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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch
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Part Number: 5103511YP
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 5100728, 5103511, 5022978 and 5100728SM.

Product Information
This is a genuine Simplicity replacement part sourced directly from the manufacturer. The dampener is commonly found in Simplicity riding lawn mowers. This is a metal part with a rubber casing, which is used to provide resistance and control when operating the steering levers. It also helps return the levers to neutral when they aren\'t being actively manipulated. This item is sold individually.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

2691048-00 0 - Etz20420, 20Hp Rider W42In
2691048-01 1 - Etz20420, 20Hp Rider W42In
7800579 Zt27460, 27Hp B&S Rider W46In
7800633 Zt26520, 26Hp B&S Rider W52In
7800766 Zt26520, 26Hp B&S Rider W52In
7800766-01 1 - Zt26520, 26Hp B&S Rider W52
7800768 Zt27460, 27Hp B&S Rider W46In
7800768-01 1 - Zt27460, 27Hp B&S Rider W46
7800796 Zt21420, 21Hp Rider W42In Mowe
2691097-00 0 - Zt2321, 21Hp B&S Rider W42I
2691098-00 0 - Zt2324, 24Hp B&S Rider W46I
7800817 Mrzt26520, 26Hp B&S Rider W52I
7800818 Mrzt27460, 27Hp B&S Rider W46I
7800850-00 0 - Mrzt26520, 26Hp B&S Rider W
7800850-01 1 - Mrzt26520, 26Hp B&S Rider W
1694744 Champion Zt, 18Hp Kohler Rider
1694745 Champion Zt, 20Hp Briggs & Str
2690088 Consumer Zero-Turn, 18Hp Rider
2690089 Consumer Zero-Turn, 20Hp Rider
2690474 Javelin, 22Hp B&S Rider W50In
2690475 Javelin, 20Hp B&S Rider W44In
2690476 Javelin, 20Hp Kohler Rider W38
7800071 Javelin, 18.5Hp B&S Rider W44I
1694763 Stallion, 25Hp Koh, 4W-Is
1694764 Stallion, 27Hp Koh, 4W-Is
2690367 Stallion, 25Hp Koh, 4W-Is And
2690371 Stallion, 27Hp Koh, 4W-Is And
ZT2561 Stallion, Zero-Turn, 25Hp Koh -
ZT2561F Stallion, Zero-Turn, 25Hp Koh
ZT2761F Stallion, 4W-Is, 27Hp Koh W61I
2691036-00 0 - Zt2142, 21Hp B&S Rider W42I
2691037-00 0 - Zt2246, 22Hp B&S Rider W46I
2691037-01 1 - Zt2246, 22Hp B&S Rider W46I
2691138-00, 0, Zt2042, 20Hp B&S Rider W42In
2691139-00, 0, Zt1842,18Hp Kawasaki Rider W
2691140-00, 0, Zt21546, 21.5Hp Kawasaki Rid
2691039-00 0 - Zt2446, 24Hp B&S Rider W46I
2690355 Champion Zt, 18Hp Kohler Rider
2690356 Champion Zt, 20Hp Briggs & Str
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