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Grid squares measure 1x1 inch


Part Number: 797075
Briggs and Stratton
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Price: $173.57
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 593497 (Used After Code Date 15041900), 792977 and 699451.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 797075
Classification: Part
Weight: 4.37 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

This part is compatible with the following machines:

Briggs and Stratton
12D300 Series (0007-0019) Engine
12D400 Series (0007-0110) Engine
121002-0137-B8 Engine
121012-0111-B1 Engine
121012-0111-B8 Engine
121012-0111-E1 Engine
121012-0136-B8 Engine
121012-0139-B8 Engine
121012-0224-B8 Engine
122002-3560-H8 Engine
122012-0114-B1 Engine
122012-0114-B8 Engine
122012-0114-E1 Engine
122012-0115-B1 Engine
122012-0115-B8 Engine
122012-0115-E1 Engine
122012-0116-B1 Engine
122012-0116-B8 Engine
122012-0116-E1 Engine
122012-0120-B1 Engine
122012-0120-B8 Engine
122012-0120-E1 Engine
122012-0123-B1 Engine
122012-0123-B8 Engine
122012-0124-B1 Engine
122012-0124-B8 Engine
122012-0124-E1 Engine
122012-0125-B1 Engine
122012-0125-B8 Engine
122012-0133-B1 Engine
122012-0133-B8 Engine
122012-0167-B8 Engine
122012-0170-B8 Engine
122012-0560-B8 Engine
122032-0112-B1 Engine
122032-0112-B8 Engine
122032-0112-E1 Engine
122032-0119-B1 Engine
122032-0119-B8 Engine
122032-0119-E1 Engine
122032-0130-B1 Engine
122032-0130-B8 Engine
122032-0130-E1 Engine
122032-0134-B1 Engine
122032-0134-B8 Engine
122032-0148-B8 Engine
122032-0164-B8 Engine
122032-0184-B8 Engine
122037-0121-B1 Engine
122037-0121-B8 Engine
122037-0121-E1 Engine
122037-0129-B1 Engine
122037-0129-B8 Engine
122037-0129-E1 Engine
122037-0177-B8 Engine
122037-0181-B8 Engine
122092-0571-B8 Engine
122092-3571-H8 Engine
122332-0132-B8 Engine
122332-4197-B8 Engine
122332-5197-H8 Engine
12S402-0060-F8 Engine
12S402-2133-F8 Engine
12S412-0560-F8 Engine
12S432-0035-F8 Engine
12S432-0111-F8 Engine
12S432-0123-F8 Engine
12S432-0223-F8 Engine
12S432-0535-F8 Engine
12S432-2146-F8 Engine
12S432-2148-F8 Engine
12S432-2164-F8 Engine
12S432-2184-F8 Engine
12S437-0112-F8 Engine
12S437-0121-F8 Engine
12S437-0141-F8 Engine
12S437-0221-F8 Engine
12S437-2129-F8 Engine
12S437-2181-F8 Engine
12S102-2209-F8 Engine
12S132-0117-F8 Engine
12S132-0217-F8 Engine
12S132-2159-F8 Engine
12S137-0118-F8 Engine
12S137-0218-F8 Engine
12S137-2215-F8 Engine
12T102-0060-F8 Engine
12T102-0125-F8 Engine
12T102-0141-F8 Engine
12T102-1060-F8 Engine
12T402-0119-F8 Engine
12T402-2136-F8 Engine
12T402-2137-F8 Engine
12T402-2139-F8 Engine
12T402-2224-F8 Engine
126302-0127-B1 Engine
126302-0127-B8 Engine
126302-0127-E1 Engine
126302-0139-B1 Engine
126302-0139-B8 Engine
126302-0191-B1 Engine
126302-0191-B8 Engine
126302-0191-E1 Engine
126302-0264-B1 Engine
126302-0264-E1 Engine
127312-0111-B1 Engine
127312-0111-B8 Engine
127312-0111-E1 Engine
127312-0114-B1 Engine
127312-0114-B8 Engine
127312-0114-E1 Engine
127312-0171-B1 Engine
127312-0171-B8 Engine
127312-0171-E1 Engine
127312-0183-B1 Engine
127312-0183-B8 Engine
127312-0183-E1 Engine
127312-0184-B1 Engine
127312-0184-B8 Engine
127312-0190-B1 Engine
127312-0190-B8 Engine
127312-0190-E1 Engine
127312-0209-B8 Engine
127332-0131-B1 Engine
127332-0131-B8 Engine
127332-0131-E1 Engine
127332-0154-B1 Engine
127332-0154-B8 Engine
127332-0154-E1 Engine
127332-0159-B8 Engine
127332-0173-B1 Engine
127332-0173-B8 Engine
127332-0173-E1 Engine
127332-0201-B1 Engine
127332-0201-B8 Engine
127337-0126-B1 Engine
127337-0126-B8 Engine
127337-0126-E1 Engine
127337-0215-B8 Engine
126302-0709-H8 Engine
126302-0779-H8 Engine
126302-3276-H8 Engine
126302-3301-H8 Engine
126312-0060-B1 Engine
126312-0060-B8 Engine
126312-0060-E1 Engine
126312-0130-E1 Engine
126312-0130-E2 Engine
126312-0141-B8 Engine
126312-0163-B2 Engine
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Products Compatibility

This item works with the following types of products:

  • • Engine
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Product Information
Manufacturer: Briggs and Stratton
Product Number: 797075
Classification: Part
Weight: 4.37 lbs.
Shipping: Ships Worldwide

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