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Part Number: 797017
Briggs and Stratton
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 694440 and 691450.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 797017
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
This is an OEM part sourced directly from the manufacturer. The crankshaft is commonly found in Briggs & Stratton engines. This part is made of metal, and is driven by the pistons to create rotational motion within the engine. This item is sold individually.

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
12A800 Series (0100, 0413, 0414, 0508, 0511, 0512, 0513, 0514, 0600, 0611, 061 Engine
12B800 Series Engine
12C700 Series Engine
12C800 Series Engine
12D800 Series Engine
0647-0 Portable Generator
1133-0 Portable Generator
126M02-0111-B1 (126M0200) Engine
120K02-0534-E1 Engine
120K02-0535-E1 Engine
120K02-0591-E1 Engine
120K02-0646-E1 Engine
120K02-0649-E1 Engine
120K02-0677-E1 Engine
120K02-0655-E1 Engine
120L02-1068-F1 Engine
120T02-0581-B2 Engine
120T02-0811-B1 Engine
120T02-0811-E1 Engine
120T02-0821-B1 Engine
120T02-0821-E1 Engine
120T02-1043-B1 Engine
120T02-1057-B1 Engine
120T02-1097-B1 Engine
120T02-3811-B1 Engine
120T02-3821-B1 Engine
120T02-3865-B1 Engine
121K02-0436-E1 Engine
121K02-0625-E1 Engine
121K02-0710-E1 Engine
121K02-3710-B1 Engine
122K02-0025-E1 Engine
122K02-0101-E1 Engine
122K02-0341-E1 Engine
122K02-0525-E1 Engine
122K02-0572-E1 Engine
122K02-0573-E1 Engine
122K02-0574-E1 Engine
122K02-0577-E1 Engine
122K02-0623-E1 Engine
122K02-0628-E1 Engine
122K02-0633-E1 Engine
122K02-0640-E1 Engine
122K02-0680-E1 Engine
122K05-0627-E1 Engine
122K07-0340-E1 Engine
122L02-0115-F1 Engine
122L02-0377-F4 Engine
122L02-0774-F1 Engine
122L02-0781-F1 Engine
122L02-0977-F1 Engine
122L02-0978-F1 Engine
122L02-1081-F1 Engine
122L02-1215-F1 Engine
122L02-1320-F1 Engine
122L02-1484-F1 Engine
122L02-1533-F1 Engine
122L02-1550-F1 Engine
122L02-4978-F1 Engine
122L05-0768-F1 Engine
122L05-0825-F1 Engine
122L05-1250-F1 Engine
122L05-1263-F1 Engine
122L05-5250-F1 Engine
122L05-5768-F1 Engine
122M02-0183-B1 Engine
122M02-0183-F1 Engine
122M02-0190-F1 Engine
122M02-0191-F1 Engine
122M02-0377-B2 Engine
122M02-0781-B1 Engine
122M02-0781-F1 Engine
122M02-0913-B1 Engine
122M02-0913-F1 Engine
122M02-1027-B1 Engine
122M02-1027-F1 Engine
122M02-1207-B1 Engine
122M02-1207-F1 Engine
122M02-1245-B1 Engine
122M02-1245-F1 Engine
122M02-1308-B1 Engine
122M02-1308-F1 Engine
122M02-1551-B1 Engine
122M02-1551-F1 Engine
122M02-1619-F1 Engine
122M02-2115-F1 Engine
122M02-2215-F1 Engine
122M02-2320-F1 Engine
122M02-2377-F4 Engine
122M02-2484-F1 Engine
122M02-2533-F1 Engine
122M02-2550-F1 Engine
122M02-6377-F4 Engine
122M02-6781-B1 Engine
122M02-6781-F1 Engine
122M05-0762-B1 Engine
122M05-0762-F1 Engine
122M05-1269-B1 Engine
122M05-1269-F1 Engine
122M05-2250-F1 Engine
122M05-2768-F1 Engine
122M05-3846-F1 Engine
122M05-4846-B5 Engine
122M05-4846-F5 Engine
122M05-5846-B5 Engine
122M05-5846-F5 Engine
122M05-6762-B1 Engine
122M05-6762-F1 Engine
122T02-0172-B1 Engine
122T02-0183-B1 Engine
122T02-0184-B1 Engine
122T02-0191-B1 Engine
122T02-0200-B1 Engine
122T02-0213-H1 Engine
122T02-0220-H1 Engine
122T02-0225-H1 Engine
122T02-0226-H1 Engine
122T02-0230-H1 Engine
122T02-0233-H1 Engine
122T02-0377-B1 Engine
122T02-0377-B2 Engine
122T02-0781-B1 Engine
122T02-0824-B1 Engine
122T02-0824-E1 Engine
122T02-0845-B1 Engine
122T02-0845-E1 Engine
122T02-0866-B1 Engine
122T02-0879-B1 Engine
122T02-0879-B7 Engine
122T02-0888-B1 Engine
122T02-0897-B1 Engine
122T02-0897-B2 Engine
122T02-0908-B1 Engine
122T02-0913-B1 Engine
122T02-0914-B1 Engine
122T02-0935-B1 Engine
122T02-0960-H1 Engine
122T02-0994-B1 Engine
122T02-1002-B1 Engine
122T02-1007-B1 Engine
122T02-1008-B1 Engine
122T02-1027-B1 Engine
122T02-1027-E1 Engine
122T02-1062-B1 Engine
122T02-1063-B1 Engine
122T02-1089-B1 Engine
122T02-1093-B1 Engine
122T02-1093-E1 Engine
122T02-1141-B1 Engine
122T02-1154-B1 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
  • • Generator
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 797017
Classification: Part
Weight: 0.10 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide
7036 South High Tech Dr.
Midvale, UT 84047
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