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Detergent Cup Lid Spring

Part Number: WPY912547
WhirlpoolMaytagAdmiralAmanaJenn-AirNorgeCrosleyMagic Chef
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: and Y912547.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, Maytag, Admiral, Amana, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WPY912547
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an authentic OEM part Maytag, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef, Crosley, Amana, Admiral, Norge and Whirlpool for use with Dishwashers. The detergent dispenser cover spring opens the dispenser cover when the control releases the dispenser latch. This part is sold individually. The most common reason for replacing the detergent dispenser cover spring is if it is broken, the lid won’t open, or the detergent isn’t being dispensed properly. The tool that you will need to replace the detergent dispenser cover spring is a flathead screwdriver.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

MDB2200AWE Dishwasher
MDB3100AWE Dishwasher
PDB1100AWN Performa Dishwasher
MDB7160AWS Dishwasher
MDB4600AWX Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4160AWQ Dishwasher
MDB4160AWW Dishwasher
PDB1600AWN Dishwasher
MDB4600AWE Maytag Dishwasher
PDB1600AWE Dishwasher
DWU7300AAX Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4601AWX Maytag Dishwasher
PDB1600AWT Dishwasher
PDB4600AWN Dishwasher
PDB4600AWE Dishwasher
PDB4600AWX Dishwasher
DWU3000AAX Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4601AWE Maytag Dishwasher
PDBL290AWE Dishwasher
PDBL290AWX Dishwasher
DWU3000AAE Maytag Dishwasher
DWU8402AAE Dishwasher
MDB5130AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB5130AWQ Maytag Dishwasher
MDB5130AWW Maytag Dishwasher
MDBD850AWB Dishwasher
MDBD850AWQ Dishwasher
MDBD850AWW Dishwasher
DWU7300ABX Maytag Dishwasher
MDBD820AWB Dishwasher
MDBE790AWW Maytag Dishwasher
PDB2600AWX Dishwasher
MDBD820AWW Dishwasher
MDBE790AWQ Maytag Dishwasher
GDU400B Dishwasher
GDU400V Dishwasher
GDU450B Dishwasher
GDU450V Dishwasher
MDBE790AWB Maytag Dishwasher
PDB2420AWE Dishwasher
PDB2420AWX Dishwasher
PDB2600AWE Dishwasher
MDB4800AWA Dishwasher
MDB4800AWW Dishwasher
MDB5100AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB5100AWQ Maytag Dishwasher
MDB5100AWW Maytag Dishwasher
PDB1420AWX Dishwasher
PDB2600AWN Dishwasher
DWU7300BBX Maytag Dishwasher
MDB3700AWN Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4800AWB Dishwasher
MDBE790AWS Maytag Dishwasher
PDB1100AWZ Performa Dishwasher
PDB1100MWE Maytag Dishwasher
PDB1100MWX Maytag Dishwasher
PDB2420BWE Dishwasher
PDB2420BWX Dishwasher
PDB2430AWE Dishwasher
PDB2430AWN Dishwasher
PDB2430AWX Dishwasher
PDB3600AWN Dishwasher
GDU4KV-CN Dishwasher
MDB3700AWX Maytag Dishwasher
PDB3600AWE Dishwasher
PDB3600AWX Dishwasher
MDB2200AWZ Dishwasher
MDB3700AWE Maytag Dishwasher
MDB6800AWA Dishwasher
MDB7000AWB Dishwasher
MDBD880AWW Dishwasher
MDB2400AWN Dishwasher
MDB2400AWT Dishwasher
MDB6800AWW Dishwasher
MDB7000AWA Dishwasher
MDB7000AWW Dishwasher
MDBD880AWB Dishwasher
MDBD880AWQ Dishwasher
MDB2400AWZ Dishwasher
MDB4050AWA Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4050AWW Maytag Dishwasher
MDB6800AWB Dishwasher
MDB8000AWB Dishwasher
PDB1100AWT Performa Dishwasher
MDB4010AWA Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4010AWW Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4030AWA Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4030AWW Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4040AWA Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4040AWW Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4050AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB8000AWA Dishwasher
MDB8000AWW Dishwasher
MDB9000AWB Dishwasher
DWU7300BAX Maytag Dishwasher
MDB2400AWE Dishwasher
MDB4000AWA Dishwasher
MDB4000AWW Dishwasher
MDB4010AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4030AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4040AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB9000AWW Dishwasher
PDB1100AWE Performa Dishwasher
DWU5915AAX Dishwasher
DWU6602AAE Maytag Dishwashers
DWU6602AAM Maytag Dishwashers
DWU7202AAE Maytag Dishwashers
MDB4000AWB Dishwasher
MDB4040AWX Maytag Dishwasher
DWU4915AAX Maytag Dishwasher
DWU5910AAX Dishwasher
DWU6602AAB Maytag Dishwashers
DWU7202AAB Maytag Dishwashers
DWU9200BBM Maytag Dishwasher
MDB3000AWX Dishwasher
MDB4000AWX Dishwasher
MDB3100AWX Dishwasher
MDB4160AWB Dishwasher
MDB5000AWA Maytag Dishwasher
MDB5000AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB5000AWW Maytag Dishwasher
DWU6750AAE Maytag Dishwasher
DWU6750AAM Maytag Dishwasher
DWU6812AAM Maytag Dishwashers
DWU7560AAE Maytag Dishwasher
DWU7560AAM Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4100AWQ Dishwasher
MDB5010AWA Maytag Dishwasher
MDB5010AWW Maytag Dishwasher
DWU4912AAE Dishwasher
DWU5902AAE Dishwasher
DWU5902AAM Dishwasher
DWU5912AAE Dishwasher
DWU6202AAE Dishwasher
DWU6702AAE Maytag Dishwasher
DWU6702AAM Maytag Dishwasher
DWU6750AAB Maytag Dishwasher
DWU6802AAM Maytag Dishwasher
DWU6812AAE Maytag Dishwashers
DWU6902AAE Maytag Dishwasher
DWU7402AAE Maytag Dishwashers
DWU7502AAM Maytag Dishwashers
DWU7560AAB Maytag Dishwasher
DWU8250BBX Maytag Dishwasher
MDB4100AWB Dishwasher
MDB4100AWW Dishwasher
MDB5010AWB Maytag Dishwasher
MDB7130AWS Dishwasher
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Dishwasher
  • • Freezer
  • • Refrigerator
Product Information
Manufacturer: Whirlpool, Maytag, Admiral, Amana, Jenn-Air, Norge, Crosley, Magic Chef
Product Number: WPY912547
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.01 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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