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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch

Decal,​ Grass Screen

Part Number: 24 113 499-S
Availability: Special Order [ more info ]
Price: $4.94
Leaves our warehouse within
5 - 11 business days

*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2511324-S, 2411318-S, 24-113-18-S, 25-113-24-S and 25-113-21-S.

Product Information
This high-quality decal is a genuine Kohler part. This part was designed for use on Kohler engines and is an identical replacement for a missing or damaged decal that originally came with a new unit. No tools are required to complete this replacement. Simply remove the old decal and adhere the new one in place. One item is included per order.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

CH20S-64688 Engine
CH20S-64689 Engine
CH20S-64691 Engine
CH20S-64695 Engine
CH20S-64696 Engine
CH20S-64714 Engine
CH20S-64715 Engine
CH20S-64716 Engine
CH20S-64722 Engine
CH20S-64723 Engine
CH20S-64745 Engine
CH20S-64753 Engine
CH20S-64763 Engine
CH22GS-66562 Engine
CH22-66535 Engine
CH22S-66544 Engine
CH22S-66547 Engine
CH22S-66551 Engine
CH22S-66558 Engine
CH22S-76501 Engine
CH22S-76516 Engine
CH22S-76521 Engine
CH23S-76522 Engine
CH23S-76524 Engine
CH23S-76525 Engine
TH16-52501 Engine
TH16-52504 Engine
TH16-52507 Engine
TH16-52509 Engine
TH16-52512 Engine
TH16-52513 Engine
TH16-52516 Engine
TH16-52519 Engine
TH16-52520 Engine
TH18-54501 Engine
TH18-54504 Engine
TH18-54507 Engine
TH18-54512 Engine
TH18-54513 Engine
TH18-54514 Engine
TH18-54516 Engine
TH18-54519 Engine
TH18-54524 Engine
TH18-54525 Engine
CH730GS-CH730-0119 Engine
CH730-0151 25 HP Engine
CH730S-CH730-0001 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0002 Engine
CH730PS-CH730-0122 Engine
CH640S-CH640-3021 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0007 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0008 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0009 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0010 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0012 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0018 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0019 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0020 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0021 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0022 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0024 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0026 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0027 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0030 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0033 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0034 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0035 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0036 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0037 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0038 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0039 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0040 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0041 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0043 Engine
CH730S-CH730-0044 Engine
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