer
WC4MW1 Residential Washer
WC4MH1 Residential Washer
WCIMA1 Residential Washer
WC3MW3 Frg(V5) / Washer
WC2MW2 Frg(V2) / Washer
WCDMH3 Frg(V8) / Washer
WCIMW2 Frg(V12) / Washer
WCDML3 Frg(V9) / Washer
WC4MW2 Frg(V7) / Washer
WCIML2 Frg(V11) / Washer
WIMA3 Frg(V15) / Washer
WIMW3 Frg(V19) / Washer
WIMH3 Frg(V17) / Washer
WC4ML2 Frg(V6) / Washer
WIMF3 Frg(V16) / Washer
WIML3 Frg(V18) / Washer
WC2ML2 Frg(V1) / Washer
WC3ML3 Frg(V4) / Washer
WC3MH3 Frg(V3) / Washer
WCDMW3 Frg(V10) / Washer
WDML2 Frg(V13) / Washer
WDMW2 Frg(V14) / Washer
WFICL1 Residential Washer
WFICW1 Residential Washer
WDMA1 Residential Washer
WIMA2 Residential Washer
WCDMW2 Residential Washer
WDMW1 Residential Washer
WIMF2 Residential Washer
WCDMF1 Residential Washer
WIMA1 Residential Washer
WDML1 Residential Washer
WIMH2 Residential Washer
WCDMA2 Residential Washer
WIMH1 Residential Washer
WCDMF2 Residential Washer
WIMW2 Frg(V25) / Washer
WCDML2 Residential Washer
WCDMH2 Residential Washer
WCDMA1 Residential Washer
WIML2 Residential Washer
WCDMH1 Residential Washer
WIMW1 Frg(V24) / Washer
WCDMW1 Residential Washer
WDMH1 Residential Washer
WIMF1 Residential Washer
WIML1 Residential Washer
WDMF1 Residential Washer
WCDML1 Residential Washer
WF2000CW1 Residential Washer
WF2000CL1 Residential Washer

Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
  • • Washer
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