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Part Number: 25 158 11-S
KohlerMTDToroCub Cadet
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: KH-25-158-07, KH-25-158-09, KH-25-158-11, 2515809 and 25-158-09.

Product Information
This manufacturer-supplied replacement part is designed for use with Kohler engines commonly installed on lawn and garden equipment. The bushing helps to secure the throttle linkage. It provides an identical replacement for a missing or a faulty hardware that was installed on a new unit. Please refer to the appropriate diagrams of your model for the exact location and the correct installation of this part. Keep in mind this high-quality bushing is made of durable plastic and is sold individually. You will need a wrench set to remove the housing in order to gain access to the bushing.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

M10-461512 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461513 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461517 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461518 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461520 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461521 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461522 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461523 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461524 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461525 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461526 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461527 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461528 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461529 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461530 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461531 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461532 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461533 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461534 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461535 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461536 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461537 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461539 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461540 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461541 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461542 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461543 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461544 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461546 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461550 Magnum Series Engine
M10-461551 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471500 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471501 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471502 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471503 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471504 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471505 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471506 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471507 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471508 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471512 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471514 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471515 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471516 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471519 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471525 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471527 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471528 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471529 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471530 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471532 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471534 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471535 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471536 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471537 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471538 Engine
M12-471541 Engine
M12-471542 Engine
M12-471543 Engine
M12-471545 Engine
M12-471546 Engine
M12-471548 Engine
M12-471549 Engine
M12-471550 Engine
M12-471553 Engine
M12-471554 Engine
M12-471555 Engine
M12-471556 Engine
M12-471557 Engine
K301-47726 Engine
K301-47729 Engine
K301-4773 Engine
K301-47739 Engine
K301-47764 Engine
K301-47765 Engine
K301-47766 Engine
K301-47770 Engine
K301-47803 Engine
K301-47805 Engine
K301-47807 Engine
K301-47814 Engine
K321-10202 Generator
K321-102100 Generator
K321-102101 Generator
K321-102102 Generator
K301-47827 Engine
K301-47828 Engine
K301-47831 Engine
K301-47832 Engine
K301-4784 Engine
M14-601512 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601513 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601519 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601524 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601525 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601526 Magnum Series Engine
M14-601528 Magnum Series Engine
M12-471558 Magnum Series
M12-471559 Magnum Series
M12-471560 Magnum Series
M12-471561 Magnum Series
M12-471562 Magnum Series
M12-471563 Magnum Series
M12-471564 Magnum Series
M12-471566 Magnum Series
M12-471567 Magnum Series
M12-471568 Magnum Series
M12-471569 Magnum Series
M12-471570 Magnum Series
M12-471571 Magnum Series
M12-471572 Magnum Series
M12-471573 Magnum Series
M12-471574 Magnum Series
M12-471575 Magnum Series
M12-471576 Magnum Series
M12-471577 Magnum Series
M12-471578 Magnum Series
M12-471579 Magnum Series
M12-471580 Magnum Series
M12-471581 Magnum Series
M12-471582 Magnum Series
M12-471583 Magnum Series
M12-471584 Magnum Series
M12-471586 Magnum Series
M12-471587 Magnum Series
M16-711500 Engine
M16-711501 Engine
M16-711502 Engine
M16-711503 Engine
M16-711504 Engine
M16-711505 Engine
M16-711506 Engine
M16-711507 Engine
M16-711510 Engine
M16-711512 Engine
M16-711513 Engine
M16-711514 Engine
M16-711518 Engine
M16-711519 Engine
M16-711521 Engine
M16-711523 Engine
M16-711524 Engine
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Questions & Answers

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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
3 of 4 people found this instruction helpful
Tool Type:
Parts Used:
Wing Nut 1/4-20 - 2510015-S
Seal, Breather - 231032-S
Bushing - 25 158 11-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Wrench Set
Parts lost and then rigged by a "professional mower shop".
Remove air cleaner housing. A 3/8" bolt holds the lower part of the housing. You also need to squeeze the breather tube in order to get it released. The bushing connects the throttle linkage to an arm on the carburetor. I had to first remove a piece of wire the mower shop had used for the purpose. The plastic bushing passes up through the hole in the carburetor arm. The throttle linkage then is passed down through the hole in the bushing. Then the bushing snaps on the side of the linkage, Check that the throttle works properly. The air cleaner lower housing may then be bolted back in place. The air filter and the metal plate that holds it in place can now be installed. The seal/breather (2) hold the metal plate in place when the air cleaner housing top is installed. Place one seal/breather on each of the two air cleaner studs. The air cleaner housing top can now be installed. The air cleaner top is held in place by the two 1/4-20 wind nuts.
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Bushing - 25 158 11-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
Less than 15 minutes
Tools Used:
Pliers, Wrench Set
replaced carb. new had no bushing
R and R carb
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Spring-Linkage - 24 089 01-S
Bushing - 25 158 11-S
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
15-30 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Parts warn and needed to be replaced
Simply replaced the warn parts. Parts were exactly the same and good fit.
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  • works perfect
    arrived on time,will do the job for me
    Guest - October 10, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Excellent customer service
    Guest - August 1, 2019 Verified Purchase
    carburator repair
    My carburetor was leaking on my Kohler lawnmower engine. I decided to try being a mechanic. Took the carb apart with the help of U-Tube. Found the problem and went to order a new seal. I found the new carburetor was very well priced from Replacement Parts so I got that one and it came installed easily and the motor fired right up. It actually had much more power than the mower has had for a long time. A great choice and couldn't of been happier.
    Guest - July 11, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Pretty pricy for a piece of plastic!
    Love your site but very expensive and delivery takes forever.
    Guest - September 30, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Never again
    I ordered parts for my business. When I did so it told me 5-10 business days. Lol a month later I received my parts. It told me parts shipping from manufacturer after I looked it up in 10 business days to see where my parts where. My customer canceled the work I was going to do. I ordered parts again in a few days different company and I received on 5 days. So I will not use this company again.
    Guest - July 3, 2020 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
    eReplacementParts Team
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