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Part Number: 2176440SM
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Price: $5.09
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*This part replaces obsolete part #: 2176440.

Product Information
This is a genuine replacement part for tractors made by Snapper, Murray, and Simplicity. The bushing fits between the washer and the mounting steering plate. It is made out of plastic and will need to be replaced if it becomes broken. A screwdriver, a set of pliers, and a wrench set may all be needed to help replace this part. This item is sold individually.
Frequently Purchased With

This part is compatible with the following machines:

1692870 Legacy, 20Hp V-Twin
1692871 Legacy, 20Hp Lc Hydro
1692872 Legacy, 25Hp V-Twin
1693109 Legacy, 20Hp V-Twin And 48In M
1693110 Legacy, 25Hp V-Twin And 60In M
1693111 Legacy, 20Hp Lc Hydro And 60In
1693112 Legacy, 24.5Hp Diesel
1693113 Legacy, 24.5Hp Diesel And 60In
1693114 Legacy, 20Hp V-Twin (Ceexport)
1693115 Legacy, 20Hp V-Twin And 48In M
1693116 Legacy, 25Hp V-Twin (Ceexport)
1693973 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro 50In
1693974 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro, Wps
1693975 Prestige, 23Hp Hydro, Wps
1694015 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro
1694016 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro, Wps
1694017 Prestige, 23Hp Hydro, Wps
1694171 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro 50In
1694172 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro
1694233 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro Tractor O
1694234 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro, Wps Trac
1694235 Prestige, 23Hp Hydro, Wps Trac
1694582 Prestige, 20Hp Hydro, Wps
1694617 Prestige, 23Hp Hydro Wps Rmo
991000 Wonderboy, 808 W30In Mower Deck
1692006 Landlord 18Hp, Hydro
1692007 Landlord 18Hp, Hydro And 50In
1692301 Landlord, 16Hp Tractor
1692302 Landlord, 16Hp Tractor And 50In M
1692054 512G, 12Hp 5-Speed
1692055 512G, 12Hp 5-Speed
1692056 512H, 12.5Hp Hydro
1690190 608Lt, 8Hp Transaxle
1690763 611H, 11Hp Hydro
1690862 608, Ltd 8Hp Gear
1690865 611, Ltd 11Hp Gear
1690868 611H, 11Hp Hydro
1690944 611, Ltd 11Hp Gear
1690947 611H, 11Hp Hydro
1691040 611H, 11Hp Hydro
1691041 616 Special, 16Hp Gear
1691042 616 Special, 16Hp Gear
1691146 611 Special, 11Hp Gear
1691177 613 Special, 13Hp Gear
1691239 613 Special, 13Hp Gear
1691276 612H, 12Hp Hydro
1691430 613 Special, 13Hp Gear
1600357 Scamp, 8Hp Gear
1691232 Vanguard, 12Hp Gear
1691233 Vanguard, 12Hp Gear And 42In M
1691304 Vanguard, 8Hp Gear And 36In Mo
1691305 Vanguard, 12Hp Hydro And 36In
1691306 Vanguard, 12Hp Hydro And 42In
1691335 Vanguard, 8Hp Gear
1691336 Vanguard, 12Hp Hydro
1691459 Vanguard, 8Hp Gear
1691460 Vanguard, 12Hp Gear
1691465 Vanguard, 8Hp Gear And 36In Mo
1691466 Vanguard, 12Hp Gear And 42In M
1692557 2413H, 13Hp Hydro And 34In Mow
1692667 2413H, 13Hp Hydro And 34In Mow
1692823 2411G, 11Hp Gear
1692824 2411G, 11Hp Gear And 30In Mowe
1693048 2411G, 11Hp Gear
1693049 2411G, 11Hp Gear And 30In Mowe
1693050 2414H, 14Hp Hydro
1693051 2414H, 14Hp Hydro And 34In Mow
1693319 2411G, 11Hp Gear
1693320 2411G, 11Hp Gear And 30In Mowe
1693321 2414H, 14Hp Hydro
1693322 2414H, 14Hp Hydro And 34In Mow
1693883 2413H, 13Hp Hydro And 30In Mow
1693884 2413H, 13Hp Hydro
1694052 2413H, 13Hp Hydro And 30In Mow
1694187 2411G, 11Hp Gear
1694188 2411G, 11Hp Gear And 30In Mowe
1694189 2416H, 16Hp Hydro
1694190 2416H, 16Hp Hydro And 34In Rot
1694289 2413H, 13Hp Hydro
1694464 2413H, 13Hp Hydro
1694536 2413, 13Hp Hydro (Ceexport)
1694613 2413H, 13Hp Hydro Rmo
1690219 808Gt Tractor
1690220 810Gt Tractor
1690221 808Gt Tractor
1690222 810Gt Tractor
1690349 811Gt Tractor
1690350 811Gt Tractor
1690599 818Gt Tractor
1690603 818Gt Tractor
1690604 818Gt Tractor
1691888 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro
1691889 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro And 38In M
1691893 1613G, 12.5Hp Gear
1691894 1613G, 12.5Hp Gear And 38In Mo
1692075 1616H, 16Hp Hydro
1692076 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro
1692081 1616H, 16Hp Hydro And 44In Mow
1692082 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro And 38In M
1692107 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro And 44In M
1692108 1616H, 16Hp Hydro And 38In Mow
1692109 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro
1692110 1616H, 16Hp Hydro
1692183 1614, 14Hp Hydro And 38In Mowe
1692184 1614, 14Hp Hydro
1692265 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro
1692266 1613H, 12.5Hp Hydro And 38In M
1692281 1614H, 18Hp Hydro
1692282 1614H, 18Hp Hydro And 38In Mow
1691939 12.5Lth, 12.5Hp Hydro (Ceexport)
1691940 16Lth, 16Hp Hydro (Ceexport)
1692156 Regent, 12Hp Hydro
1692157 Regent, 12Hp Hydro And 36In Ro
1692158 Regent, 12Hp Hydro (Ceexport)
1692159 Regent, 12Hp Hydro And 36In Ro
1692160 Regent, 12.5Hp Gear
1692161 Regent, 12.5Hp Gear And 36In R
1692162 Regent, 12Hp Gear (Ceexport)
1692163 Regent, 12Hp Gear And 36In Mow
1692259 Regent, 12.5Hp Hydro
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Repair Instructions: Submitted by Customers Like You
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Tool Type:
Lawn Tractor
Parts Used:
Bushing - 2176440SM
Repair Difficulty:
Time Spent Repairing:
30-60 minutes
Tools Used:
Screwdriver, Pliers, Socket set, Wrench Set
Excessive movement in steering system.
Remove e-clips from steering arm assembly.
Slide steering arm out of assembly.
Remove old bushing from steering shaft. Being plastic, they slide off very easily.
Slide new bushing on to steering shaft.
Install steering shaft in to steering arm.
Replace e-clips.
Steering is now slack free again.
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  • Worked as expected
    Part came on time and fit just as it should. Will order again from ereplacements.
    Richard - June 4, 2021 Verified Purchase
    Replacement parts
    Price is good & it arrived quite & in good condition. Pleased thanks!!!
    Guest - August 21, 2019 Verified Purchase
    worked as expected
    arrived on time, worked well
    Archie - May 21, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Exact part but...
    Exact parts I needed but shipping was slow.
    Guest - May 10, 2019 Verified Purchase
    Verified Purchase
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