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Part Number: 677818L
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 677818, 67781-8 and LIT677818.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Maytag, Admiral, Amana, Crosley
Product Number: 677818L
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.76 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

ACE082XP0 Air Conditioner
ACE184XM1 Air Conditioner
DP3840XPN0 Dishwasher
DP3880XMW0 Dishwasher
DP4800XMW0 Dishwasher
DP4800XSG0 Dishwasher
DP4800XSN0 Dishwasher
DP4800XSW0 Dishwasher
DP6880XLP0 Dishwasher
DP6880XLP1 Dishwasher
DP6881XLP0 Dishwasher
DP6881XLP1 Dishwasher
DU2916XM0 Dishwasher
DU2919XM0 Dishwasher
DU3040XP0 Dishwasher
DU4000XL0 Dishwasher
DU4003XL0 Dishwasher
DU4003XL1 Dishwasher
DU4040XP0 Dishwasher
DU4500XM0 Dishwasher
DU5000XL0 Dishwasher
DU5003XL0 Dishwasher
DU5003XL1 Dishwasher
DU5004XM0 Dishwasher
DU5040XP0 Dishwasher
DU5500XL0 Dishwasher
DU5500XL1 Dishwasher
DU5503XL0 Dishwasher
DU5504XM0 Dishwasher
DU7500XL0 Dishwasher
DU7900XL0 Dishwasher
DU7903XL0 Dishwasher
DU8000XR0 Dishwasher
DU8000XR1 Dishwasher
DU8000XR2 Dishwasher
DU8300XT1 Dishwasher
DU8350XT0 Dishwasher
DU8500XT0 Dishwasher
DU8500XT1 Dishwasher
DU8550XT0 Dishwasher
DU8700XT1 Dishwasher
DU8700XT2 Dishwasher
DU8900XL0 Dishwasher
DU8900XT0 Dishwasher
DU8900XT1 Dishwasher
DU8900XT2 Dishwasher
DU8900XT3 Dishwasher
DU8903XL0 Dishwasher
DU8950XT0 Dishwasher
DU9400XT0 Dishwasher
DU9400XT1 Dishwasher
DU9400XT4 Dishwasher
DU9900XL0 Dishwasher
DU9903XL0 Dishwasher
DU9903XL1 Dishwasher
CE2100XMW2 Dryer
CGDX463MQ0 Dryer
EH230FXPN2 Chest Freezer
EH18EFXPW5 Chest Freezer
EH270FXPN0 Chest Freezer
EV15HEXPW0 Upright Freezer
EV150FXRW1 Upright Freezer
DP8700XTW2 Portable Dishwasher
DP8700XTN2 Portable Dishwasher
DU7503XL0 Dishwasher
DU8700XT0 Dishwasher
GDU3024XLW0 Dishwasher
GDU3024XLW1 Dishwasher
GDP6880XLP0 Dishwasher
GDP6880XLP1 Dishwasher
LEN3434AW0 Residential Dryer
LE3300XPW0 Residential Dryer
LEE9848BZ0 Residential Electric Dryer
LET5624DQ1 Residential Dryer
LET5436AW0 Residential Dryer
LER2614EW1 Residential Electric Dryer
LE3005XPW0 Residential Dryer
LER3624BW0 Residential Electric Dryer
LER5636PQ0 Residential Dryer
3XLEQ8000KQ0 Residential Electric Dryer
3LER5434DW1 Residential Electric Dryer
LER5636DW0 Residential Electric Dryer
3LER5434DQ1 Residential Electric Dryer
LER5636PT0 Residential Dryer
GEW9868KL0 Residential Dryer
3RLEC8646KQ0 Residential Dryer
3HLER5437JQ1 Residential Dryer
LER5635LQ0 Residential Dryer
LER4434AN1 Residential Electric Dryer
LER3634JW1 Residential Dryer
LEB6200PQ0 Residential Dryer
LER6620PT0 Residential Dryer
GEW9868KL1 Residential Dryer
LER5634AQ1 Residential Electric Dryer
LER4434AW1 Residential Electric Dryer
LE6055XSW1 Residential Dryer
LER5624DZ0 Residential Dryer
LER6611LQ1 Residential Dryer
LEQ7000KQ0 Residential Dryer
LEQ9857LG1 Residential Dryer
LET5434AW0 Residential Dryer
LER5620KQ2 Residential Dryer
LER5638AN2 Residential Electric Dryer
LER3422AW0 Residential Dryer
LET5624BQ2 Residential Electric Dryer
LER5624BW1 Residential Electric Dryer
LER4624DZ0 Residential Electric Dryer
LEB6000KQ2 Residential Dryer
LER8648LW1 Residential Dryer
LER7648KQ3 Residential Dryer
LER5644JQ2 Residential Dryer
LER8648PG0 Residential Dryer
LE7000XTW0 Residential Dryer
LEQ5000KQ1 Residential Dryer
LEQ7030KQ0 Residential Dryer
LEB6000KQ1 Residential Dryer
LEQ9858PW0 Residential Dryer
GCE2100XMW2 Residential Dryer
LEQ8000JQ3 Residential Dryer
LEQ8611LW0 Residential Dryer
LEQ7030KQ2 Residential Dryer
LEQ5000PW0 Residential Dryer
LEN2000KQ2 Residential Dryer
LER5624DQ1 Residential Electric Dryer
LER8648PW0 Residential Dryer
LER6620PQ1 Residential Dryer
LER7646AN1 Residential Electric Dryer
LEC7858AN0 Residential Electric Dryer
LEQ9030PQ0 Residential Dryer
LER5636EQ0 Residential Electric Dryer
LEL7646EQ0 Residential Dryer
LER5636PQ1 Residential Dryer
LEP6646AW2 Residential Electric Dryer
LEQ5000KQ2 Residential Dryer
LEQ9857PW0 Residential Dryer
LER4624BN2 Residential Electric Dryer
LET6638AQ2 Residential Electric Dryer
LE6150XSW0 Residential Dryer
LER7648KT3 Residential Dryer
LET7646DZ1 Residential Electric Dryer
LEP6646AW1 Residential Electric Dryer
LET7646AQ2 Residential Electric Dryer
LER5636LQ1 Residential Dryer
LEQ9858PG0 Residential Dryer
LE5600XSW0 Residential Dryer
LEQ9857LW1 Residential Dryer
LER6646DW1 Residential Electric Dryer
LEQ5000KW1 Residential Dryer
LER7646AW1 Residential Electric Dryer
LER5644EZ0 Residential Electric Dryer
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Air Conditioner
  • • Dishwasher
  • • Dryer
  • • Freezer
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Roper, Estate, Inglis, Maytag, Admiral, Amana, Crosley
Product Number: 677818L
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.76 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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